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Top 15 rigid CCL manufacturers in the world

According to the manufacturing process and rigidity of CCL, CCL can be divided into rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate. Rigid copper-clad laminates can be briefly divided into paper base, fiberglass cloth base, composite base, special substrate, etc. according to the classification of reinforcing materials.

Rigid CCLs are not easy to bend and have a certain hardness and toughness. They are mainly used in communications equipment, household appliances, electronic toys, computer peripherals and other products. In rigid CCL, fiberglass cloth made of fiberglass cloth and electronic resin Substrate (FR-4) is currently the most widely used and widely used product in PCB manufacturing.

With the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry, the demand for rigid copper-clad laminates continues to increase. In recent years, the global output value of rigid copper-clad laminates has continued to expand. This article lists the top 15 rigid CCL manufacturers in the world.

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Kingboard headquarters in HongKong, China
Kingboard headquarters in HongKong, China.
HeadquartersHong Kong
Established time1988
Company websitehttps://www.kingboard.com/en/

Kingboard Holdings Limited established its first laminates manufacturing plant in 1988. The Group now operates more than 60 manufacturing plants, with business activities ranging from laminates to printed circuit boards, chemicals and properties development in China.

In 1993, Kingboard was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings Limited, the Group’s subsidiary, was spun off for a separate listing on The Singapore Stock Exchange in December 1999. In November 2004, the Group successfully acquired Elec & Eltek International Holdings Limited as part of a strategic expansion plan.


Sytech located in Jiangxi, China
Sytech located in Jiangxi, China.
Established time1985
Company websitehttps://www.syst.com.cn/index_en.aspx

Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (SYTECH), founded in 1985, is a global core supplier of electronic circuit base materials which integrates R&D, production, sales, marketing and technical services. After more than 30 years of development and continuous efforts of every employee, SYTECH produced more than 115 million square meters of laminate materials in 2021. According to the statistics and ranking of global rigid laminators released by Prismark, a US research institution, SYTECH has been the world’s second largest CCL manufacturer in terms of sales volume since 2013.

Smart Terminal
Rigid Materials
Automotive Materials
RF Materials
IMS and HTC materials
IC Substrate Materials
Flexible Materials
HSD Materials
Special Materials

Nan Ya Plastics

Nan Ya Plastics

NAN YA Plastics is a leading producer of polyester fibers and copper clad laminates of electronic materials.
NAN YA Plastics is a leading producer of polyester fibers and copper clad laminates of electronic materials.
Established time1958
Company websitehttp://www.npc.com.tw/j2npc/enus/

Nan Ya Plastics Corp. engages in the manufacture of plastic processing products, petrochemicals, electronic materials, and polyester. NPC continued to engage in the R&D of innovative applications, new materials, and eco-friendly products with special specifications to increase the sales ratio of differentiated and high-value products. They also carried out capacity consolidation, introduced automatic monitoring equipment to enhance machine productivity, and expanded into high-end and potential emerging markets by promoting e-commerce and online marketing.

Plastic Products
Electronic Material
Fibers and textiles
Machinery and Switchgear

Elite Material


Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC) is a manufacturer for copper clad laminate and prepreg.
Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC) is a manufacturer for copper clad laminate and prepreg.
Established time1992
Company websitehttps://www.emctw.com/en-global

Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC) was established in 1992 as a copper clad (CCL) and prepreg manufacturer. Since 2013, EMC has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of Halogen free CCL materials. With a highly skilled Research & Development team, Elite has developed several H/F products, from Mid Loss, Low Loss, Very Low Loss, Ultra Low Loss down to Extreme Low Loss categories. These materials are designed for very complex PCB’s, such as, for example, Anylayer, mSAP, IC substrate, high layer count (HLC)/ high speed digital (HSD) and radio frequency (RF) products just to name a few. EMC is the leading halogen-free laminate producer and ranked among top 10 provider worldwide in supplying advanced materials to the PCB industry.

