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As your premier PCB ODM solution provider, IBE shapes your ideas into products including electronics R&D, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and after-sale services.
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ODM Solution

With over two decades of expertise, we take pride in our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for your unique ODM requirements that ensure optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. Explore limitless possibilities with our PCB ODM services.

Medical Beauty Solutions
Medical Beauty Solutions

Medical beauty devices often operate at high frequencies, requiring specialized PCBs to handle signal integrity and ensure optimal performance. PCB ODM services cater to the intricate needs of precision instruments used in medical beauty devices.

New Energy Solutions
New Energy Solutions

Our PCB ODM solutions are engineered to optimize performance, enhance efficiency, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions for new energy applications such as inverters, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, or other cutting-edge technologies.

Smart Car Solutions
Smart Car Solutions

PCB ODM meets the intelligence of smart mobility. Partner with us as we drive innovation in the smart car industry, providing PCB ODM solutions that power the future of compact electric vehicles, driving the future of smart transportation like Golf cart.

Optical Solutions
Optical Solutions

In the optical sector, precision is paramount, from advanced imaging systems to optical tools, our PCB ODM services are tailored to meet the unique demands of the optical industry that contributes to the clarity, accuracy, and efficiency of optical devices.

Laser Solutions
Laser Solutions

Redefine accuracy in the field of laser measuring industry. Our PCB ODM solutions are tailored to fit the needs of laser measuring devices like laser distance meter, laser tape measures, laser level and other devices, enhancing their accuracy,speed, reliability and efficiency.

Other Product Solutions
Other Product Solutions

PCB ODM services exhibit remarkable versatility, finding application across a myriad of industries. From medical beauty, new energy, smart car, optical and laser, it will extend to robotics, wearable technology, and audio-visual systems and so on...

Advantages of PCB ODM1

Advantages of PCB ODM

• Expertise in Design
PCB ODMs often specialize in designing innovative electronic products.

• Customization
PCB ODM services allow clients to have PCBs designed to meet their specific requirements, including size, shape, layout, and functionality.

• Cost Savings
PCB ODMs typically have established supply chains, manufacturing processes, and economies of scale, which can result in lower production costs.

• Faster Time-to-Market
PCB ODMs are equipped to handle the entire product development cycle, from design to manufacturing, staying ahead of competitors.

• Expertise and Experience:
PCB ODM providers often have specialized knowledge and experience in PCB design and manufacturing.

• Scalability:
Whether needs a small batch for testing or a large-scale production run, PCB ODMs can adjust their manufacturing capabilities.

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Why Choose US

Professional R & D Team
Professional R & D Team

We have 4 teams of over 70 experienced engineers and designers including who are knowledgeable about the latest technologies, industry standards, and best practices. They are committed to providing high-quality products and adhering to international standards by offering impeccable technical support and a dedicated service team.

Reliable supply chain
Reliable supply chain

We have a robust and efficient supply chain, and the sourcing of raw materials, components, and other resources is streamlined, which helps in ensuring consistent production, reducing lead times, and minimizing disruptions in the manufacturing process.

Large Factory Area
Large Factory Area

The total area of all the production facilities covers more than 90,000 square meters, including production base/R&D center in Shenzhen, China, ODM/OEM&EMS base in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and EMS base in Milpitas US respectively, which can enhance productivity, reduce transportation times within the facility, and improve overall workflow.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

Our bulk purchasing of raw materials, efficient production processes, and optimized operations contribute to cost savings, which allows us to offer competitive prices for its products, making them more attractive in the market.

PCB ODM Process

A holistic PCB ODM solution provides end-to-end support, from initial design concepts to the final delivery of high-quality, customized PCB and electronics products. IBE will escort your creativity throughout the whole process.

Quick Response

PCB ODM responds quickly to the client’s initial inquiry or requirements to understand the project scope, technical specifications, and any specific needs.

Innovative Design​

PCB ODM R&D teams engage in the innovative design phase that involves creating circuit board layouts, schematics, and considering the functionality and form factor of the electronic product.

One-stop Production

The PCB ODM handles the entire manufacturing process encompassing sourcing materials, manufacturing the PCBs, prototype, and assembling electronic components onto the boards, and testing.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality checks are implemented at every production stage to ensure the PCBs meet industry standards and the client’s specifications including inspection and testing.

Packaging Service

The PCB ODM provides packaging services to protect the PCBs during transportation and storage that meet industry standards and client requirements and reach their destination in optimal condition.

Deliver on Time

The PCB ODM coordinates with logistics partners to ensure that products are shipped according to the agreed-upon timeline that is crucial for specific product launch schedules or market commitments.

Finished Product Display

Discover cutting-edge excellence at our products. Innovative designs, superior craftsmanship, and functionality converge, serving as a visual representation of our expertise in creating innovative and market-ready solutions for various industries. Explore the future with IBE.

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