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Electronic manufacture ranking
Top 40 PCB manufacturers in China
PCB is an important electronic component, mainly composed of insulation substrate and conductor material, which plays a role in support and interconnection in electronic equipment. The main function of PCB is to make various electronic components form a predetermined circuit connection, and play the role of relay transmission. Printed circuit boards are key interconnects for assembling electronic parts, not only providing electrical connections for electronic components, but also carrying digital and analog signal transmission, power supply, and RF microwave signal transmission and reception of electronic devices. This article will list top 40 PCB manufacturers in China. These companies are not only the best PCB manufacturers, but they are all listed. Let’s look at them one by one.Besides, you can simply click on the company name to jump to their websites.
Top 40 PCB manufacturers
Table of Contents



AVARY company

● Headquarter: shenzhen
● Website: http://www.avaryholding.com/en/

Founded in 1999, AVARY HOLDING is mainly engaged in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of printed circuit boards. Products are widely used in communication products, computers, consumer electronics and all kinds of 3C electronic products. The company has been ranked as the world’s largest PCB manufacturer for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020.


● Headquarter: Suzhou, Jiangsu
● Website:http://www.dsbj.com/#en

Founded in 1998, DSBJ focuses on LED technology, printed circuit boards, precision manufacturing and communication equipment. The company is the world’s leading PCB manufacturer and a supplier of base station antenna communication equipment components. The main products of the PCB industry are flexible PCB and assembly, as well as rigid and flexible PCB manufacturing.


● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: http://www.scc.com.cn/scc/en/index.html

Founded in 1984, Shennan circuit (SCC) provides services like electronic circuit technology and solution, including innovation platform and achievement, PCB and PCBA, SUB, SIP. The industries productes applied include high speed and high capacity, RF and microwave, thermal management, miniaturization, chip package substrate, and so on.

It has become a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, the first national technological innovation demonstration enterprise and national enterprise technology center in the printed circuit board industry, a leading enterprise in China’s printed circuit board industry, a pioneer in China’s packaging substrate field, and an advanced enterprise in electronic assembly manufacturing.


● Headquarter: Dongguan, Guangdong,China
● Website: http://www.syst.com.cn/index_en.aspx

Founded in 1985,SYTECH is a global supplier of electronic circuit substrates, operating products such as rigid materials, automotive materials, RF materials, IMS and HTC materials, IC substrate materials, flexible materials, HSD materials, special materials. SYTECH has been the world’s second largest CCL manufacturer in terms of sales volume since 2013.


● Headquarter: Kunshan, Jiangsu
● Website: http://www.wustec.com/wus_en/index.php

Founded in 1992, Wus printed circuit is engaged in the manufacturing, design and other related services of printed circuit boards, with products mainly covering communication, data center, automotive and consumer electronics.Products include BP(Backplane), LC(Line Card), Server Products, ANT(Antenna), HDI(higth density interconnec), hybrid products, heat sinks(metal-backed PCB), heavy copper PCB.


● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: http://www.kinwong.com/en/

Founded in 1993, KINWONG is the world’s leading manufacturer of research and development, production and sales of all kinds of printed circuit boards and electronic materials, with product areas including automotive, telecom, smart terminal, industrial & medical, consumer, computing, power supply, etc.


● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: https://en.chinafastprint.com/

Founded in 1999, FASTPRINT is the largest PCB prototype manufacturer in China, and its leading products are PCB prototype and small batch PCBs. Products mainly include PCB, IC substrate, FPC , semiconductor test board. The market includes communications, industrial control, medical electronics, rail transit, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, automotive electronics, etc.


8. Victory Giant


Victory Giant Technology

● Headquarter: Huizhou, guangdong
● Website: https://en.shpcb.com/

Founded in 2006,Victory Giant mainly provides high-density PCB research and development, production and sales for Computer and peripherals, Network communication, Consumer electronics, Automotive electronics, power supply, Industrial automation and other industries.


FOUNDER company

● Headquarter: Zhuhai, guangdong
● Website: http://www.founderpcb.com/index.php/en/

Founder PCB was established in 1986 and is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the world. Products include rigid-flex HDI, ELIC, high layer count, high-frequency and high-speed server, RF antenna and extremely fast storage SSD. Founder PCB has four factories and one independent R&D institute.


● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: http://www.suntakpcb.com/en

Founded in Shenzhen in 1995, Suntak is a high-tech listed company engaged in producing circuit boards. The products are applied in many industries like cellphones, computers, automotive, communication, servers, industrial control and so on. The company has 9 factories, producing different products.


● Headquarter: Yiyang,Hunan
● Website: http://www.askpcb.com/en/

Founded in 2008, Aoshikang Technology develops, produces and sells PCBs, including high-density interconnect pcb, multi-layer flexible boards, etc.ASK product widely used in data storage, communication networking, automotive, industrial control, energy, consumer and etc.


12. Shengyi electronics


shengyi electronics company

● Headquarter: Dongguan,Gaungdong
● Website: http://www.sye.com.cn/en/index.aspx

Founded in 1985, Shengyi electronics is a one-stop printed circuit board solution provider. The PCB products are mainly used in communication, computer, medical, automotive, aerospace, industry control and consumer electronic industries.


● Headquarter: Heshan, Guangdong
● Website: http://www.olympicpcb.com/

Founded in 1985, Olympic specializes in the production of all kinds of PCBs, including double-sided PCB, multi-layer boards, HDI PCB, flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, metal substrates and other PCBs, which are widely used in different fields, including automotive, industrial, consumer, computer and peripheral products, communication and medical products.


● Headquarter: Huizhou, Guangdong
● Website: http://en.ceepcb.com/

Founded in 2000, EAGLE specializes in R&D, production and sales of printed circuit boards. The company’s products include RPCB, FPC, rigid-flex PCB, FPCA,multi-layer board, high layer circuits ,high-density interconnect HDI PCB and IC Substrate ICS.


15. Baoding Technology



● Headquarter: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
● Website: http://www.bd-zg.com/en/index.php

Baoding Technology was founded in 1989, main business is copper clad laminate, copper foil and large casting and forgings, mainly used in printed circuit board PCB, 5G and shipbuilding, machinery, etc.


● Headquarter: Zhongshan,Guangdong
● Website: http://www.ellingtonpcb.com/

Founded in March 2000, ELLINGTON ‘s main products are high-precision, high-density double-layer and multi-layer PCB. Products are mainly used in automotive electronics, new energy and power supply, industrial control medical, computer and communication, multimedia and display, etc


17.Bomin Electronics



● Headquarter: Meizhou, Guangdong
● Website: http://www.bominelec.com/en/

Founded in 1994, Bomin Electronics is a PCB manufacturer. Company products include HDI PCB, high multilayer, microwave high-frequency, heavy copper PCB, metal base/core, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, passive device and ceramic substrate etc. The products are widely used in high-technology fields including communication apparatus, medical devices, detection system, aerospace, household electronic products and new energy etc..


● Headquarter: Shanghai
● Website: http://www.goldenmax.cn/

GOLDENMAX is a company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of copper clad laminates, basic materials for the electronics industry. The company’s main products include a variety of general FR-5, FR-4, CEM-3 and other series of copper clad laminates and aluminum-based copper clad laminates, semipreg sheets and other products and special index requirements of halogen-free environmental protection, high flame retardant, CAF resistance, high TG, high CTI and other series of copper clad laminate products, widely used in home appliances, computers, lighting, automotive, communications and other electronic industries, with strong industrial stability.


honflex company

● Headquarter: Xiamen, Fujian
● Website: http://www.fpc98.com/web2015use/subfolder/enabout.html

Founded in 2003, Hongxin Electronics is a leader in China’s flexible electronics industry. The company’s main business is the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of flexible PCB. The main products are a variety of high-precision flexible printed circuit board products. The company has independent research and development capabilities and a full set of intelligent production equipment capabilities.


● Headquarter: Shantou, Guangdong
● Website: http://www.gd-goworld.com/

Guangdong Shantou Goworld was established in 1997, the main business is electronic components and ultrasonic electronic instruments, including non-destructive testing instruments, printed circuit boards, liquid crystal display and touch devices, copper clad laminates, etc. The company has four subsidiaries, each dealing in different products.


