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Performance upgrade of contact materials promotes its market expansion

In 2022, the global market for electrical contacts and contact materials was 26.2 billion yuan. And it is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.95% from 2022 to 2028. By 2028, the global market scale for electrical contacts and contact materials will reach 31.2 billion yuan. On a global scale, North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region are the main demand markets for contact materials.

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Top 10 China military electronics manufacturers

Top 10 military electronics manufacturers

As the upstream of the weapons and equipment industry chain, military electronic components are the cornerstone and basic support of military industry informatization and intelligence, and their quality and reliability are directly related to the technical performance, development process, and combat capability of equipment.This article mainly lists the top 10 military electronics manufacturers, especially military electronic components.

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A complete guide to IGBT

A complete guide to IGBT – composite semiconductor device of BJT and MOS

Although BJT and MOS transistors are the most popular and common components, they are sometimes limited in some relatively high current applications. That’s where our IGBT comes in handy. So what is IGBT? What is the function of IGBT? What are the working principles, advantages and disadvantages of IGBT? This time let’s take a good look at what IGBT is!

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How to learn about the capacitor polarity?

How to learn about the capacitor polarity?

Capacitor is an electronic element which is passive in nature. This electronic element is utilized for storing charge. The capacitors are of two types. Polarized and non-polarized. Capacitor polarity is defined as having either negative or positive charge on the capacitor. The capacitors with no signs or charge are known as non-polarized capacitors. This element consists of two leads or ends. One off the end is positive or anode and the other is cathode or negative.

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What should be noticed in high voltage PCBs installation

What should be noticed in high voltage PCBs installation?

From electric vehicles to power grids, modern electronic devices and systems rely on high voltage circuitry to deliver efficient and reliable performance. At the heart of these systems are specially designed printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are capable of handling the high voltages and currents involved without causing damage or failure.These PCBs are known as high voltage PCBs, and they play a critical role in many areas of modern technology, from renewable energy and electric transportation to medical equipment and industrial machinery.

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Top 10 power device manufacturers in the world

Top 10 power device manufacturers in the world

Power devices, is the output power of relatively large electronic components, such as large sound system in the output stage power amplifier of the electronic components are power devices, as well as IGBT induction furnace is also. Power devices are: such as high power transistor, thyristor, bidirectional thyristor, GTO, MOSFET, IGBT. Here are the world’s top 10 power device manufacturers.

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Box Build Assembly - the key to faster and more efficient production

Box Build Assembly – the key to faster and more efficient production

The process of combining numerous components inside of a single box or enclosure to create a finished product is known as box build assembly. This assembly method has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce costs.

In this article, we will explore the various components that can be found in a box-build assembly, the applications of this assembly method, its benefits, the assembly process, factors that should be considered during box-build assembly, and how to select a box-build assembly manufacturer.

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High Tg PCB - How To Manufacture And What Materials Should Be Used

High Tg PCB – How To Manufacture And What Materials Should Be Used

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially electronic products, are developing towards high functionality and high multi-layers, which requires higher heat resistance of PCB substrate materials as an important guarantee. In this article, we will discuss how high Tg PCB is manufactured and what materials should be used in high Tg PCB manufacturing.

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Top 10 EMS supplier in the world

Top 10 EMS supplier in the world

EMS refers to Electronic Manufacturing Services, also known as Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM), which is an emerging industry. It refers to a manufacturer that provides a range of services, including manufacturing, purchasing, partial design and logistics, to brand owners of electronic products. Here are the top 10 EMS suppliers in the world.