Mobile Device
Automotive & Industrial
Aerospace, Industrial & Military

ITEQ is devoted in the industry as a professional PCB laminate materials manufacturer
ITEQ is devoted in the industry as a professional PCB laminate materials manufacturer
Established time1997
Company websitehttps://www.iteq.com.tw/?lang=en

ITEQ Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance copper clad laminate materials used for the fabrication of printed circuit boards and was founded in April of 1997, maintaining its headquarters at No.17, Daluge Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan.

ITEQ’s products find use many different application areas, such as computational and communications applications (e.g. servers, storage, switches), Radio Frequency and Microwave devices (e.g. 5G and mmWaves), Automotive applications (e.g. advanced driver assist systems), and High Density Interconnect solutions (e.g. smartphones).

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Panasonic Industry

Panasonic industry logo

Panasonic is a global consumer electronics powerhouse.
Panasonic is a global consumer electronics powerhouse.
Established time1918
Company websitehttps://industrial.panasonic.com/ww/electronic-materials

Panasonic Industry, Founded in 1918, is an enabler that provides customer with unique strength through their material and process technologies. It develops, manufactures, and sells electrical components, control devices, and electronic materials, including capacitors, resistors, custom and module devices, FA sensors and components, and more.

Circuit Board Materials
Semiconductor Device Materials
Plastic Molding Compound
Advanced Films

TUC company provides Mass Lamination service for customers.
TUC company provides Mass Lamination service for customers.
Established time1974
Company websitehttps://www.tuc.com.tw/en-us/about

Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) was established in 1974. Its former name was Taiwan Union Glass Industrial Co., Ltd, mainly produced optical glass. In 1997, the company changed into producing Copper Clad Laminate (also called CCL) and Prepreg. In 2001, TUC started to provide Mass Lamination service for customers. In Dec., 2003, TUC was officially listed in Taiwan OTC.

TUC works with its customers and focuses on innovation, research and development to provide superior quality, professional support, value-added materials and advanced mass lamination service to the global electronics industry. TUC obtains many international certificates, such as QC080000 IECQ HSPM, Sony Green Partner, ISO 14001, ISO/IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

High Frequency Laminate
Extreme Low Loss Laminate
Super Low Loss Laminate
Very Low Loss Laminate
Low Loss Laminates
Mid Loss Materials
Non-flow/ Mid-flow Prepregs
High Thermal Reliability Laminates
Standard Loss Materials

Doosan is a leader in electronic materials manufaturing
Doosan is a leader in electronic materials manufaturing
Established time1974
Company websitehttps://www.doosanelectronics.com/en/

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials(DSEM) is one of the business groups in Doosan Corporation. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials was established in 1974 envisaging the bright prospects of the CCL industry.

Since the foundation, DSEM has strengthened a competiveness in Global market with continuous products and technology upgrades. In addition, DSEM has built up sales and marketing forces with 4 corporation and 3 branches in overseas to thrive into a global CCL market.

Automotive Material
5G Antenna Module
MEMS Timing Solution

Nanya New Material


NOUYA is located in Shanghai
NOUYA is located in Shanghai
Established time2000
Company websitehttp://en.ccl-china.com/

Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (“Nanya New Material” for short, stock code 688519) was established in Nanxiang, Jiading, Shanghai in 2000,with a registered capital of 234.4 million yuan, it is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R&D, manufacure and sales of composite materials such as copper clad laminate and prepreg.The products are widely used in consumer electronics, computers, communications, data centers, automotive electronics, security, aerospace, industrial control and other terminal fields, and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of international market development, the company has constantly improved the quality connotation of the brand, constantly met customer needs and promoted the development of copper clad laminate to green and environmental protection,at the same time,the company has successively developed a series of products such as lead-free, halogen-free, high-speed and high-frequency and IC packaging base materials, especially for the high-speed product certification applicable to 5G communication field,the company is the only China copper clad laminate enterprise with all dielectric loss grades certified by Huawei so far.

FR-4 Materials
FR-15 Materials
Automotive Materials
HSD Materials
RF Materials

GDM is located in Songjiang, Shanghai
GDM is located in Songjiang, Shanghai
Established time2000
Company websitehttp://www.goldenmax.cn/

Goldenmax international is a main board listed company (stock code: 002636) headquartered in Shanghai. The company is an enterprise that produces and sells copper-clad laminates and related products, the basic materials of the electronic industry.

