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Optical Instruments

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Cooperate with optical instrument manufacturers to make measurements more accurate

With unparalleled expertise in optical instruments, IBE pioneers precision and innovation in the field. Leveraging advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship, From cutting-edge laser range finders to high-performance telescopes,we engineer optical instruments that exceed industry standards.

What products can IBE design and manufacture in the optical industry?

Laser Range Finder Scope

Laser Range Finder Scope

Discover precision in distance measurement with the Laser Range Finder Scope. This advanced optical instrument employs laser technology to precisely calculate distances, providing accurate readings for various applications. Whether in outdoor sports, hunting, or surveying, the Laser Range Finder Scope enhances accuracy and efficiency. Elevate your targeting and measurement experience with this sophisticated tool, designed for optimal performance in diverse settings.

Hunting Camera

Hunting cameras, also known as trail cameras or game cameras, are remote devices designed to capture still images or videos of wildlife in their natural habitat. Originally developed for hunters to scout game trails, these cameras have evolved into invaluable tools for wildlife researchers, photographers, and conservationists.

Hunting Camera


In today’s fast-paced world, precise measurements are crucial across various industries. One such instrument that plays a significant role in ensuring accuracy is the inclinometer. From construction sites to aerospace applications, inclinometers are utilized to measure angles of tilt or slope with remarkable precision.

Case Study: DCJ640-1M-IBE laser ranging sight

The DCJ640-1M-IBE laser ranging sight is a 6x fixed magnification civilian sight. The sight adopts a double reticle design and has automatic measurement and LCD display functions. It has two measurement modes: single measurement and continuous measurement, as well as unit conversion function. The DCJ640-1M-IBE laser rangefinder sight integrates a sight and a laser rangefinder, allowing the user to observe the target while simultaneously seeing the distance, angle and other information of the target from the eyepiece.

DCJ640-1M-IBE laser ranging sight

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