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How Is PCBA Packaged And Shipped?

How Is PCBA Packaged And Shipped?

Since the PCBA carries a large number of electronic components, the requirements for ESD static electricity and anti-collision are extremely high. Therefore, the safe packaging of PCBA boards is particularly important.We use electrostatic bag + honeycomb inner tray + carton for packaging, which has the advantages of effectively avoiding electrostatic damage and buffering impact during transportation. For sure, IBE can provide customized packaging service, and pack according to customer needs.


How To Function Test a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)

It is mainly used for testing the functions of PCBA, mainly including.
1: Power supply part test – whether the power supply works normally, test the voltage at each point
2: Port test, whether there is Short&Open, resulting in exception
3: Integrated circuit module IC I/O read/write function test
4: Special function test (different circuit boards have different requirements) – external receiver is required if it is equipped with infrared ray.

PCB/PCBA knowledge Videos

What is SMT (Surface Mount Technology)? SMT Assembly Factory Tour

SMT technology is used to process PCB. The biggest difference between PCB and PCB is whether there are welded electronic components.

PCB=empty board, PCBA=assembled circuit board

The electronic components are welded on the circuit board through SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technology.
Only the circuit board with electronic components welded can have a channel to let electronic signals flow. The SMT production line is a streamlined production line, and each step must be completed before entering the next process.
Next, we will introduce the basic manufacturing process of SMT production line.