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Team building activity review- Gather in summer, embrace great pleasure

On June 9th, 2023, IBE Electronics members in Shenzhen had a wonderful team building activity at an agritainment base in Baoan, Shenzhen. Despite the hot sun, the enthusiasm was high among us.

This team building activity is to disconnect our IBE members from the day-to-day routine, and foster communication and cooperation between different departments. We have planned and designed some team building games to intensify our team cohesion.

Arrived at agrientainment base
Arrived at agrientainment base
Leave for the cookhouse
Leave for the cookhouse

Ice-breaking cooking activity

Our team building activity starts with team cooking. This is an exactly fabulous ice-breaking part. We combine different department members into different teams to provide an opportunity for them to communicate and know each other. Then, every team can get a basket of food and cook by themselves. Some wash the vegetables, peel the potato, cut up the chicken… Everybody shared out the work and cooperated with each other, and fully immersed themselves in team cooking. 

After we finish the cooking, we share the delicacy with different teams and taste multiple favors from different “chefs” who come from various district of China. This cooking activity makes us closer together and cooperate better to do something best.

Team building games

Every IBE members are an indispensable part for IBE’s better development. Thus, we have designed and planned a series of team games to present this idea. 

After warming up, everyone combined different teams through random matching. By determining the team name, slogan, game interaction, showing team demeanor, and cohesive team strength. In total, we have prepared three team building games. They are the Da Vinci Code”, “Challenge at 160 seconds” and “Support the front”.

The success of a team is inseparable from the dedication of each member. During the team building activity, we feel that our IBE team partners cooperated with and helped each other, cultivated the cooperative capability, and embrace the differences in the behavior and communication forms, which stimulate team vitality and passion in competition.

Game 1 : The Da Vinci Code

Every team needs to put the cards in the right order in a limited time. Everyone is allowed to turn over a card one time without telling the partner.

Game 2: Challenge at 160 seconds

This game is to require all team members to finish three parts in 160 seconds which includes passing the ballon, counting numbers starting from 1 to 80, and getting out of the square without touching anything.

Game 3: Supporting the front

Each team needs two representatives and other members become their backup. Preparing some objects needed for those two representatives under limited time. Then, using the current objects collected to get dressed.

Look forward to next team building

Team building activity not only strengthened the communication and cooperation between various departments, but also let everyone deeply appreciate the beauty and strength of the team, further stimulated the youthful vitality and work passion of IBEer, and also promoted the excellent corporate culture , making team building more meaningful!

Through this activity, we believe that everyone will devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm and high morale, contribute to the development of IBE, and jointly write a new chapter in the IBE’s development.

Happy bubble
Happy bubble
IBE Outdoor Team Building Activity
IBE Outdoor Team Building Activity

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