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Further boosting the modernization of national defense, and upgrading the military and information devices has driven the rapid growth of the military PCB market. China has clearly stated that to accelerate the development of military intelligence, military equipment should be designed toward more intelligent and sophisticated trends for improving core combat effectiveness.

Under the guidance of national policies, the threshold of the military PCB industry is becoming more and more strict. There are demanding requirements in terms of reliability, stability, and safety that bring higher requirements for PCB manufacturing, quality control, and testing, etc.

Before completely enabling to manufacture PCBs for military, the PCB manufacturing enterprise must pass multiple strict quality system inspections and certifications and obtain the official department’s permission.

Here are some military PCB manufacturers as follows.

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LocationShenzhen, Guangdong
Establish time1999.03.18
Company websitewww.chinafastprint.com
  • Company profile

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Fastprint was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Three manufacturing campuses were built in Guangzhou, Yixing of Jiangsu Province and the UK respectively. Five branch offices were opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi’an. Besides, there are two subsidiaries in HK and USA.

  • Main products and services

The company’s business is mainly included PCB business, military product business and semiconductor business. Fastprint has obtained the military product quality management system certification, the third-level confidentiality qualification certificate, and passed the weapon equipment manufacturing qualification certification review.

At present, Fastprint has provided circuit board products for hundreds of military industrial units such as aerospace, aviation, electronic technology, weapon industry, and shipbuilding industry.

  • Related news

Fastprint starts a FCBGA (flip-chip ball grid array) packaging substrate project, which is located in the Semiconductor Industrial Park in the Knowledge City Bay Area.

Champion Asia


Champion Asia company

LocationHuizhou, Guangdong
Establish time2005.11.22
Company websitewww.championasia.hk
  • Company Profile

Guangdong Champion Asia is a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in PCB (Print Circuit Board) R&D, production, and sales. Champion Asia was founded in Nov 2005 and listed on the main board of the Shanghai stock exchange (stock code:603386) in Sep 2017. Now we have six manufacturing bases located in South China (Guangdong Shenzhen, Huizhou, Zhuhai), Central China (Hunan Changsha, Jiangxi Longnan) / Eastern China (Anhui Guangde).

  • Main products and services

Guangdong Champion Asia mainly engages in manufacturing HDI circuit boards, special circuit boards, and electronic components, which are widely used in communications equipment, aerospace, network equipment, industrial control, and medical industries, etc.

It has successively passed various quality management system certifications. The products comply with the EU RoHS directive and have introduced a series of international advanced quality management standards. In addition, it is one of the high-tech enterprises at the Chinese military level.

Allfavor Techologies



LocationNanjing, Jiangsu
Establish time2006.08.23
Company websitewww.allfavorpcb.com
  • Company profile

Allfavor Techologies is a professional circuit board provider. It has three production plants in Nanjing, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The headquarter is located in Lishui Economic Development Zone, Nanjing, which is the western edge of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

  • Main products and services

Allfavor Techologies mainly produces high-density interconnected laminates, multi-layer flexible boards, rigid-flex PCB and packaging substrates, which are widely used in communications, automobiles, electric power, medical, military and other fields.

It has passed several safety regulations and other safety certifications like SGS ISO9001:2015, SGS ISO/IATF16949:2016, SGS ISO14001:2015.

  • Related news

Allfavor Techologies has successfully shortlisted “Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers in Jiangsu Province in 2022”.

Kingshine Electronic


Kingshine company

LocationHuizhou, Guangdong
Establish time2001.11.02
Company websitewww.gdkxpcb.com
  • Company Profile

Guangdong Kingshine Electronic Technology Company Limited was established in 2001 and has possessed four full-process PCB manufacturing plants located in Guangdong, Huizhou, and Jiangxi. It was granted with “CPCA Managing Enterprise” and “Director Unit of Guangdong PCB Industry Association” etc.

  • Main products and services

Kingshine electronic specialilzing in R&D, production and sales of double side, multi-layer, HDI, thich Cu, and rigid&flex PCB. Products are widely applied in network communication devices, the industrial field, automobile electronics, medical, military and aerospace and other fields.

Besides, it has successively passed UL certification, ISO09001, IATF16949, IS014001, QC080000, GJB9001C-2017, IS013485, AD9100D, IECQ certification, CQC and other management system certifications.

