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Why Choose IBE as Your Rogers PCB Manufacturer9

Why Choose IBE as Your Metal Core PCB Manufacturer?

We are known as the leading PCB manufacturer in China. Since 2005, we have over 17 years of experience in providing Metal Core PCB manufacturing services. Providing one-stop PCB and PCB manufacturing services, IBE promises to meet your customized demands at an affordable price wiht high-quality products. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding MCPCB (metal core PCB) manufacturing services.

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Aluminum Board

2 Layers Aluminum Board

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity: 4.0W/km
  • Layer: 2L
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: HASL LF
  • Min. drill: 0.5mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 6/6mil
  • Application: Consumer Electronics

4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

  • Material: FR4+PI
  • Technology: Rigid + Flex
  • Layer: 4L
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: ENIG
  • Min. drill: 0.15mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 4/4mil
  • Application: Consumer Electronics

8 Layers HDI PCB

8 Layers HDI PCB

  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Technology: Buried and Blind Via
  • Layer: 8L
  • Thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: ENIG
  • Min. drill: 0.15mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 3/3mil
  • Application: Telecommunications


Custom Metal Core PCB Services- IBE Electronics

Now that you’ve learned about MCPCBs, and if you’re willing to select a manufacturer for your next big electronics project, here are some services that you’ll need for your MCPCB project.

1.MCPCB Prototyping

You’ll have to begin with prototyping, where IBE Electronics will be of great help. IBE Electronics will help you prototype your idea, so it can be sent to the testing phase. The idea in your mind will be a raw or a draft, and it’s very important to test if it works perfectly. All the flaws and changes required in the circuit will be done at this stage.

2.MCPCB Designing

Once the prototyping passes, you’ll have to finalize the design. At this stage, you’ll have to finalize what components will be used in the circuit, how they’ll be connected, etc. This is again, a very critical stage, where IBE Electronics will help you in the best possible manner. IBE Electronics excels in MCPCB designing, and will help you get the most optimized design in the most professional manner.

3.MCPCB Manufacturing

After the design is made, a sample piece shall be manufactured before proceeding to volume production. A sample or a model shall be manufactured, which will be a physical copy of the circuit board. That’s where IBE Electronics will manufacture sample and bulk pieces for you with the best precision. IBE Electronics has all the latest and updated machineries that process a circuit board like a well- oiled machine.

4.MCPCB Assembly

Allow IBE Electronics to help you with your product assembly. The assembly of an MCPCB is the final stage, where your electronics project will take the final shape. It’ll be a piece of cake for the staff here at IBE Electronics to help you with your MCPCB assembly in a timely fashion.

How to Get A Customized Metal Core PCB - Easy Steps

Thank you for your support and trust. About the price, you need to send us an inquiry/drawing, then we can quote for you after evaluation. About placing orders, you can follow the steps below step by step. Or contact us to help you: ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page, input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, and order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment.

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

BOM and Gerber files are the essential documents needed for getting a quote. If you have other requirements like functional test, IC test, please provide some documents as well.


Metal Core PCB Manufacturing Process

The complete MCPCB manufacturing process is based on the design package that makes the circuit board in physical form. Following is the process of MCPCB:

Step 1: Base material preparation

A metal core layer, a dielectric layer, and a copper foil layer are the base materials utilized to manufacture the MCPCB. Typically, copper or aluminum make up the metal core layer.

Step 2: Lamination

To create the MCPCB, the base materials are laminated together at a high temperature and pressure.

Step 3:Drilling

In order to mount components and connect traces, holes are bored into the MCPCB.

Step 4: Etching

To create the required circuit architecture, unwanted copper is removed using etching.

Step 5: Silk screen printing and Solder mask

Silk screen printing is used for labeling and Solder mask is used to protect copper traces.

Step 6: Final examination

The MCPCB is tested for reliability and efficiency.


