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PCB top list

Top 10 package substrate manufacturers in the world 2022

The packaging substrate is a circuit board used to carry chips. It not only belongs to a technical branch of PCB, but also the core semiconductor packaging and testing material. Characterized with high density, high precision, high performance, miniaturization and thinness, it can provide support, heat dissipation and protection for chips. Besides, it also provide electrical connection and physical support between the chip and the PCB motherboard. In this article, we will share top 10 package substrate manufacturers in global in 2022.


Demand forces HDI PCB technology to upgrade

When the electronic products turn their direction to become more thin, small and light, they also ask for the requirement of high density for PCB. HDI (High density interconnect) achieves smaller apertures, thinner line widths, fewer through-hole vias, which enable to save PCB wiring area, greatly increase component density, and improve radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge, etc.