China Eagle Electronic


eagle company

LocationHuizhou, Guangdong
Establish time2000.12.22
Company websitewww.ceepcb.com
  • Company Profile

China Eagle Electronic Technology InC. (stock code: 002579) was founded in 2000. Professional in R&D, production and sales of rigid circuit boards (PCB/HDI), flexible circuit boards (FPC), and rigid-flex circuit boards. CEE is one key enterprise of the national level torch plan in the high technology field, also the vice-chairman of CPCA association and one of the standard models of the CPCA industry.

  • Main products and services

China Eagle Electronic Technology main products include RPCB, HDI PCB, FPC, R-F PCB and FPCA, which are widely used in network communication, new High-definition display (LED/Mini LED), automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, medical epidemic prevention, security industrial control and other subdivided fields. It has passed the military industry quality system certification in 2020.

  • Related news

China Eagle Electronic Technology was awarded the 5th Excellent Enterprise in China’s electronic circuit industry.

Bomin Electronics


Bomin company

LocationShenzhen, Guangdong
Establish time1994.05.24
Company websitewww.bominelec.com
  • Company profile

Bomin Electronics was founded in the year of 1994, stock code: 603936. Focusing on high-end PCB production, it integrates design, processing, sales and foreign trade.

  • Main products and services

Bomin Electronics specializes in the R&D of high-precision PCB. Its main products involve multilayer boards (including HDI), double-sided PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flexible PCB, and metal substrates, which are widely used in communication equipment, automotive electronics, medical equipment, military high-tech products, aerospace, and household electronics.

Bomin Electronics obtained the “Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification” issued by Beijing Junyou Integrity Quality Certification Co., Ltd in 2016.

kingbrother company

LocationShenzhen, Guangdong
Establish time1997.05.28
Company websitewww.kingbrother.com
  • Company profile

The Leader of Innovative Integrated Design-Manufacture Service Providers Founded in 1997, KINGBROTHER Technology is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in electronic hardware design, manufacturing and taking service as the key competitiveness. With the headquarter in Shenzhen, we established R&D and manufacturing center based in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hangzhou and Xi’an. The sales and service network has covered the countries where first-class electronic products R&D centers are located in the world.

  • Main products and services

Products are mainly used in information technology, industrial control, power energy, consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive electronics, IoT, intelligent security and other fields.

On the military PCB, KINGBROTHER has obtained the GJB9001B system certification for military product quality control, ISO9001, CQC domestic and foreign quality system certification, and weapon equipment quality system certification.

CETC company

LocationGuangzhou, Guangdong
Establish time1994.11.19.
Company websitehttp://www.chinagci.com/
  • Company profile

Founded in 1994, China Electronics Technology Putian Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding listed company actually controlled by China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002544).

  • Main products and services

It is mainly engaged in mobile communication network planning and design, communication or military PCB manufacturing, special network electronic system engineering and so on.

The company has applied for 120 patents and 44 software copyrights and has received 26 research and development projects funded by the government.

Sun lynn company

LocationShenzhen, Guangdong
Establish time2002.06.28
Company websitewww.slpcb.com
  • Company Profile

Established in 2002, Sun&Lynn is one of the PCB manufacturers in China and has 4 factories in Shenzhen and Ganzhou respectively. It offers a one-stop PCB solution from PCB design to manufacturing.

  • Main products and services

It mainly manufactures conventional PCB, copper base PCB, aluminum Base PCB, ceramic PCB, high-frequency PCB, and multilayer PCB that widely uses in telecommunication and networking, industrial, automotive, energy, security, and healthcare fields.

Founder company

LocationZhuhai, Guangdong
Establish time2004.12.13
Company websitewww.founderpcb.com
  • Company Profile

Founder PCB was established in 1986 and is one of the leading military PCB manufacturers in China. Headquarters are based in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China. Founder PCB has four factories and one independent R&D institute.

  • Main products and services

Today, Founder PCB has fully developed technologies with product advantages in Rigid-Flex HDI, ELIC, High layer count, high-frequency and high-speed servers. Products are mainly used in communication systems, communication terminals, consumer electronics, the military industry, industrial electronics, aviation and other fields.


The military PCB field is a crucial factor for a country. Creating high-quality military PCB products is beneficial for manufacturing more sophisticated military devices and accelerating the modernization of national defense.

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