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Electronic manufacture ranking
Top 10 HDI PCB manufacturers in the world
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What is HDI PCB

HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect PCBA) is a compact board designed for special users. The most significant feature of HDI is the high wiring density compared to regular pcb. HDI’s increased interconnect density allows for enhanced signal strength and increased reliability. In addition, HDI boards have better improvements for RFI, EMI, static discharge, thermal conductivity, etc.

The characteristics of HDI PCB boards:

● Micro-guided holes. Hole-forming technology for microvias with hole diameter less than 150um as well as cost, production efficiency and hole accuracy control.

● Refinement of line width and line spacing. General line width and line spacing of no more than 76.2um.

● High density of pads. The density of welded joints is greater than 50 per square centimeter.

●Thin media. Interlayer media thickness to the trend of 80um and below, and increasingly stringent requirements for thickness uniformity.

Top 10 HDI PCB manufacturers in the world

about Unimicron company
About Unimicron company

Headquarter: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Established time: 1990
Company website: https://www.unimicron.com/en/

Company profile

Unimicron Technology Corp (Unimicron) is a provider and distributor of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs). The company has manufacturing sites and service centers in Taiwan, China, Germany and Japan. The company has passedISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14064, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 : 1994.

Business and products

Multi-Layer PCB
Rigid Flex PCB
IC Carrier
Memory Module

ATS company
ATS company building

Headquarter: Leoben, Austria
Established time: 1987
Company website: https://ats.net/en/

Company profile

AT&S is a leading supplier of high-end PCBs and IC substrates applied in mobile phones and computers to vehicles, industrial robotics, medical devices, aeroplanes and satellites. The company has passed ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015,ISO 45001:2018, ISO 50001:2018, IATF 16949:2016, AS/EN 9100:2018, DS/EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and son on.

Business and products

IC substrates
Substrate-like printed circuit boards and modules
Flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards
Thermally enhanced printed circuit boards
Cavity printed circuit boards
HDI printed circuit boards
ECP printed circuit boards
High-frequency & high-speed printed circuit boards
Multilayer printed circuit boards
Test & reference boards
Double-sided printed circuit boards

Compeq Manufacturing


COMPEQ Company
COMPEQ Company

Headquarter: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Established time: 1973
Company website: https://www.compeq.com.tw/

Company profile

Established at Taoyuan Lu-Chu village in August 1973, Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was the first specialized printed-circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company in Taiwan. Company produces single-sided , doubled-sided and multilayer PCB. They have plant in US and China mainland.ISO 27001 Information Security Management System(ISMS) Company has obtained IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 certificate, ISO 14001 certificate, SA8000 certificate and QC080000 Certificate.

Business and products

Printed Circuit Board
Product Introduction
High Layer
RPCB (Rigid-Flex PCB)
FPC (Flexible printed board)
SMT (Surface mount technology)
HDI (High Density Interconnect)

Unitech company photo
Unitech company photo

Headquarter: Tucheng Industrial Park, Taiwan
Established time: 1984
Company website: https://www.utpcb.com/en/

Company profile

Established at Tucheng Industrial Park in December 1984, with economic growth and industrial development in Taiwan,beginning with producing MLB(Multilayer PCB) used in PC and upgrading to high-density interconnection (HDI) PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB used in smart device and smart car.

Business and products
Multilayer PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
one to four level HDI
anylayer HDI
Impedance controlled design

Zhen Ding Technology


ZHEN DING TECH Company building
ZHEN DING TECH Company building

Headquarter: Cayman Islands
Established time: 2006
Company website: https://www.zdtco.com/en/

Company profile

Zhen Ding Technology Holding Ltd (Zhen Ding) is an integrated technology company, which carries out in the designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of printed circuits. Its products include flexible printed circuits (FPC), high-density interconnections (HDI), substrate like PCB (SLP), rigid flex (RF), chip on flex (COF) rigid printed circuit boards (RPCB), modules and integrated circuit substrates (ICS).

Business and products

APCT company
APCT company

Headquarter: Santa, Clara
Established time: 1977
Company website: https://www.apct.com/

Company profile

APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability Printed Circuit Boards.The company manufactures rigid through-hole, advanced HDI, and Flex & Rigid Flex Product used in defense & aerospace, computing, networking & storage, medical & consumer and telecommunications & mobility.

Business and products

Standard rigid through-hole technology through higher layer counts
The very advanced High Density Interconnect (HDI) product, including up to 7 lamination cycles
The offering of Flex and Rigid Flex solutions

TTM Technologies


TTM Technologies company building
TTM Technologies company building

Headquarter: Santa Ana, California
Established time:
Company website: https://www.ttm.com/en

Company profile

TTM is a leading global RF and specialty components, advanced technology, and PCB fabrication solutions supplier. They focus on quick-turn and volume production of technologically advanced PCBs and backplanes, and the design and manufacture of high-frequency radio frequency (“RF”) and microwave components and assemblies.

Business and products

RF and specialty components
Conventional PCB
Flex / rigid-flex PCB
RF / microwave PCB
Thermal management
RF and microwave
system integration
engineering and design

Journey Circuits

Journey Circuits


Headquarter: Schaumburg, IL, United States
Established time: 1994
Company website: https://pcbjc.com/

Company profile

Journey Circuits Inc is a PCB Manufacturing company including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and other expanded PCB products. Products are used in aerospace industry, LED, computer hardware, lighting industry, power industry, industrial equipment, medical industry, telecom industrty, automobile industry

Business and products

PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly
Flex PCB
Metal core PCB
Express PCB
Other expanded PCB products

Kingford Technology


Kingford PCB company location
Kingford PCB company location and building

Headquarter: Shenzhen, China
Established time: 1999
Company website: https://www.kingfordpcb.com/

Company profile

Kingford Technology is a high-tech enterprise with PCBA intelligent manufacturing-oriented, providing PCB design, manufacturing, and components procuring.The company has passed IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Business and products

PCB fabrication
PCB assembly
PCB layout&design

Bittele Electronics

Bittele Electronics logo

Bittele company
Bittele company building

Headquarter: Toronto, Canada
Established time: 2003
Company website: https://www.7pcb.com/

Company profile

Founded in 2003, Bittele Electronics is a turn-key PCB assembly company for prototype and low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and assembly services.Their services include PCB fabrication, parts procurement, and final circuit board assembly. Since 2003, they have successfully serviced customers in the United States, Canada, and other regions of the world.

Business and products

PCB Fabrication
Fabrication Capabilities
PCB Materials
Impedance Controlled PCBs
PCB Electrical Testing
PCB Assembly
Prototype PCB Assembly
Low Volume PCB Assembly
SMT Assembly
BGA Assembly
Parts Management
IC Programming
Functional Testing


HDI PCB is a circuit board with a high density of line distribution using micro-blind buried hole technology. HDI is a compact product designed for small volume users.

1) Healthcare
2) Car
3) Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
4) Wearable technology
5) Military and aerospace

1) Wide range of functions
2) Compact design
3) Better signal integrity
4) High reliability
5) Faster time to market
6) Cost-effective

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