Metal Core PCB FAQ

The MCPCB is PCB that contains a base metal material. It is design for heat dissipating,

We provide a variety of MCPCB testing services, for example

  • ICT Test
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Function Test
  • X-ray Test
  • Laser Detection
  • AOI Inspection

Yes, we run the production for MCPCB Fab with consideration of capabilities and technical expertise.

Yes, we provide a complete quotation with estimated delivery time for MCPCB manufacturing service.

Yes, we can provide a MCPCB sample (based on request).

Yes, we can stock the MCPCB boards.

Once we receive the all the details about your MCPCB fabrication quote, we would review your quote, check about material availability, complexity of quotation, quantity, and then based on all the requirements, we provide our customers lead time of MCPCB fabrication.

You can email us at ibe@pcbaaa.com or call us at +86-75527629184 within 7 days. We will provide the best possible option to you!

Any questions can contact us : ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page , input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

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Get a Quick Metal Core PCB Manufacturing Quote

Looking for MCPCB manufacturing service? You can use Metal Core PCB  manufacturing quote request form and submit information. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files along with information of multilayer PCB volume and type of testing requirements you might have on ibe@pcbaaa.com or call us on +86-75527629184 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our PCB manufacturing services.

How to Select a Metal Core PCB manufacturer

Circuit boards run into the most common problem of overheating. Overheating can cause permanent damage to the components, leaving the entire gadget unusable. In order to overcome this problem, several designs and manufacturing approaches are constantly being devised by researchers and one of which is MCPCB.

Metal Core PCB can be said to be a design or a concept, where a metal sheet is used in the core of the circuit board to encourage heat dissipation. The metal core also strengthens the overall circuit board. Metal Core Printed Circuit Board has now gained popularity among the PCB makers, as they’re now able to resolve heat dissipation easily.

Table of Contents

How MCPCB solve the heat dissipation of LED?

How MCPCB solve the heat dissipation of LED
How MCPCB solve the heat dissipation of LED

MCPCBs have metal conductors, which help in achieving better heat dissipation in the circuit boards. Metals are known to be excellent conductors of heat, and the use of metal in these circuit boards makes them more thermally conductive than other types of PCBs. In order to achieve metal thermal conductivity, the manufacturers of MCPCB add a layer of metal, such as aluminum or copper (since they distribute heat evenly).

The metallic layer is usually in the core of the circuit board, so both the surfaces of metal stay in contact with the circuit board. Furthermore, in addition to a metal core, the circuit board is attached to a metallic heat sink, which further draws heat away from MCPCB, resulting in heat dissipation of LED circuit board.


This is a debatable topic, and the debate is carried out below.
1.The thermal conductivity is totally different in both these technologies. An MCPCB is far better in thermal conductivity (with 1W to 4W and 2W on average), as compared to FR4 PCB (having merely 0.3W).

2.While cutting an FR4 PCB, there’s no need for special process to be followed. Manufacturers can simply drill, route, assemble, bake, and finalize the circuit board. However, in case of MCPCB, every step will remain the same, except the fact that the makers will need diamond-coated cutting blades, so they can precisely cut down the metallic sheet for the circuit board.

What are design guidelines of MCPCB?

When talking about design guidelines of MCPCB, one can follow two design approaches, which are metal-backed and metal core. Both of them are different and are detailed below for you.

  1. Metal-backed
    The circuit board has all the components on one side and the metallic sheet is installed on the opposite side. There are no traces visible on the back side as the metallic sheet not only acts as a thermal conductor, but also as a cover that hides all the traces and shields the MCPCB. While the metal sheet remains untouched in this approach, the manufacturers can still put through-holes to create a routing.
  2. Metal Core
    The metal sheet is present in the core, i.e. in the middle and the components can be on both the sides of the circuit board. There can also be routing and through-holes on both the sides. This approach is very helpful in case of multi-layer PCB, where you can stack these metal core PCBs.

How to Choose An MCPCB Manufacturer?

