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Test Services

Test Services

We can focus on identified areas or testing criteria to validate customer concerns or to reaffirm the reliability of specific functionality. No matter what testing you need, we’ve got it covered


Functional PCB Testing

Is performed at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure that the manufactured part will not fail immediately or have a shortened service life.

In-circuit testing (ICT)

Also called bed-of-nails testing, this examination uses needles and access points designed into the PCB to connect with a circuit and determine values. In-circuit PCB testing helps your contractor determine whether any electronic components are defective. With ICT, it’s possible to perform the procedures without introducing power. This protects the component from damage.


Burn-in testing

This provides information about the PCB’s ability to perform at high temperatures. The trade-off is a smaller volume of yield and potentially reduced product lifespan. Still, the data collected can help engineers understand what caused the defects and modify the design to improve reliability before it hits the burn-in stage.

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