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Electronics Manufacturing Services

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Optoelectronic Industry

Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Optoelectronic Industry

Advances in microelectronics and packaging technology have led to the miniaturization and integration of optoelectronic components, allowing the development of compact and multifunctional devices. IBE leverages these trends to optimize space utilization and improve system performance, and designs and manufactures your ideal high-quality products.

Product Design

We provide comprehensive services for optoelectronics manufacturing, providing specialized manufacturing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of optoelectronic devices, allowing OEMs to focus on innovation and product development while ensuring that optoelectronic devices meet stringent quality standards and performance requirements.

Product Design
Core Certification

Core Certification

The optoelectronics industry is subject to various standards and regulations regarding product safety, performance and environmental impact. IBE implements a comprehensive testing and verification program to ensure equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

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