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Top 10 COB LED Package Manufacturers in the World

In recent years, the smart lighting market has been in a stage of rapid development. Well-known manufacturers such as Signify, Opple Lighting, and NVC Lighting have continuously launched smart lighting products, and COB technology has also been widely used in the smart lighting market. This article lists the top 10 COB LED package manufacturers in the world.

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Explanation of COB LED package

COB, chip-on-board, is a new packaging method different from SMD(surface mount) packaging technology. Specifically, the bare chip is adhered to the PCB with conductive or non-conductive glue, and then wire bonding is performed to realize its electrical connection, and the chip and the bonding wire are encapsulated with glue.

Strengths of COB LED package

Compared with SMD LED, COB LED has the following advantages:
1. High packaging efficiency and cost saving
The COB packaging process is not much different from the SMD production process, but the packaging efficiency of COB packaging in dispensing, separation, light splitting and packaging is much higher.

The COB packaging process is not much different from the SMD production process, but the packaging efficiency of COB packaging in dispensing, separation, light splitting and packaging is much higher.

2. Advantages of low thermal resistance
The system thermal resistance of the COB package is much lower than that of the traditional SMD package, so the COB packaged LED lamps have a longer service life.

3. Light quality advantages
SMD packaging pastes multiple discrete devices on the PCB to form a light source component for LED applications in the form of patches. This method has the problems of point light, glare and ghosting.

The COB package is an integrated package and a surface light source with a large viewing angle and easy adjustment, which can reduce the loss of light refraction.

4. Application advantages
The application of COB light source is very convenient, and it can be directly applied to lamps without other processes. However, the traditional SMD package light source still needs to be patched first, and then fixed on the PCB board through reflow soldering.

Top 10 COB LED package manufacturers in the world

1. Citizen Electronics


CITIZEN company

Headquarters: Yamanashi-ken, Japan
Established time:1970
Company website: https://ce.citizen.co.jp/e/

● Company profile

Citizen Electronics is the first manufacturer of COB LEDs and other products include COB and SMD LEDs for general lighting applications. In 1970, founded as a joint venture between the Japanese firm Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and the U.S.’s Bulova Watch Company, Inc., In 1983, company developed and launched chip LEDs “CITILED” which were the world’s first SMD-type LEDs.


● Business and products

Lighting LED
Compact Chip LED
Tactile switch
Horticulture LED
UVC LED Product


Headquarters: California, United States
Established time:2002
Company website: https://www.bridgelux.com/

Bridgelux product
Bridgelux product-LED

● Company profile

Bridgelux, Inc. develops and of manufactures energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) based lighting technologies. It offers lighting solutions like COB, SMD, CSP, EB Series™, LED Chips. The company also provides divers and control and power device solution. The products of Bridgelux are used in industries like retail & hospitality, architectural & museums, office & education, industrial & warehouse, healthcare, horticulture, entertainment, human centric, residential, food, area & parking lot, landscape, building, exterior and roadway.

● Business and products

EB Series™
LED Chips


Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina,US
Established time:1982
Company website: https://www.creelighting.com/

● Company profile

Cree LED is an industry-leading US-based manufacturer that manufactures LED lighting chips for the entertainment, horticulture, and automotive industries. Company has passed ISO 14001, 50001 Ready & Zero Waste Certified.

CREE product--LED for outdoor
CREE product–LED for outdoor

● Business and products

Outdoor Lighting
Indoor Lighting
Connected MaxTM
Smart Home
Residential Lighting
Intelligent Solutions

4. LEDTEEN Optoelectronics



Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Established time: 2010
Company website: www.ledteen.com

● Company profile

LEDTEEN Opto Semiconductors(Guangzhou) is an industry leader focusing on LED integrated packaging (COB) R&D and manufacturing with a 10,000-level dust-free production workshop, an advanced and complete LED COB production line, a strong industrial transformation capability and a mature market promotion model, with an average monthly production capacity of 6KK. The company has passed ISO 9001/14001 standards and the IATF-16949 certification.


● Business and products


5. LIGHTNING optoelectronic



Headquarters: Quanzhou, Fujian, CHina
Established time: 2004
Company website: http://www.tdled.com/en/index.php


● Company profile

LIGHTNING optoelectronic Co., Ltd. established in 2004 as a professional lighting-class LED and Semiconductors package device manufacturer, and provide LED component, LED module, lighting and photo coupler, and light sensor, IC to customer. solution to market. Company passed ISO9001 2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF 16949 2016, ISO45001 and got ROHS, REACH system certification.

