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Smart Door Locks

PCBA Solutions

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Accurate identification of smart door lock solutions

Integrate fingerprint recognition, face recognition, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other technologies into one

smart door lock solutions

IBE has many years of experience in manufacturing smart electronic door locks and has successfully undertaken smart door lock R&D and manufacturing projects for global customers. We provide comprehensive smart door lock (PCBA) design and manufacturing solutions, which enable us to design the housing and structure of the door lock and customize its functions according to the specific requirements of customers.

OEM Smart Door Locks Solutions

Product Structure Design

IBE provides manufacturing, assembly and testing of smart door lock PCBA. Including manufacturing housing and structural components, purchasing components, PCBA production, final assembly and testing

Product Structure Design

Hardware support Solutions

Smart door locks are composed of multiple parts such as shell, structure, control circuit, etc. We provide mold design and manufacturing services. We provide a full set of PCBA solutions for smart door locks.

Software Support Solutions

We can integrate fingerprint recognition, face recognition, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other technologies according to customer needs. Provide customized solutions for smart door locks.

Comprehensive solutions for Smart Door Locks

IBE provides R&D and design support for smart door locks, including shell and structure design, PCB circuit design and software development. For customers who do not have specific customization requirements, we provide existing mature smart door lock solutions. These solutions include unlocking methods such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and password, and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

Concept Development and Feasibility Analysis

Hardware and Firmware Design

PCB Design and Assembly

Prototyping and Testing

Mass Production and Supply Chain Management

Compliance and Certification Support

After-Sales Support and Maintenance


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