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Energy Industry

Electronics Manufacturing Services

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IBE provides one-stop energy electronics manufacturing services including printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), product design, prototyping, testing, and supply chain management. These processes ensure that electronic products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. In the energy sector, efficiency and reliability are critical. IBE helps achieve these goals by providing high-quality electronic components that improve the performance of energy systems. From smart grids to renewable energy installations, reliable electronic devices are the backbone of modern energy infrastructure.

Comprehensive Solutions for Energy Industry

Design and development services are essential to creating customized solutions for energy companies’ unique needs. IBE works closely with customers to develop innovative products that meet specific requirements, whether it’s for wind turbine control systems or battery management systems for electric vehicles.

Concept Development and Feasibility Analysis

Hardware and Firmware Design

PCB Design and Assembly

Prototyping and Testing

Mass Production and Supply Chain Management

Compliance and Certification Support

After-Sales Support and Maintenance


Our Energy Industry Electronics Manufacturing Services

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the foundation of modern electronic devices. In the energy industry, they are vital for various applications, from power management systems to renewable energy technologies.

Energy Storage Systems
Solar Inverter Systems
Mobile Communication Base Stations
Electric Vehicle and Industrial Vehicle Charging Stations

Our Energy Electronics Manufacturing knowledge

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Residential and Commercial Buildings

IBE energy solutions can be used to power homes and commercial buildings, such as solar water heating systems, air conditioning and heating, smart lighting systems, etc. By using energy solutions, you can reduce the cost of electricity for your home, significantly reduce the cost of electricity for your business, and make a positive contribution to the environment.



In the field of transportation, such as providing energy for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, hybrid vehicles, solar vehicles, rail transit, etc., IBE energy solutions can quickly charge vehicles in sunny places, allowing them to be used for longer periods of time.

Wireless telecommunications systems

Wireless telecommunications systems

In remote areas such as mountainous areas and deserts, where power systems are inadequate, energy technologies can be used in conjunction with battery storage to provide renewable energy to meet the needs of wireless telecommunications equipment.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities

Energy technology can be used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and self-driving tours. Energy can charge electronic devices that do not require much power, such as mobile phones, tablets, and electronic watches, and can also meet some basic outdoor needs. IBE provides you with energy solutions for outdoor activities.



In the agricultural field, it is mainly reflected in solar irrigation systems and farming. Solar irrigation systems use solar photovoltaic panels to convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy, provide water for farmland, and solve the problem of farmland irrigation. Farming uses solar photovoltaic panels to provide electricity for farming facilities to meet the power supply needs during the farming process.

Case Study: Battery & Power management equipment & Battery storage system (energy storage equipment)

Energy storage systems are applied to utility, commercial and industrial, as well as micro grid applications. BPC acquisition voltage and temperature, one battery pack one (23:1 or 14:1), mainly control charge, battery safety data collection, alarm, collection of entire equipment related current voltage, battery protection pack. Control the speed of charge and discharge, mainly control charge, battery safety performance management system. The Hermes module incorporates a customized intelligent Battery Management system(BMS) for specific applications, a proprietary algorithm that enables quick charging at optimal cycle life, effective battery thermal management that allows EVS to go further, and an accurate monitoring device that continuously measures voltage, temperature and current to ensure safe battery use.


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