● Headquarter: Shanghai
● Website: http://en.ccl-china.com/

Founded in 2000, NOUYA specializes in the design, research and development, production and sales of composite materials such as copper clad foil and adhesive sheets. The company’s products include FR-4 Materials, FR-15 Materials, Automotive Materials, HSD Materials, RF Materials.



● Headquarter:● Guangdong
Website: http://www.gdkxpcb.com/index_en.aspx

Kingshine was founded in 2001 and specializes in R&D, production and sales of electronic circuit products. It has 5 PCB production bases in China. The company’s main products include double-sided PCB, high-multi-layer board, HDI board, rigid-flex board, thick copper board, high-frequency/high-speed board, J metal substrate, IC carrier board.


23.Chaohua technology



● Headquarter:Guangdong
● Website: http://www.chaohuatech.com/

Since its establishment in 1999, Chaohua technology has been engaged in high-precision electronic copper foil, various kinds of copper clad plate, PP and other electronic substrate, printed circuit board research and development, production, sales and Numerical Control machine processing. The company has passed the ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, ISO14001:2015 management system certification, and the products have passed the UL and CQC certification.


CAMELOT company

● Headquarter: Qiangyuan,Guangdong
● Website: http://www.camelotpcb.com/cn/

Founded in 2006, CAMELOT specializes in printed circuit board (PCB), especially the research and development, production and sales of automotive PCB.The company passed certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, CQC, IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO45001, GB/T29490, ISO50001, AEO Customs Advanced Certification, etc.


● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: http://www.edadoc.com/

EDADOC Technology was founded in March 2003, focusing on high-speed PCB design technical services, research and development of prototype and batch PCBA production services. The company has passed ISO13485, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, UL and other qualification certificates. The company’s main services include PCB design, PCB PCB manufacturing, SMT welding, component selection, etc.


SUNSHINE company

● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: https://en.sunshinepcb.com/

Founded in July 2001, Sunshine’s main business is PCB research and development, production and sales. It has a capability of whole process production covering a variety of PCB types such as HDI, multilayer, rigid-flex, heavy copper board, medal based board, high frequency PCB, flex board and so on. Company has passed management system qualification as ISO9001:2008、ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO14001:2004、ISO13485:2003 and Product Safety Certification as UL, CQC.


27.Mankun Technology



● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: https://en.mankun.com/

Since its establishment in 2003, Mankun Technology has been mainly engaged in double-sided, multi-layer and high-precision printed circuit boards. The company has passed UL security certification, ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, IATF16949:2016, CQC, RBA, intellectual property management system and the two integration management system certification.


28.Champion Asia


CHAMPION company

● Headquarter: Shanghai
● Website: http://www.championasia.hk/en/

Established in 2005,Champion Asia’s business coverage “Specific type of PCB”, “Quick turn sample of Multilayer PCB”, “Small and middle batch of PCB”, “Mass production PCB”, “FPC&RFPC”, “SMT and OEM”. Company passed all kind of quality & safety certification include ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949,OHSAS45001,QC080000,ISO27001,CQC,UL,RoHS,REACH and won honors of National intellectual property advantage enterprises.


29.Wazam New Materials



● Headquarter: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
● Website: http://en.wazam.com.cn/

Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Wazam New Materials is one of the earliest companies in China to develop epoxy copper clad laminate. The company mainly produces new materials such as CCL, functional composite materials and thermoplastic honeycomb materials.


30. Sihui Fushi



● Headquarter: Zhaoqing, Guangdong
● Website: http://www.fsqualitypcb.com/

Since its establishment in 2009, Sihui Fuji has focused on high-quality circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, mainly developing HDI PCB, multi layer PCB, thick copper PCB, ceramic PCB, metal core PCB, rigid flexible PCB, high frequency &high-speed PCB and other products. PCB is widely used in industrial control, automobile, transportation, communication, medical and other fields. Company obtained a number of international system certifications in various industries-ISO9001:2015, iatf16949:2016,iso13485:2016, iecq qc080000:2017.


