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Communication Network Manufacturing

PCBA Solutions

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For more than a decade, IBE has been working with the world’s leading communications original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to design, manufacture, deliver and service broadband routers, switches, wireless, wireline and advanced fiber optic network infrastructure equipment.

IBE integrates its high-tech components into these products, including high-speed optical and RF transceivers, PCBs, backplanes and enclosures. Our combined experience in communications system components and test engineering helps optimize time to market while maximizing performance, cost and system reliability.

OEM Communication Network Solutions

Network Infrastructure

IBE excels in the design and manufacture of high-performance network components such as switches, routers, and access points. Our solutions ensure the reliability and efficiency of your communication systems, empowering seamless connectivity.

Network Infrastructure

Wireless and Mobility Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions for wireless devices including smartphones, tablets and wearables, with a focus on optimizing performance, battery life and user experience. We offer the lowest cost manufacturing services in all major regions around the world.

Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

Our component technologies improve device performance and reduce costs for communications and network equipment customers. We offer a complete set of integrated technologies for high-performance communications products, including the production of data center and cloud infrastructure components, ensuring secure, high-speed connections for businesses and consumers.

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

Why choose IBE for your Communication
Network Manufacturing Project

Customer-First Approach

We are committed to providing a seamless product realization experience and unparalleled customer service, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire process, from concept to market.

Quality Assurance

IBE adheres to the highest quality standards and implements rigorous testing procedures to guarantee the reliability and durability of your telecom products.

Accelerate Time to Market

Our efficient processes and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities enable us to accelerate your time to market, giving you a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving telecom industry.

Global Reach

With a team of more than 1,200 global professionals, IBE has the scale and resources to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Comprehensive Solutions

From design and prototyping to manufacturing and logistics, IBE is your one-stop shop for all your telecom product needs.


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