● Business and products

EMC Series
Ceramic Series
PLCC Series
NCSP Cube Series
Dual-color Series
Colored Light Series
Horticulture Lighting Series
LED Backlight Series
UV Series
IR Series
Photo Coupler Series

LUMINUS company

Headquarters: Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
Established time:1999
Company website:https://lumileds.com/

LUMILEDS company-LED series
LUMILEDS company-LED series

● Company profile

Lumileds is a global leader in LED solution. Lumileds is specialized in providing solid state lighting solutions, semiconductor manufacturing, opto electronics, LEDs, and flash LEDs, halogen lighting and high performance LEDs.

● Business and products

Mid-Power White LEDs
High-Power White LEDs
Color LEDs
CoBs + Integrated Modules
Human Centric Lighting
Display + Flash
Automotive Headlighting
Automotive Front Signaling
Automotive Rear Signaling
Automotive Sensing
Automotive OEM Lamps
Automotive Aftermarket

TYF company

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Established time:2009
Company website: https://www.tyf-led.com/

● Company profile

TYF is one of the leading manufacturers in China making high quality Green Eco-friendly LED High power chips and strives to provide high-end LED device package, COB integrated technology development, optical design and LED lighting solutions. Company has passed the ISO/TS16949, CE, ROHS, EN62471, IS9001:2008 certification and etcs.

TYF product-COB LED
TYF product-COB LED

● Business and products

Chip LED Cob
High Power Cob LED
Dimming Cob LED
Flip Chip Cob Led
AC LED Module
Printed Circuit Board Assembly
High Power LED Diode
Horticulture SMD Chip
Horticulture COB

8. Samsung LED


Samsung LED company

Headquarters: South Korea
Established time:2009
Company website: https://www.samsung.com/led/

● Company profile

Samsung LED Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of LED products. Samsung IED provide components for LED lighting systems that used in many industries like displays, mobile devices, automotive, and smart lighting solutions. The company is based in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea. Samsung LED Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company operates as a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

SAMSUNG LED product-COB LED series
SAMSUNG LED product-COB LED series

● Business and products

Mid Power LEDs
High Power LEDs
3535 LEDs
5050 LEDs
LED Modules
LED Drivers

NICHIA company building

Headquarters: TOKUSHIMA, JAPAN
Established time:1956
Company website: https://www.nichia.co.jp/en/

● Company profile

Nichia Corporation is a Semiconductors, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), and Laser Diodes company.
They succeeded in developing and commercializing the super high brightness Blue LED in 1993, which greatly impressed the world.

NICHIA product application-LCD Backlighting and diaplay
NICHIA product application-LCD Backlighting and diaplay

● Business and products

Cathode Materials
Magnetic Materials
Organometallic Compounds
Fine Chemicals (Electronics Materials, Pharmaceutical Materials, Food Additives)
Vacuum Evaporation Materials
LED (Light-Emitting Diodes)
LD (Laser Diodes)
Optical Semiconductor Devices

LUMINUS company

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Established time:
Company website: https://www.luminus.com/

Company profile

Luminus offers innovative LED products and sells solid state lighting solutions and the newly launched CUBE family of full perimeter light applications including consumer displays, professional entertainment lighting high output lighting solutions and medical applications to help customers move from traditional bulb technology to long life and energy efficient LED green lighting products.


● Business and products

COB Arrays
Dynamic COB Modules
Mid Power LEDs
Specialty White LEDs
Color LEDs
Horticulture LEDs
Cuvee Systems Drivers


With the popularization of COB technology, not only in the commercial lighting market, but also in recent years, the trend of non-main lamp design has gradually introduced COB products into the home lighting market. More and more families start to use downlights, spotlights and other lighting products, and these products are the main application lamps of COB products. This is expected to further drive the market demand for COB packaging.

FAQ about COB LED package manufacturers

COB, chip-on-board, is a new packaging method different from SMD(surface mount) packaging technology.

COB LED package is the chip packaged directly onto the board. It improves the light efficiency and reduces the light loss.
While SMD LED is LED lamp bread with a single patch. And the light emitting diode attached directly to the surface.

◎ High packaging efficiency and cost saving
◎ Advantages of low thermal resistance
◎ Light quality advantages
◎ Application advantages

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