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Ceramic capacitors, also known as monolithic capacitors, are capacitors whose dielectric material is ceramic. According to different ceramic materials, ceramic capacitors can be divided into two categories: low-frequency ceramic capacitors and high-frequency capacitors. According to the structural form, it can be divided into disc capacitors, tubular capacitors, rectangular capacitors, chip capacitors, etc.

Ceramic capacitors are a very common electronic component with a wide range of applications. At present, there are many manufacturers of ceramic capacitors, some of which are well-known in the industry, and the quality of the ceramic capacitors produced is also reliable. Here is a list of the top 10 global ceramic capacitor suppliers in 2022.

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LocationTaiwan, China
Established time1977-09-09
Company websitewww.yageo.com

Company profile
YAGEO company
Founded in 1977, YAGEO Corporation is a leading global electronic component company with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The corporation provides one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components and Circuit protection components to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

YAGEO currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No.1 in tantalum capacitors and No.3 in MLCCs and Inductors, with a strong global presence – 29 sales offices, 49 Manufacturing sites, 20 R&D centers in 24 nations and 45,000 employees worldwide.

Main products and services
YAGEO’s broad product offerings are targeting key vertical markets, including applications for aerospace, automotive, 5G & telecommunications, industrial, medical, IoT, power management, green power, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.

YAGEO serves diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM and distributors. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 1993.

Fenghua Advanced Technology


LocationZhaoqing, Guangdong
Established time1994-03-23
Company websitewww.china-fenghua.com

Company profile
fenghua company
Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding CO., LTD, which held the initial public offerings in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996(abbreviation of the securities is Fenghua, securities code is 000636), is a high-tech listed company engaged in the production of new high-end components, electronic materials, and other basic electronic information products. Since entering the electronic component business in 1984, the company has achieved a leapfrogging development. It has become the biggest R&D, production and export base of new electronic components and basic electronic information products, an internationally known company in the business of new electronic components which has independent intellectual property rights and key technology of core products.

Main products and services
With a complete and mature product chain, Fenghua has the large-scale manufacturing capability to supply communication, consumption, computer, automotive electronics, lighting appliance and other electronic components in an integrated way. It is devoted to becoming a world-class integrated supporting supplier of electronic information basic products.

Murata Manufacturing


LocationKyoto, Japan
Established time1944-10
Company websitewww.murata.com

Company profile
murata company
It has established a one-stop production system from raw materials to products, and is far ahead in the field of components in the electronics industry such as miniaturization, high performance, and thinning. The sales ratio of products outside Japan is more than 90%, and it is providing technology, products and services to customers in every region of the world.

Main products and services
Murata electronic components and modules contribute to enriching people’s lives through their use of all sorts of electronic devices in everyday life, including televisions, PCs, and smartphones. Murata will also continue offering new value as an innovator in growing electronics fields such as communications, mobility, environment and wellness.

LocationTaiwan, China
Established time1992
Company websitewww.passivecomponent.com

Company profile
Incorporated in 1992, Walsin Technology Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of passive components with a one-stop-shop product portfolio and a worldwide delivery platform.

Main products and services
The company’s product lineup includes multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor/array, chip-resistor/array & networks, inductors, RF filters, disc capacitors, varistor, chip fuse, and antenna, etc.

LocationTaiwan, China
Established time1950-03-23
Company websitewww.yuden.co.jp/cs/

Company profile
Since TAIYO YUDEN’s inception, it has achieved growth by undertaking the research, development, manufacture and sales of various types of electronic components. Its product lineup includes capacitors, as well as inductors and Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR)/Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices.

Main products and services
Development, production and sales of electronic components.

  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors
  • Inductors
  • FBAR/SAW devices for mobile communications
  • Circuit modules
  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Power Storage Device
LocationTokyo, Japan
Established time1935-12
Company websitewww.tdk.com.cn

Company profile
TDK Corporation
TDK Electronics (previously EPCOS) develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems under the product brands of TDK, EPCOS, Tronics and Relyon Plasma focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics as well as information and communications technology.

Main products and services
The diverse range of TDK Electronics portfolio includes capacitors, ferrites and inductors, piezo and protection devices, as well as sensors.

LocationTokyo, Japan
Established time1959-04-01
Company websitehttps://global.kyocera.com/

Company profile
The Kyocera brand symbol is composed of a corporate mark and our corporate logotype. The mark represents the initial “K” (for Kyocera) encircling a “C” (for ceramics). It was introduced in October 1982 when the company name was changed from “Kyoto Ceramic” to “Kyocera.”

Main products and services
Kyocera’s global operations deliver a diverse range of products, including advanced materials, components, devices, equipment, network engineering and other services.

LocationGyeonggi-do, South Korea
Established time1973
Company websitewww.samsungsem.com

Company profile
Established in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has become a remarkable developer and manufacturer of key electronic components not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world.

Main product and services
Since the start of the 2000s, the company has been seeking to further develop strategic technologies and create business synergy based on core technologies of materials, multilayer thin-film molding, and high-frequency circuit design. With this at its core, it is focusing on fostering the business of chip parts, camera modules, communication modules and boards.

LocationFlorida, the USA
Established time1919
Company websitewww.kemet.com

Company profile
KEMET was founded in 1919. On June 15, 2020, it was acquired by YAGEO Corporation (TAIEX: 2327). The combined organization will be a powerhouse of electronic passive components.

Main products and services
Its product portfolio includes polymer, tantalum, ceramic, film and electrolytic capacitors, chip resistors, circuit protection as well as magnetics, sensors, actuators and inductors all addressing a full range of end markets.

LocationSouth Carolina, the USA
Established time1972
Company websitewww.kyocera-avx.com

Company profile
KYOCERA AVX Corporation is a leading Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier of Passive Components and Interconnect Solutions. The goal of KYOCERA AVX is Total Customer Satisfaction through continuous improvement.

Main products and services
KYOCERA AVX is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components, including capacitors, inductors, filters, resistors, couplers, diodes, and circuit protection devices, as well as a broad range of the innovative sensors, control, connectors and antenna solutions.


The above list is the top 10 global ceramic capacitors manufacturers. IBE, a 17 years of experience in PCB and PCBA manufacturer, also provides ceramic PCB design services. Any further information please go through our website.

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