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Top 10 Integrated Circuit (IC) design services suppliers in the world in 2023

Integrated circuit, known as IC, chips, or microchips, is the foundation of most modern electronics technology. Chips are small as well as simplified design and manufacturing, for that they are manufactured on a single conductive piece of material. Today there are many companies that provide the full range of IC services from design through manufacturing. To assist you in your supplier search, we have compiled information of top 10 suppliers of integrated circuit design services in the world in this article.

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What is the SMT line process and what are the precautions

What is the SMT line process and what are the precautions

Surface Mount Technology is a surface mount technology for electronic components, and it is also the most popular technology in the current electronics manufacturing industry. Compared with traditional plug-in electronic components, SMT components are smaller, lighter, lower power consumption, and can achieve higher integration and performance. In the SMT line process, the components are directly soldered to the surface of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), and the precise positioning and installation of the components are completed by a placement machine and other equipment.

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QFN Package – A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

QFN package – a step-by-step guide for beginners

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on the QFN package? Then you have come to the right place!
This comprehensive guide will provide a step-by-step overview of everything you need about the QFN package. We will discuss the basics of the QFN package and its advantages.
This guide will make it easier for you to design, assemble, and troubleshoot any issues with your QFN package.
So, let’s get started!

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How can flex PCB design benefit you

How can flex PCB design benefit you?

From smartphones to medical devices, you will find a new kind of PCBs that innovates the way we design our devices. In this article, we’ll explore the world of flex PCBs, including flex PCB design, materials, benefits, and manufacturing processes. Whether you’re a product designer or simply curious about the latest advances in electronics, read on to learn more about this fascinating technology.


Expected to get mass production, Micro LED leads a new development trend

Recently, with the rumors that “Apple Apple Watch will adopt Micro LED”, Micro LED technology become the hottest discussion topic again in public. Although Micro LED is considered to be a new technology that will subvert the future of the industry, its current immature development status makes it not yet gained a significant market share. However, with its unique advantages, including higher brightness, refresh rate, resolution, lower power consumption, longer service life, wider color gamut and better stability, Micro LED still attracts the attention of many technology giants.