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Why Choose IBE as Your Rogers PCB Manufacturer2

Why Choose IBE as Your Rogers PCB Manufacturer?

We are known as the leading PCB manufacturer in China. Since 2005, we have over 18 years of experience in providing Rogers PCB manufacturing services. Providing one-stop PCB and PCB manufacturing services, IBE promises to meet your customized demands at an affordable price with high-quality products. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding Rogers PCB manufacturing services.

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Aluminum Board

2 Layers Aluminum Board

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity: 4.0W/km
  • Layer: 2L
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: HASL LF
  • Min. drill: 0.5mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 6/6mil
  • Application: Consumer Electronics

4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

  • Material: FR4+PI
  • Technology: Rigid + Flex
  • Layer: 4L
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: ENIG
  • Min. drill: 0.15mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 4/4mil
  • Application: Consumer Electronics

8 Layers HDI PCB

8 Layers HDI PCB

  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Technology: Buried and Blind Via
  • Layer: 8L
  • Thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Copper thickness: 2oz
  • Surface finished: ENIG
  • Min. drill: 0.15mm
  • Min. Track/Space: 3/3mil
  • Application: Telecommunications


Custom Rogers PCB Services- IBE Electronics

We, IBE Electronics, are a global supplier of Rogers PCBs for several years and have developed a global reputation in the market. IBE Electronics serves clients and has a specialization in Rogers PCB. We here at IBE electronics can help you with your Rogers PCB needs and our services under it are detailed below:

1. Rogers PCB prototype
If you’re looking to bring your electronic design ideas to life, the custom Rogers PCB prototype services offered by IBE may be just what you need. As the first samples produced during the development process, Rogers PCB prototypes serve a critical role in ensuring that your design is functional and meets your needs before moving forward with production.

With IBE’s expert guidance and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your prototype will be built to your precise specifications and provide the results you need to move forward with confidence.

2. Rogers PCB design
Custom Rogers PCB services offered by IBE include Rogers PCB design. This design service involves the creation of a copper layer on a ceramic substrate, which provides advantages such as high performance, durability, and thermal management.

IBE utilizes its expertise in Rogers PCB design to meet the specific needs of its clients, whether it be for aerospace, military or telecommunications applications.

3. Rogers PCB fabrication
Custom Rogers PCB services provided by IBE are the perfect solution for those in need of high-quality and reliable Rogers PCB fabrication. At IBE, we specialize in PCB fabrication services that meet the specific needs of our clients.

We use advanced technology and modern techniques to make sure that all of our produced PCBs meet high quality and performance standards through the work of our expert team.

4. Rogers PCB assembly
Perfectly assembling every component is crucial when designing and assembling printed circuit boards. That’s where the professionals at IBE come in. IBE specializes in providing high-quality Rogers PCB assembly.

How to Get A Customized Rogers PCB from IBE - Easy Steps

Thank you for your support and trust. About the price, you need to send us an inquiry/drawing, then we can quote for you after evaluation. About placing orders, you can follow the steps below step by step. Or contact us to help you: ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page, input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, and order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment.

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

BOM and Gerber files are the essential documents needed for getting a quote. If you have other requirements like functional test, IC test, please provide some documents as well.


Rogers PCB Manufacturing Process

The complete Rogers PCB manufacturing process is based on the design package that makes the circuit board in physical form. Following is the process of Rogers PCB which starts with design and ends with testing:

Step 1: Pre Production Engineering

According to the manufacturing data and requirements provided by the customer, our engineers will compare it with standards and capabilities to make sure compliance and conduct related checks.

Step 2: Photo Plotting

A laser photo-plotter can be used to plot a film for each individual layer. A laser photo-plotter is a tool used to create photo-tools for solder mask and silkscreen.

