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Top 10 Integrated Circuit (IC) design services suppliers in the world in 2023

Integrated circuit, known as IC, chips, or microchips, is the foundation of most modern electronics technology. Chips are small as well as simplified design and manufacturing, for that they are manufactured on a single conductive piece of material. Today there are many companies that provide the full range of IC services from design through manufacturing. To assist you in your supplier search, we have compiled information of top 10 suppliers of integrated circuit design services in the world in this article.

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DFM (Design for Manufacturability) of PCB Silkscreen

DFM (Design for Manufacturability) of PCB silkscreen

Engineers will consider the power integrity and signal integrity of the product during the layout process, but the manufacturability of silkscreen is easily overlooked. For example, the silkscreens cover the SMD pad, which brings inconvenience to the PCB continuity test and component soldering. If the silkscreen design is too small, it will cause difficulty in screen printing, but if it is too large, the silkscreen will overlap each other, making it difficult to distinguish, etc.

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6 Steps to help you finish PCBA design process quickly

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design is a key aspect of electronics development and involves creating functional electronics from scratch. PCBA design involves integrating various electronic components and devices onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to create functional electronic components. The design process for PCBA can be divided into several phases, each of which requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome.

Top 15 China Electronic Design Automation(EDA) Companies in 2023

Top 15 China Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Companies in 2023

EDA is an essential part of chip IC design and is an advanced form of a widely used technology that is part of the upstream industry of chip manufacturing, covering all processes of IC design, wiring, verification and simulation, etc. EDA is known as the “mother of all chips” in the industry. Here we list top 15 China Electronic Design Automation(EDA) companies in 2023.

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PCB markings and PCB certifications you should know

Usually, we discover many different types of labels on PCB or other electronic products. For example, the FCC, CE, garbage can labels on Atmel demo board, RoHS and RU labels on NXP demo board. Knowing what those labels mean are beneficial for us to make a better decision when selecting a PCB manufacturing and its product quality. In this article, we are going to share some labels that commonly appears in PCB.

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Top 7 PCB layout design software for beginners

PCB, also known as the printed circuit board, is an essential electronic component, and a carrier for the electrical interconnection of electronic components. The design of the printed circuit board is based on the circuit schematic diagram to realize the functions required by the circuit designer. Regarding PCB layout design software, some brands like Altium, Cadence, and Mentor are often mentioned and recommended.