How to Choose An MCPCB Manufacturer
How to Choose An MCPCB Manufacturer

You shall choose an MCPCB manufacturer who qualifies for the following points:

  • Always go with the manufacturers, who has latest technologies equipped in their factories. Latest technologies help in building a product in the most optimized way and in the timeliest fashion.
  • Choose a manufacturer who has all the qualifications in the domain. Never choose a manufacturer who doesn’t know what it’s doing, or else your project will fail terribly.
  • It’s very important to choose a manufacturer that stays updated to all the latest changes and technologies that are inclined towards the betterment of MCPCB. Never go with a manufacturer who lives in an old era or that follows old school methods of MCPCB manufacturing.

What Makes It A Good MCPCB Manufacturer?

Some features of a good manufacturer of MCPCB are as follows:
1.A good maker always replies to their customers promptly, because good makers are always there for the betterment of their clients. No client likes rude manufacturers. Therefore, customer relationship management (CRM) is highly crucial.

2.A good manufacturer always gives a clear quotation to their clients and quotes all the prices fairly. There are several bad manufacturers, who give unfair quotes to their clients to make huge profits. It’s important for good manufacturers to understand that if the clients get a cost-effective quotation, they’ll give bulk orders, which will increase the business.

3.Good manufacturers always help their clients in case of crisis. If the clients need any help in any regard, a good manufacturer will help them out.

MCPCB PCB and PCBA manufacturer-IBE

We here at IBE Electronics excel in manufacturing MCPCB for several years. We’ve succeeded in reaching out to global clients and have served them so well, that we’ve earned a great reputation in the global market. As a result, all the clients are left satisfied and we’ve never heard any complaints. Our quality of services in the MCPCB manufacturing is so fantastic, that it has generated phenomenal results for us over the past years.

IBE Electronics will help you with your MCPCB prototyping, designing, manufacturing, and assembling. Moreover, if you’re a small business, we’ll entertain your small order quantities. If you need help with logistics, we’ll be up for that as well. 

More Choices For MCPCB

  • PCBgogo

Since 2015, PCBgogo highly specializes not only in quick-turn PCB prototype and PCB assembly but also in medium and small volume PCB fabrication. It strictly complies with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, and UL certifications in manufacture and assembly.

  • Camptech circuits

With over 40 years of experience, Camptech Circuits Inc. offers PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly services. Its products are widely used in communications, computer application, industrial control, satellite broadcast, and auto industries.

  • Sunstone circuits

With 48 years of experience, Sunstone Circuits is the established leader in providing innovative and reliable printed circuit board (PCB) solutions for the electronic design industry.

  • PCBway

With more than a decade of manufacturing experience, PCBway in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication, Portfolio ranges from Multilayer, Flexible, Rigid-Flex, and Semi-Flex to IMS, RF and HDI printed circuit boards.

  • Bay Area Circuits

Since founded in 1975, Bay Area Circuits has remained on the cutting edge of PCB design, prototyping, fabrication, and assembly. It has achieved ISO 9001 and ITAR certifications, which surpass industry expectations to the highest quality control standards and rigorous compliance with top security and privacy protocols.

Best 5 MCPCB manufacturers
Best 5 MCPCB manufacturers

MCPCB Cost Analysis

When it comes to MCPCB, several factors need to be taken into account to calculate the price. It’s important to consider minimum order quantity, size, type of MCPCB, and the number of layers in a circuit board to determine the right price. Ideally, a MCPCB with 6 layers can cost you 15 to 19 cents per piece. For high power MCPCB, the price can be as high as $6 per piece if the order quantity is low. Some cheapest MCPCBs of small size can be bought for as low as 3 cents per piece. Please note that shipping charges are calculated explicitly from the product price.


Now that you’ve got an idea of MCPCB, you can contact IBE Electronics for your next big MCPCB requirement. We’ll make sure to serve you in the best possible manner just like we’ve served our hundreds of thousands previous clients so far. If this is the first time buying MCPCB, we’ll make sure to take extra care of you and will guide you even more properly.

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