Step 3: Imaging and Develop or Etch

This process applies the primary images such as pads and traces onto the circuit board. Here is what to do in this step: Apply photo imageable to the copper panels. Furthermore, image the panels using LSI. Etch off the whole exposed copper from the panel. Strip the remaining Dry Film and just leave the remaining copper pattern for the inner layers.

Step 4: Automated Optical Inspection

AOI basically inspects different layers of Rogers PCB before laminating all layers together. The optics compare the PCB design data to the actual image on the panel.

Step 5: Oxide

Oxide is a chemical treatment to inner layers before lamination for multi-layer PCBs. It is an important step to increase the roughness of copper to enhance the laminate bond strength.

Step 6: Lamination

To produce a Rogers PCB, different layers of epoxy-infused fiberglass are laminated together. The presser and heat cause the fiberglass sheet to melt and tightly join the layers together.

Step 7:Drilling

All PCBs need some holes to link copper layers, attaching components and mounting the PCB. We can drill holes using some advanced drilling systems. Furthermore, these have a design for the fast removal of chips in abrasive materials.

Step 8: Electroless Copper Deposition

After drilling, manufacturers deposit a thin coat of copper on the exposed surfaces of the panels chemically. Furthermore, they deposit a copper coat on the hole walls using electroless plating.

Step 9: Dry Film Outer Layer

After copper deposition, you must apply the outer layer images to prepare the panel for electroplate. So we can utilize a laminator machine to coat outer layers with the dry film. The dry film is a photo imageable material.

Step: 10 Plate

The electroplating process involves copper plating onto the conductive pattern. Plus on the hole walls of the PCB as well. The thickness of the plating is around 1 mil. After copper plating, you need to deposit a thin layer of tin plating.

Step 11: Striping and Etching

After completing the plating process on the panel, the dry film remains. Then, removing the uncovered area of copper by tin. So traces and the pads around the holes and copper patterns remain there. At last, remove the remaining tin that is covering holes and traces chemically.

Step 12: Surface Finish

It is the last and final chemical process to manufacture a multilayer printed circuit board. Solder mask covers almost all circuitry. So the surface finish prevents oxidation of the remaining exposed copper area.


Rogers PCB FAQ

Rogers PCB is a type of high-frequency board that raw material is produced by Rogers company. Rogers PCB has superior dielectric constant and temperature stability.

We provide a variety of Rogers PCB testing services, for example

  • ICT Test
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Function Test
  • X-ray Test
  • Laser Detection
  • AOI Inspection

Yes, we run the production for Rogers PCB Fab with consideration of capabilities and technical expertise.

Yes, we provide a complete quotation with estimated delivery time for Rogers PCB manufacturing service.

Yes, we can provide a Rogers PCB sample (based on request).

Yes, we can stock the Rogers PCB boards.

Once we receive the all the details about your Rogers PCB fabrication quote, we would review your quote, check about material availability, complexity of quotation, quantity, and then based on all the requirements, we provide our customers lead time of Rogers PCB fabrication.

You can email us at ibe@pcbaaa.com or call us at +86-75527629184 within 7 days. We will provide the best possible option to you!

Feel free to contact us : ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page, input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, and order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment.

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

BOM and Gerber files are the essential documents needed for getting a quote. If you have other requirements like functional test, IC test, please provide some documents as well.

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Looking for Rogers PCB manufacturing service? You can use Rogers PCB manufacturing quote request form and submit information. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files along with information on Rogers PCB volume and type of testing requirements you might have on ibe@pcbaaa.com or call us on +86-75527629184 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our PCB manufacturing services.

Rogers PCB - Cost, Features & Applications

Rogers PCB is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is made with Rogers 5880 or Rogers 4003. This special construction material provides users with superior electrical performance, extreme durability, enhanced heat dissipation capabilities, and improved signal integrity; these features make this type of PCB highly valuable for engineers who need reliable solutions for their projects.

Not only does Rogers PCB offer many excellent benefits as compared to other materials, it also comes at a cost-effective price point so that everyone can benefit from its potential. Read on to learn about all the key features of Rogers PCBs along with details about some common applications so you can decide whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Table of Contents

What is a Rogers PCB?

