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Cooperate with IBE, Protect and Manage your Battery

With the development of new energy vehicles and energy storage industries, batteries are becoming more and more widely used. Monitoring and management are necessary means to ensure the safety, performance and life of the battery. The battery management system (BMS) plays an increasingly important role in the battery system. As a professional PCBA manufacturer, IBE has been focusing on providing customers with high-quality and one-stop BMS PCBA solutions.

Why Choose IBE to Manufacture your BMS PCB Board

BMS PCBA experience

BMS PCB Experience

IBE has been focusing on providing PCB services and has accumulated rich experience in BMS PCB design and manufacturing. IBE has been committed to serving global customers since its foundation and cooperates with many well-known brands. At the same time, the company has an experienced and professional team to provide you with one-stop service from design, proofing, manufacturing, component procurement and assembly, saving you time and costs.

Research and Development Capabilities

IBE has a strong R&D team covering product R&D, engineering design, testing and verification. It has professional equipment such as power battery detectors, high-power load meters, and temperature shock meters, and has excellent R&D strength and verification and testing capabilities. Product development follows the IPD process, collaborative and efficient, shortens cycles, saves costs and improves quality.

Research and development capabilities
Equipment and production capacity

Equipment and Production Capacity

IBE is headquartered in Shenzhen. With the development of its business, it has R&D centers and modern production and manufacturing bases in the United States and Vietnam, with a total production area of more than 90,000 square meters. The company has a high-standard SMT patch workshop, more than 20 DIP production lines and finished product assembly lines, with a capacity around 20 M/Year.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure product quality, each process step in the BMS PCBA manufacturing process will comply with strict process regulations and standard operating procedures, and will be controlled and monitored. BMS PCBA products must also undergo strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory. In addition, the company has established a complete product quality management system and has passed IATF16949, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and UL-E326838 certificates.

Quality assurance
Customization advantages

Customization Advantages

IBE can provide customers with personalized BMS PCBA solutions according to the specific needs of customers. The entire process, from BMS PCB design, manufacturing, assembly and testing, is provided by professional technical talents for one-on-one service, and changes can be made at any time according to customer requirements. Through active cooperation and full communication between both parties, the highest quality BMS PCBA products are manufactured.

After-Sales Service

As a professional PCBA manufacturer, IBE not only provides high-quality and customized PCB solutions, but also provides customers with excellent after-sales service. We provide 24-hour online service, including after-sales services such as product delivery, product repair and technical support.

After-sales service

About our BMS PCB Product Features

BMS product features

BMS PCB Products We Produce and Their Characteristics

1500V Energy Storage BMS
1500V Energy Storage BMS

Extend battery life/Enhance battery stability and balance/Reduce system operation and maintenance costs/Improve system operation and maintenance efficiency

Home Energy Storage BMS
Home Energy Storage BMS

Two-level architecture design supports multiple clusters in parallel/Passed multiple international certifications such as IEC/UL/JET/Support multiple PCS/Safe, stable and reliable operation

Active Balancing BMS
Active Balancing BMS

Bidirectional chip-level active equalization/Supports simultaneous balancing of all cells/Maximum balancing current up to 3A/High security, high reliability

Backup Power BMS
Backup Power BMS

Equipped with 4G module/ Balance function to extend battery life /Short circuit protection /Support remote monitoring function/Real-time monitoring of parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.

Case Study: Home Energy Storage Battery BMS PCBA

As renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power become more popular, home energy storage systems are becoming increasingly important. Home energy storage refers to converting renewable energy sources such as solar panels into electrical energy and storing it in energy storage batteries for home use.

Home energy storage product systems usually consist of battery packs, battery management systems (BMS), energy storage converters (PCS) and energy management systems (EMS). The battery management system is used to monitor the status and operation of the battery, balance the charge difference between individual cells in the battery pack, and control the charging and discharging process of the battery according to the needs of the energy storage system, etc.

Stacked home energy storage all-in-one machine

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