Goldenmax international group LTD. develops, produces, and sells copper-clad laminates products (CCL), which are used for making printed circuit boards. The Company’s main products are CCL products which are of FR-4 and CEM-3 standards.

Resonac is a global top-level functional chemical manufacturer.
Resonac is a global top-level functional chemical manufacturer.
Established time1912
Company websitehttps://www.resonac.com/

Resonac Holdings Corp. engages in the manufacture and sale of chemical products. On January 1, 2023, Showa Denko K.K. and Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. (former Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.) merged and transformed themselves into two new companies, namely a holding company named “Resonac Holdings Corporation,” and a manufacturing company named “Resonac Corporation”.

Semi Frontend Process
Semi Backend Process
Materials for PWBs
Device Solutions
Automotive Products
Lithium-ion battery Materials
Innovation Materials

Isola designs, develops and manufactures copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs.
Isola designs, develops and manufactures copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs.
HeadquartersChandler, Arizona
Established time1912
Company websitehttps://www.isola-group.com/

Isola is a leader in global material sciences. They design, develop, manufacture, and qualify copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs).Isola has manufacturing, research and development, technical support and sales teams across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Automotive &Transportation
Networking &Communication Systems
RF / Microwave
Aerospace &Defense
Computing, Storage &Peripherals
Consumer Electronics
Medical, Industrial &Instrumentation

Wazam New Materials


Established time2003
Company websitehttp://en.wazam.com.cn/

Zhejiang Wazam New Materials Co Ltd is a China-based company mainly engaged in the design, research and development (R&D), production and sales of copper clad laminate materials. The Company also produces functional composite materials, composite materials for transportation and logistics, and aluminum-plastic composite materials for lithium battery soft packs. The Company’s products are widely used in communication information exchange systems, cloud computing storage systems, autonomous driving signal acquisition systems, Internet of Things (IoT) radio frequency systems, medical equipment, rail transit, lithium batteries, green logistics and other major fields.

Composite material
Aluminum-plastic film

HeadquartersArizona, USA
Established time1980
Company websitehttps://www.rogerscorp.com/

Rogers is a global leader in engineered materials to power, protect and connect our world. They are passionate about helping the world’s leading innovators solve their toughest material challenges. Rogers is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, USA, and manufacture products in the U.S., China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Hungary and Belgium. Rogers’s advanced materials serve customer needs for a wide range of industries like Automotive & EV/HEV, Aerospace & Defense,Portable Electronics,Wireless Infrastructure and Wired Infrastructure.

Advanced Electronics Solutions
RF Solutions Laminates and 3D Printable Materials
Ceramic Substrates
Elastomeric Material Solutions
Elastomer Components

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company is a Japan-based chemical manufacturer.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company is a Japan-based chemical manufacturer.
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Established time1918
Company websitehttps://www.mgc.co.jp/eng/

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) Group is an outstanding chemical company with original technologies. The MGC Group is engaged in wide-ranging and diverse businesses, from chemical products and material products like methanol, hydrogen peroxide, high-performance engineering plastics, meta-xylenediamine (MXDA), and MX-Nylon to products with highly specialized functionality like foamed plastics, electronic chemicals, optical materials, IC plastic packaging materials, and AGELESSTM oxygen absorbers.

Organic chemicals – Aliphatics
Organic chemicals – Aromaticity
Inorganic chemicals – general chemical products
Inorganic chemicals – EL chemicals
Electronics materials
Oxygen absorber
Life sciences
Other technology/equipment

Ventec International

Ventec International Group logo

Ventec International Group company location and building
Ventec International Group company location and building
Established time2000
Company websitehttps://www.ventec-group.com/

Ventec International Group (VIG) is a world leader in the production of high quality, high performance copper clad laminates and prepregs used in a wide range of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and associated applications.

Standard FR4
tec-thermal / Thermal Management & IMS
tec-speed / Signal Integrity
tec-speed / RF
tec-pack / IC Packaging
Lead Free Assembly
Halogen Free
Flex Rigid
Special Applications

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