Rogers PCBs are specially designed to handle high frequency signals. The raw material used to create these boards comes from the Rogers company, which is known for its high-quality products.

Rogers PCB
Rogers PCB

What sets Rogers PCBs apart is their ability to maintain a consistent dielectric constant, even when subjected to high temperatures or extreme weather conditions. These can be applied in different fields, including wireless communication systems, aerospace, and defense technologies, due to their versatility.

What is the difference between FR4 and Rogers substrate?

FR4 and Rogers substrate are two most popular options when it comes to PCB board materials. While both can be used for high-frequency applications, they have some key differences. One of the biggest contrasts is their core material. FR4 uses epoxy resin with glass fiber as a core, whereas Rogers substrate uses a ceramic base.
This means that the Rogers substrate can handle higher frequencies without signal loss. Additionally, Rogers has a lower dielectric constant and loss tangent compared to FR4, making it the superior choice for RF and microwave applications.

What is the cost of Rogers PCB material?

Rogers PCB material is known for its high performance and durability, making it a popular choice among electronic engineers. The price may change depending on different factors like the size, thickness, and quantity of the material needed.

Rogers PCB Material
Rogers PCB Material

However, as a rough estimate, a 25.2mm*69.6mm piece of Rogers material can cost you anywhere between $250-$300. While this may seem steep compared to other PCB materials on the market, the investment is often worth it in terms of long-term reliability and functionality.

What are the features of a Rogers PCB?

A Rogers PCB, or printed circuit board, boasts several impressive features that separate it from others in the industry. One such advantage is its low dielectric loss, which refers to the energy lost when electrical charges pass through a material. Additionally, Rogers PCBs also exhibit low electrical signal loss, meaning the electrical signals remain strong and true as they travel through the circuit board.

This type of board offers a wide range of Dk values, which refers to the dielectric constant, or how much charge a material can store. With Dk values ranging from 2.55 to 10.2, Rogers PCBs are versatile and can be customized for specific requirements. Another characteristic of a Rogers PCB is the low cost involved in their fabrication, making them an economic and practical choice for many applications. Even more impressively, Rogers PCBs exhibit low outgassing, which is critical for space applications in which the materials must not create unwanted vapors or particulate matter.

What are the applications of Rogers PCB?

From communication systems and military radar to medical equipment and automotive sensing, Rogers PCBs offer a range of applications across various industries. Rogers laminates are highly sought after for their durability, thermal stability, and electrical performance in high-frequency applications.

Applications of Rogers PCB
Applications of Rogers PCB

These laminates provide high reliability and are perfect for circuits that require high-density interconnects. The use of Rogers PCBs has been instrumental in the miniaturization of electronics, and their benefits have led to widespread adoption in the manufacturing of complex circuit boards.

How to select a Rogers PCB manufacturer?

What is a good Rogers PCB manufacturer?

When it comes to choosing a good Rogers PCB manufacturer, a few key factors come to mind. Firstly, the quality of the PCBs produced is of utmost importance. You want a manufacturer who can provide consistent high-quality products that meet your specifications. 

Additionally, it’s important that your manufacturer can meet your specific requirements for things like turnaround time, quantity, and any special considerations. Of course, cost is also a major factor to consider. You want to find a manufacturer who can provide reasonable pricing without sacrificing quality. 

Finally, it’s worth looking into the materials sourcing practices of your manufacturer. Do they use reliable and trustworthy suppliers? Are they committed to using environmentally responsible materials whenever possible? All of these factors contribute to a good Rogers PCB manufacturing experience.

Rogers PCB manufacturer – IBE

IBE is a standout Rogers PCB manufacturer, with a reputation for delivering high-quality and competitively priced Rogers printed circuit boards. With the ability to produce 2L to 16L boards, IBE has a broad range of capabilities that cover the needs of most projects. 

