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Electronics Manufacturing Services
IBE provides customers with one-stop EMS electronic manufacturing service solutions, including design services, PCB manufacturing services, component procurement, project management, technical support, quality control and other processes.
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Turnkey Solution

The turnkey solution represents a paradigm shift in electronics manufacturing, providing a holistic approach to streamlining the entire production process. From design optimization to component sourcing and assembly, these solutions enable companies to achieve cost savings, improved time efficiency and superior product quality. As the industry continues to evolve, adopting turnkey solutions is imperative to stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Demand Analysis

Demand Analysis

Our dedicated team provides prompt and accurate responses to inquiries, ensuring thorough confirmation of customer requirements. With a commitment to transparency and competitive pricing, we deliver detailed quotations tailored to meet your specific needs.

Product Design

Explore boundless innovation with our four specialized R&D teams. From concept to creation, we merge technical excellence with strategic insight for impactful results. Partner with us for a transformative R&D experience that propels your vision to new heights.

Product Design
One-Stop Production

One-Stop Production

Experience streamlined efficiency, superior quality, and tailored solutions with our comprehensive one-stop production services from component procurement to PCB manufacturing, SMT assembly, and box-build, delivering convenience, cost savings, and end-to-end support to meet all your manufacturing needs.

Quality Mastery

With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel, we conduct thorough and rigorous testing processes, guaranteeing that each product meets or exceeds industry regulations and customer expectations. Trust in our expertise to deliver top-notch quality assurance solutions that uphold the integrity and performance of your products.

Quality Mastery
Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and Distribution

From custom packaging designs to eco-friendly options, we prioritize sustainability and product integrity in every package we create. Trust our experienced team to deliver reliable packaging services that reflect the quality and care you put into your products.

From shipping to tracking, Our efficient shipping and delivery services are tailored to meet your logistical needs and ensure timely delivery of products to your designated destination. Trust us to provide seamless shipping solutions that prioritize efficiency and peace of mind for your business operations.

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Manufacturing Services

Integrate SMT (surface mount technology) and other related processes, such as DIP plug-in (through-hole insertion), to complete the manufacturing of PCB boards.