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After Sales Services


After-sales service is any support provided to a customer after the product or service has already been purchased. Companies use after-sales support as a business strategy as it typically leads to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing.


Real-Time Online Support

Real-time online support includes email, chat, forums, and a social media interface (and monitoring) that assists in responding to public complaints and criticisms. This may include handling returns or repairs.

Warranty information

If a product purchased includes warranty coverage, IBE might send the buyer information about the warranty. They might also offer details about how to register the product, if needed, and where to go for support during the warranty period. Some companies continue to follow up with customers who haven’t yet registered their products.


Return and exchange policy

If a customer needs to return or exchange a product they purchased, having information about the policy for doing so can be helpful. IBE might email all customers with details about the return and exchange policy to avoid questions or issues in the future as well. This type of messaging typically outlines the process for returning or exchanging an item, including how long the buyer has to return merchandise and what they will receive in return.

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