IBE also offers an advantage to its customers by working closely with parent company, IBE Electronics in China to reduce lead-times and prices. This unique approach allows IBE to manage all aspects of the production process while providing customers with unparalleled benefits. You can trust IBE for top-notch Rogers printed circuit board manufacturing.

List of Rogers PCB manufacturers

List of Rogers PCB Manufacturers
List of Rogers PCB Manufacturers

1. IBE
IBE is a Rogers PCB manufacturer that has been crafting customized solutions since 2005, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to safety, compliance, and quality. But it’s not just about the end product at IBE, their exceptional service culture is driven by the goal of fulfilling dynamic business objectives for each and every customer.

IBE has been providing design and manufacturing solutions to world-renowned OEMs for a long period of time. They understand customers’ ideas and help them get what they need. Their products are used in many different areas like energy, medical care, cars, technology, robots, lasers, and beauty.

MADPCB is the go-to source for reliable and cost-effective manufacturing services. With a global reach, They offer a wide selection of PCB materials and technologies to meet the specific needs of clients, whether it’s for a small-run PCB prototyping project or a larger-scale PCB production run.

MADPCB specializes in manufacturing circuit boards with multiple layers, controlled impedance, and high-density interconnects at different levels of difficulty. They perform a comprehensive 100% Design Rule Check (DRC) on your designs upon receiving your Gerber files and PCB manufacturing drawings to guarantee timely delivery of high-quality circuit boards.

3. Twisted Traces
Twisted Traces stands out as a major player in the printed circuit board manufacturing industry. Their commitment to delivering quality products distinguishes them from their competitors. Moreover, they ensure affordability and on-time delivery. 

As a long-standing Rogers printed circuit board manufacturer, they bring decades of experience to the table, allowing them to stay on the cutting edge of innovation while turning customers’ ideas into reality.

4. Sierra Assembly Technology
Founded in 1982, Sierra Assembly Technology has grown to become a premier Rogers PCB manufacturer. From humble beginnings with just one pick and place machine in a 7,000 square foot building, the company has expanded to a 20,000 square-foot complex with two fully automated SMT assembly lines.

Sierra’s commitment to local manufacturing has remained steadfast for over 30 years. With a focus on building premier circuit board assemblies, Sierra has become a trusted partner for businesses in need of high-quality PCB manufacturing.

5. A-Tech PCB
A-TECH CIRCUITS is a PCB manufacturer and assembler that has been in the business for 15 years and is certified by ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949:2016 and RoHS. The company’s headquarters and sales office can be found in the bustling city of Shenzhen in China, while the manufacturing facilities are located in Huizhou, just a 150 km distance from the city. 

Their PCB plant has 420 workers. The land area is 30000 square meters and the building area is 18000 square meters. They make quick-turn prototypes so that they can deliver double-sided PCBs in 24 hours, 4 to 6 layers in 48 hours, and 8 or more multilayer PCBs in 72 hours.

How much does Rogers PCB cost?

You might be wondering about the cost of Rogers PCBs if you’re interested in buying them. The answer to that question cannot be uniform for everyone. The price of Rogers PCBs can vary significantly based on a number of factors, including the number of layers, the quality grade, the lead time, and the quantity of boards you need.


Rogers PCBs are regarded as a reliable and stable choice for high-frequency applications. Their properties make them well suited for the design of electronic components that can tolerate higher frequencies due to their thickness, lower dielectric constant, low loss tangent, higher temperature coefficient and excellent thermal performance. Although they can be more expensive than FR4 substrates, they have multiple benefits when compared to conventional glass epoxy FR4 PCBs.

Additionally, IBE provides customers with cost-effective custom Rogers PCB services at an unbeatable price. If you need assistance in designing or purchasing a PCB, feel free to contact us today for more information about our services. We are your number one resource for top-quality and affordable Rogers PCBs and look forward to helping you find out more about our products.

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