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Supply Chain Services


The PCB supply chain encompasses multiple components, raw materials, and the PCB itself. PCBs and PCB assemblies (PCAs) are often the most technically complex components that are purchased for electronic assemblies and products, and they form the center of an electronic product’s universe.



Unless an OEM is one of the few that is vertically endowed with manufacturing, the general considerations for PCB and PCA sourcing decisions, and the criteria that should be used to evaluate and select suppliers is turned over to purchasing.

Process control, monitoring, and inspection

An ongoing task in managing the electronics supply chain is the monitoring of quality assurance methodology, often based on best quality practices like six sigma principles, with specific recommendations for process control, testing, and inspection of PCBs and PCAs at the supplier.


Product Qualification

When a new product is conceived, one of the first activities is to break the product down into components or partitions that will allow it to be designed, manufactured, sold, and supported. However, qualification standards may be in order, depending on the target market and industry.

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