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Top 10 Integrated Circuit (IC) design services suppliers in the world in 2023

Integrated circuit, known as IC, chips, or microchips, is the foundation of most modern electronics technology. Chips are small as well as simplified design and manufacturing, for that they are manufactured on a single conductive piece of material. Today there are many companies that provide the full range of IC services from design through manufacturing. To assist you in your supplier search, we have compiled information of top 10 suppliers of integrated circuit design services in the world in this article.

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SMT stencil – definition and different types

SMT stencil – definition and different types

SMT stencils are essential tools used in the assembly of small electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Different types of SMT stencils are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate various requirements. This blog post will provide a comprehensive answer to these questions as well as explore different types of SMT stencils and how they are made.

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PCB impedance control

PCB impedance control : definition, types, and tolerance

Impedance is the measure of how much current can flow through a circuit at any given time. It can be thought of as the reciprocal of voltage, which is the calculation of how much energy is being transferred from one point to another in the circuit board. PCB impedance control ensures that no excess current flows through the circuits on your PCB during operation; if it does, then this may cause damage or create problems with your production run.

Electronic manufacturing industry PCB/PCBA knowledge
20 layer PCB

20 layer PCB: stack-up your design into the future with it

As components also became smaller and the need for more adaptability of a board is smaller spaces, single or double-layered designs were not capable of providing expected effectiveness, giving birth to multilayer design, which considers boards with three or more layers, including, for example, 6, 10, 16 or even 20 layer PCB. In this article, we will explore and dig more on this last option and review some of its characteristics and applications.

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