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Top 10 Energy Storage Integrator Companies in China

Top 10 energy storage integrator companies in China

In 2022, the total shipments of energy storage system companies in China reached 50GWh, a year-on-year increase of over 200%. In 2022, benefiting from the high prosperity of the global energy storage market, as a major supplier in the global market, China’s local energy storage system companies are developing rapidly, and their shipments have soared. Here are a list of Top 10 Energy Storage Integrator companies in China.


Performance upgrade of contact materials promotes its market expansion

In 2022, the global market for electrical contacts and contact materials was 26.2 billion yuan. And it is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.95% from 2022 to 2028. By 2028, the global market scale for electrical contacts and contact materials will reach 31.2 billion yuan. On a global scale, North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region are the main demand markets for contact materials.

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Top 10 Integrated Circuit (IC) design services suppliers in the world in 2023

Integrated circuit, known as IC, chips, or microchips, is the foundation of most modern electronics technology. Chips are small as well as simplified design and manufacturing, for that they are manufactured on a single conductive piece of material. Today there are many companies that provide the full range of IC services from design through manufacturing. To assist you in your supplier search, we have compiled information of top 10 suppliers of integrated circuit design services in the world in this article.

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Top 10 China military electronics manufacturers

Top 10 military electronics manufacturers

As the upstream of the weapons and equipment industry chain, military electronic components are the cornerstone and basic support of military industry informatization and intelligence, and their quality and reliability are directly related to the technical performance, development process, and combat capability of equipment.This article mainly lists the top 10 military electronics manufacturers, especially military electronic components.

Power management is facing three major trends. How to cope with it.

Power management is facing three major trends. How to cope with it?

Efficient power management involves increasing the power delivery capabilities of electronic devices while minimizing losses and maintaining signal integrity. Nowadays, industries of all kinds are demanding faster and more efficient electronics that can process large amounts of data quickly. However, this demand comes at the cost of increased power consumption, efficient power management solutions are needed to address these challenges.

Common Materials and Applications in the FPC Industry

Common materials and applications in the FPC industry

Flexible electronics is a technology that attaches inorganic/organic devices to flexible substrates to form circuits. Compared with traditional silicon electronics, flexible electronics refers to thin-film electronic devices that can be bent, folded, twisted, compressed, stretched, and even deformed into arbitrary shapes while still maintaining high-efficiency optoelectronic performance, reliability, and integration.

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TOP 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China

TOP 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China

GGII research shows that in 2022, the scale of China’s energy storage lithium battery industry chain will exceed 200 billion yuan, of which the scale of the power energy storage industry chain will increase from 48 billion yuan in 2021 to 160 billion yuan in 2022, of which PCS will increase by 248%. In this article, we have collected the top 10 10 PCS suppliers of home energy storage BMS in China.