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PCB top list

Printed circuit boards (PCB) play an important role in Thailand’s manufacturing industry and are one of the country’s key industries. Thailand has various PCB suppliers providing PCB manufacturing services to customers around the world. It’s said that the annual export value of Thailand’s PCB achieves 7,155.14 million US dollars. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 11 popular manufacturers in Thailand.

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Apex Circuit (Thailand)


LocationSamutsakhon, Thailand
Establish timeSep. 2001
Company websitewww.apexcircuit.com

Company profile

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in September 2001 is specialized in the manufacturing of rigid PCB, double-layer PCB and multi-layer PCB.

Production capabilities

Layout count2-6 layers
Min. finished hole size0.2mm
Max. aspect ratio6:1
Min-Max. board thickness (final)0.6mm-2.0mm
Min. Internal layer trace/space0.1/0.1mm (4/4 mil)
Min. Outer layer trace/space0.1/0.1mm (4/4 mil)
Min SMD size0.2mm (8 mils)

Amallion Enterprise (T)


LocationSamutsakhon, Thailand
Establish timeOct. 1999
Company websitewww.amallionpcb.com

Company profile

amallion company
Amallion Enterprise (T) Corp Ltd is one of the leading Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturers based in Thailand and was established in 1999. It mainly produces single-layer PCB and carbon PCB.

It has developed a string of reputable business partners which include well-known multinational corporations such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, Delta, Toshiba and Linkworld. The items using our PCB product include a variety of home appliances, remote controls, power supply units and etc.

Production capabilities

TypeSingle-layer PCB
Board thickness0.8mm-1.6mm
Trace width/space0.2mm/0.2mm
Min finished hole0.6mm
Solder resists clearanceMinimum 0.1mm
Carbon trace/ gap0.4mm/0.5mm>
Minimum tooling hole0.6mm
Special processCarbon, Carbon T/H
FinishRosin Flux, Water base Flux

Autech Thailand


LocationChachoengsao, Thailand
Establish time1990
Company websitewww.autechpcb.com

Comapnny profile

Autech was established in Taiwan in 1978 and was the first PCB drilling sub-contract company in Taiwan. In the 1990s, the company moved to Thailand and started full-process production of printed circuit boards. Autech Thailand is capable of manufacturing Rigid print circuit boards with up to 6 Layers.

Production capabilities

Minimum trace/space (inners)5/5
Minimum trace/space(outers)5/5
Minimum finished hole size0.012″
Maximum aspect ratio5 : 1
Minimum/maximum layer2/6
Minimum SMT device pitch0.015″
Minimum SMT land width0.010″

Besttech Manufacturing


LocationPathumtani, Thailand
Establish timeFeb. 2003
Company websitewww.besttechmfg.com

Company profile

Besttech company
Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd was originally founded in 2003 as a small factory electronic sub-contract manufacturer services. The need was recognized for service to produce quality, fast turn round assembly of print circuit boards (PCBA), initially in the Pathumthani (Thailand) area. It is a sub-contract manufacturer to serve the electronics industry, producing goods either surface mount, conventional or mixed technology, from procured or free issue components.

Besttech offers a wide range of manufacturing services for PCB, PCBA or PCB Assembly starting from Through Hole Assembly, SMT Assembly, Mix Technology and box build for small, medium and high volumes.

Production capabilities

TypeSingle-layer PCB
Laminate usedFR-1, FR-2, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4
Overall thickness0.8mm-2.0mm
Copper foil thickness35um, 70um
Pattern imageLine/spacing 0.2mm

Bluechips Microhouse


LocationChiang Mai, Thailand
Establish time1999
Company websitewww.bluechips.co.th

Company profile

bluechip company
Bluechips Microhouse, a German and family-owned company, is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider operating out of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It provides Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and full box-build products for our customers in a range of industries such as automation, transportation, sensoric, medical and more.

Manufacturing capabilities

As a modern EMS company, having state-of-the-art machinery and processes in place is essential for our customers. Its production floor includes:

PCBA capabilities – SMT, COB, IMT
Five SMT Lines – including modern Fuji NXT lines and high-precision Samsung pick and place.
Wave Soldering – Full Tunnel Nitrogen Double Wave Solder & Selective Wave Machines for each SMT line
Vapour Phase Soldering Machinery
Multiple Reflow Ovens
Die Bonding Machinery

Circuit Industries


LocationKrathumban, Thailand
Establish time1999
Company websitewww.cipcb.com/en

Company profile

Circuit Industries Co., Ltd., also known as CI, was established in 1990 and has registered capital of 65 million baht. We are a leading printed circuit board (PCB) or printed wiring board (PWB) manufacturer in Thailand that specializes in PCB fabrication; high-quality Single Sided PCB, Double Sided PCB, Plated Through Hole PCB, Multilayer PCB, and Aluminum PCB from prototype to high volume production with the utilization of state-of-the-art machines and equipment. Only the finest raw materials are selected for the process. Moreover, every procedure is closely monitored and controlled by specialists based on IPC-A-600 and MIL-ST-105 E standards.

