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Measuring Equipment

Electronics Manufacturing Services

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Measuring Equipment Industry Electronic Manufacturing Services

IBE Measurement Equipment Electronics Manufacturing Services specializes in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, ensuring the precise placement and soldering of electronic components for optimal functionality. Quality control is at the core of EMS operations. We conduct rigorous testing to verify functionality, accuracy and reliability of measuring equipment before it reaches the market.

Product Design

IBE Measurement Equipment Electronics Manufacturing Services has extensive experience in designing and developing high performance, reliable equipment for a variety of applications. By addressing key components, challenges, design considerations, trends and applications, we leverage advanced technology and expertise to effectively meet the diverse needs of modern industrial measurement.

Product Design
Core Certification

Core Certification

Our production facilities meet strict quality requirements and are certified to various industry standards, including ISO 9001, BSCI, ROHS, REACH, FCC, POPS, PFAS, IP54, CE EMC, CE LVD, PSE, PCS, KC standard.

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