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Top 20 automotive radar PCB companies in the world

Top 20 automotive radar PCB companies in the world in 2023

As cars become more and more intelligent, automotive radar has increasingly become a necessary configuration in cars. The role of radar on the car is mainly to measure the safety distance between the body and obstacles through ultrasound, avoiding the driver from encountering other obstacles or other cars when reversing.This article will list top 20 automotive radar PCB companies in the world.

Electronic manufacturing industry PCB application
Application of FPC in new energy vehicles (lithium batteries)

Application of FPC in new energy vehicles (lithium batteries)

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is a circuit board made of flexible copper clad laminate as the base material, which is used as a signal transmission medium for the connection of electronic products, and has the characteristics of high wiring assembly density, good bending ability, light weight and flexible process. FPC can generally be divided into single-layer FPC, double-layer FPC, multi-layer FPC and rigid-flex PCB.

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LED circuit board

A complete guide to LED circuit board: types, application, materials, design and assembly

This article will mainly introduce the relevant content of LED circuit board – including definition, type, function, application, material, design, assembly and so on. We hope to bring you the most comprehensive understanding of LED circuit board and help you find the best quality manufacturing and assembly manufacturers.

PCB application PCB/PCBA knowledge
computer circuit board

How to design and assembly computer circuit board? What parts are on it?

The printed circuit board that used in computer is called computer circuit board, main board or motherboard, which is the main hardware of the computer, and all other hardware relies on the motherboard to work, which is the basis of the computer hardware equipment. The motherboard contains a large number of hardware interfaces for the work of various hardware.