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IBe Industry Building, ShenZhen, China



Rapid Production

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Quick Custom Solutions

Quick Custom Solutions

From design to prototyping to beta production and series production, IBE can be your single point of contact during your go-to-market time. Increase speed with our ever-expanding rapid prototyping solutions

Our Production Factory

We have established a production base/R&D center in Shenzhen, China, an EMS&OEM/ODM base in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and an EMS base in Milpitas, the United States. The total area of all production facilities exceeds 90,000 square meters, equipped with EVT/DVT/PVT, laboratories and testing centers.

Our Production Factory
Fast PcB Application

Fast PCB Application

Fast PCB application is transforming the landscape of electronic design, offering unprecedented speed, efficiency, and innovation. By leveraging advanced materials, circuit design techniques, and manufacturing processes, companies can accelerate product development cycles, reduce costs, and deliver superior products to market.

Collaborative Manufacturing

Collaborative manufacturing enables real-time collaboration and feedback exchange, leading to efficient problem-solving and faster decision-making. Teams can work concurrently on different aspects of PCB design and production, reducing lead times and overall project duration.

Collaborative Manufacturing
Additional Features

Additional Features

The evolution of fast PCB technology has been driven by advancements in materials, circuit design, and manufacturing processes. Innovations in material science have led to the development of high-performance substrates and laminates that enable faster signal propagation and improved thermal management.


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