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PCB/PCBA knowledge
The Ultimate Guide to High-Speed PCB and Housing Materials

The ultimate guide to high-speed PCB and housing materials

High-speed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and housing materials are specially designed to manage electrical signals traveling through a circuit board at lightning-fast speeds while simultaneously dissipating the heat generated by devices during operation.

They are essential when designing circuit boards that can withstand the demands of high-speed data transmission. These materials have been specifically designed to meet the needs of modern electrical engineering projects with increased frequencies, higher speeds, and lower profile components. It is essential to carefully consider their characteristics to make the right choice for each application.

PCB/PCBA knowledge
Rigid PCB vs flex PCB – what is the difference

Rigid PCB vs flex PCB – what is the difference

With the rapid development of electronic products, there are many types of circuit boards, including rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs, and rigid-flex PCBs. Rigid PCBs are ordinary PCB boards that cannot be bent, and most products use PCBs. The flex PCB is a flexible board (FPC), which can be bent to a certain extent, and is generally used in products that are relatively thin or have bending requirements. But do you know any facts about rigid PCB vs flex PCB?