Product capabilities

Max. Layer count10 layers
PTH aspect ratio8:1
Min. Drill size0.2mm
Min.-Max. Board thickness(Final)0.8mm – 3.0mm
Inner/outer layer max. Finished copper thickness2 OZ (70μm) – 3 OZ (105μm)
LocationPathumthani, Thailand
Establish timeMay 1989
Company websitewww.dracopcb.com

Company profile

Draco PCB was established in Thailand at 1989 by Chin Poon Industrial Taiwan and Viptel Co., Ltd specializing in the manufacturing of Single Side, Double Side Silver Through Hole and Double Side Plated Through Hole rigid printed circuit boards. Throughout the years of continuous improvement and growth, Draco PCB has become a leading PCB manufacturer in South East Asia.

LocationBangkok, Thailand
Establish time1983
Company websitewww.kce.co.th

Company profile
The company was originally known as Kuang Charoen Electronics Company Limited and commenced operations in 1983. In 1988, KCE Electronics became a public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Its core business is the production and distribution of custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), manufactured from copper clad laminate under the KCE trademark. KCE’s PCB products are used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, industrial, computer, and telecom systems. Our customers include the world’s biggest names in automotive and electronics manufacturing. The KCE Group adheres strictly to TS 16949 and IPC standards.

Today, the KCE Group includes 4 separate manufacturing concerns: KCE Electronics, KCE Technology, and KCE International, all involved in the production of PCBs, as well as Thai Laminate Manufacturing Company which produces raw materials.

Production capabilities

Max. Layer count2-10
Min. Drill size(PTH)0.3mm
Min. Finished hole0.25mm
Max.aspect ratio7:1
Min-Max. Board thickness0.8mm-2.4mm
Min. inner layer line/space0.1/0.1mm
Min. Outer layer line/space0.1/0.1mm

Shye Feng Enterprise (Thailand)


LocationSamutsakhorn, Thailand
Establish timeJan. 1990
Company websitewww.sfnthai.com

Company profile
Established in January 1990, Shye Feng Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited is one of the well-known leaders in manufacturing and supplying single-layered Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in Thailand. With a factory area of 8,680 M2 and 300 skillful employees, the company could supply the products with a maximum capacity of 120,000 SQM per month, guaranteed with awards from our valued customers including Sony Green Partner and Canon Green Activity.

Production capabilities

TypeSingle-layer PCB
Board thickness0.8-1.6mm
Trace width/space0.2mm/0.2mm
Mini finished hole0.6mm
Impedance control-/+10%
Special processCarbon
Finished (Coating)OSP, HAL, Ni

Trinity Electronics (Thailand) LTD.


LocationPathumthni, Thailand
Establish timeMay, 2005
Company websitewww.trinityelectronics.co.th

Company profile

Its PCBA based product manufacturing handles a wide range of assemblies, from single PCB assemblies to PCBA integrated into box-build enclosures. We support high and low-mix PCBA for volumes that range from a few to a few million.  PCBA capabilities include:

SMT, PTH, mixed technology Fine pitch, TQFP, QFP, QFN PCBA Advanced SMT assembly PCBA Manual insertion of PTH (axial, radial, dip) PCBA No clean, aqueous and lead-free processing PCBA Peripheral process capabilities Pressfit backplanes & mid planes Device programming Ultra Sonic Cleaners Special Environment coating for PCBA

Its equipment supports a wide range of components, from 0402 chips to BGAs, CSPs and large odd-shaped components up to 150mm long.

Specification                            Capabilities
Layer16 layers24 layers
PCB thickness2.3mm4.80
Aspect ratio9.224.0
PCB materialR-5775R-1566

Website: https://www.kyoden.co.jp/en/
Company profile

The name KYODEN originated from the Japanese phrase “Electronic shop from today” because we originally launched as a retailer of household electrical appliances. With several of the company’s employees working on making PCBs at the rear of the shop, this company with a capital of 1,500,000 yen, sold electronic devices, industrial robots and general electrical products. It responds to all needs related to PCBs by providing total in-house one-stop solutions from circuit development to prototypes and finished manufactured products.

Starting from this departure point, the company has built its business around the pillar of “PCBs” and has grown into a corporation that, today employs three business arms: a domestic electronics business, an overseas electronics business, and an industrial materials business.

It responds to all needs related to PCBs by providing total in-house one-stop solutions from circuit development to prototypes and finished manufactured products.

Production capabilities

Layer16 layers24 layers
PCB thickness2.3mm4.80
Aspect ratio9.224.0
PCB materialR-5775R-1566


The above enterprises are Thailand’s popular PCB manufacturers. All of them have years or experience in PCB and PCBA manufacturing.

IBE, established in 2005, is an OEM / ODM service provider focusing on the research and development of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, etc.

We have a strong research and development team, including structure, mechanical, electronic circuit design, optical design, embedded software development, EVT / DVT / PVT verification center and EMC testing center, complete research and development system, with high standard SMT workshop, more than ten DIP production line, finished product assembly line but also has formed the test assembly of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, and other terminal products production capacity.

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