JOVE company

● Headquarter: shenzhen
● Website: https://en.jovepcb.com/

Since its establishment in 2004, JOVE specializes in the research and development, production and sales of printed circuit boards.The products og company include multilayer PCBs, high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs, flexible & rigid flexible PCBs, substrate-like-PCBs (slp), insulated metallic substrate PCBs, antenna/RF PCBs.


32.Yihao New Materials


YIHAO company

● Headquarter: Ganzhou, Jiangxi
● Website: http://www.yihaonm.com/

Established in October 2003, Yihao New Materials engaged in business about high-precision electrolytic copper foil and new electronic components. The company’s main products are electronic circuit copper foil, aluminum base copper clad plate and printed circuit board.


33.Aohong Electronics


AOHONG company

● Headquarter: Changhzhou, Jiangsu
● Website: http://www.czaohong.com/

Since entering the electronic industry in 2006, Aohong Electronics has developed into a series of PCB products production and R&D manufacturing enterprises. Its main products are: single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multi-layer PCB and metal core PCB. Printed boards, OSP printed boards, tin-jet printed boards, gold/gold plated printed boards, carbon film boards and composite substrate printed boards, etc., produce nearly 4 million square meters of printed circuit boards per year. The products cover many fields such as household appliances, consumer electronics, power sources, network communications and automotive electronics.


34. Xiehe Electronics



● Headquarter: Jiangsu
● Website: http://www.xiehepcb.com/

Founded in 2000, Xiehe Electronics company is a professional manufacturing company integrating research and development and production of rigid, flexible and rigid-flexible PCB, single PCB, double-sided PCB and multi-layer PCB. The main products include FPC board, PCB board, SMT products, high-frequency board, etc.


35. Allfavor Intelligent


ALLFAVOR company

● Headquarter: Nanjing, Jiangsu
● Website: http://www.allfavorpcb.com/en/

Founded in 2006, Allfavor Intelligent Circuits Technology is a professional circuit board provider—high-quality, high-precision, high-density printed circuit boards, up to 20 layers. Products are mainly used in the fields of communications, automobiles, power, electronics, communications, medical and other fields.





● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: https://en.kingbrother.com/index16.html

Founded in 1997, KINGBROTHER Technology is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in electronic hardware design, manufacturing and taking service and provide innovative integrated design-manufacture service.


37. Printronics Circuit


TPC company

● Headquarter:Tianjin
● Website: http://en.toppcb.com/

TPC(Tianjin Printronics Circuit Corp.)was established in 1988, manufacture fast turn for low / medium & high-layer PCB as well as mass production for large volume.The products are widely applied in different fields, such as industrial automation control, telecommunication, aviation and aerospace, automotive electronics, IT, instrument and meters, medical devices and consumer electronics.Comapny passes UL, ISO9001、IATF16949、AS9100、ISO14001 、ISO45001 and Work Safety Standardization and all PCBs conform to RoHS and REACH (except for SnPb PCB).


38.Zhongying Science&Technology



● Headquarter: Changhzou jiangsu
● Website: http://en.czzyst.cn/

Established in 2006, Zhongying Science&Technology is professional in research,manufacture,sales and supply services for high frequency microwave copper clad laminate.Products are widely used in base station antennas,power amplifiers,low noise ampli-fiers, filters,coupler, aerospace,satellite communi-cations, satellite television,military radar, electronic warfare systems, global positioning systems. microwave compo-nents, microwave modules and other fields.


● Headquarter: Shenzen
● Website: http://en.jxpcb.com/

Founded in 2005, JX PCB is a industrial leader in Printed Circuit Board Fabrication services in China and focus on Hi-End and Hi-Precision QTA sample, Prototype and Small-to-Medium-sized job manufacturing. Products are used in communications, industrial control, computers and medical instruments, hi-tech markets of automotive, aerospace and military defence.


40.ZECHENG Electronics


INFLEX company

● Headquarter: Shenzhen
● Website: https://intflex.cn/en/

Shenzhen ZECHENG Electronics engaged in the research and development, production and sales of customized intelligent control module products based on flexible application.Company has three basic businesses of smart module modules, electronic assembly and circuit boards,forming a unique business layout in the industry.

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