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IBe Industry Building, ShenZhen, China



Design And Engineering

Three R&D Teams

In total of 80 engineers have rich experience in design, manufacturing, industry considerations, quality standards, and regulatory compliance.


Mechanical Design Services

Cover every aspect of the product design process such as industrial design/sketches, 3D CAD design, CMF (Colour, Material, and Fitment) design, 2D drawings, simulation, 3D proto validation, DFM analysis, and drawing update, mold tooling, and final production.

Industrial Designers

Will turn your ideas into initial sketches to start visualizing how the actual product might look. Once you are satisfied with the form, they can design using a 3D CAD program such as SolidWorks, Creo, or other tools to ensure the product is feasible for both the user and the manufacturer.


Simulation and Analysis

Use advanced computational methods, design optimization techniques, and visualization tools. E.g. using advanced CFD methods, help understand the complex design and performance issues faced by many original equipment manufacturers and enterprises. Simulation and Analysis can be performed using ANSYS and ALTAIR tools for thermal analysis, shock, vibration, and drop scenarios of the product. 

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