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New Energy

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Partner with new energy manufacturers to bring reliable products to market

For critical and reliable energy requirements, IBE’s expertise extends across multiple service and product sectors, including high-voltage power, renewable energy systems, industrial production, transportation, avionics, and more. IBE leads PCB manufacturing service providers in fast turnarounds, efficient prototyping, and on-demand PCBA production. Partnering with IBE ensures that your energy application PCBAs meet the highest standards for quality and reliability.

What products IBE can be designed and manufactured in new energy industry



Battery storage is critical for supplying power to portable or standalone electronic systems, such as EVs and AVs. The same is true for intermittent renewable sources such as solar and wind farms. PCBAs are commonly used for controllers, conversion, inversion, thermal regulation, battery management, and power distribution.


Transformation is a critical function throughout the energy grid system. Transformers that increase voltage for long-range transmission and decrease voltage for localized distribution require energy boards for conversion, distribution, regulation, and safety. These operations are also essential for factories and production facilities where power supplies are used to convert necessary voltage levels for production, offices, lighting, and more.



Energy systems supply power to businesses, factories, commercial structures, and residential fixed location structures. However, with the rise in EVs that rely on battery storage systems, a sophisticated network of charging stations is also becoming a standard part of power system planning for most utilities and power providers–-ensuring they receive safe, reliable energy for years to come.

Case Study: Battery & Power management equipment & Battery storage system (energy storage equipment)

Energy storage systems are applied to utility, commercial and industrial, as well as micro grid applications. BPC acquisition voltage and temperature, one battery pack one (23:1 or 14:1), mainly control charge, battery safety data collection, alarm, collection of entire equipment related current voltage, battery protection pack. Control the speed of charge and discharge, mainly control charge, battery safety performance management system. The Hermes module incorporates a customized intelligent Battery Management system(BMS) for specific applications, a proprietary algorithm that enables quick charging at optimal cycle life, effective battery thermal management that allows EVS to go further, and an accurate monitoring device that continuously measures voltage, temperature and current to ensure safe battery use.


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