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Why Choose IBE as Your Rogers PCB Manufacturer5

Why Choose IBE as Your Prototype PCB Manufacturer?

We are known as the leading PCB manufacturer in China. Since 2005, we have over 17 years of experience in providing prototype PCB manufacturing services. Providing one-stop PCB and PCB manufacturing services, IBE promises to meet your customized demands at an affordable price wiht high-quality products. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding prototype PCB manufacturing services.

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IBE - Your Reliable PCB and PCBA Manufacturer

Production Capacity And The Certificate Of IBE

Based in Shenzhen, China, IBE has been a global Leader in PCBA/ODM/OEM/Final Assembly Services provider since 2005, which focusing on the research and development of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics etc other products. IBE are able to handle your PCB design, prototype, fabrication, assembly & components sourcing, testing, and package.

Company address:
Headquarter Shenzhen, China-mass manufacturing center.
Fremont, USA-the rapid response to small batch production.
Hanoi, Vietnam-laser ranging and new energy related products mass production center.

PCB Assembly linesSMT CapabilityCertificate
14 SMT lines
6 Dip lines, wave soldering process
4 product assembly production workshop
the factory scale: 75000㎡
Hour 72,000 CPH chip (0.05sec/CHIP)
Component size 0402~32×32mm, component height within 15mm( IC, BGA QFP,QFN)
PCB maximum dimensions L700×W460mm
Component package:reel, pipe, tray
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
UL No:E326838
IPC member
ISO 13485
Disney FAMA certificate
MES system,Traceability System
Pricing & Plan

Start With An Affordable Price

IBE is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development

Aluminum Board

2 Layers Aluminum Board

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity: 4.0W/km
4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB

  • Material: FR4+PI
  • Technology: Rigid + Flex
8 Layers HDI PCB

8 Layers HDI PCB

  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Technology: Buried and Blind Via

Custom Prototype PCB Services- IBE Electronics

We, IBE Electronics, are a global prototype pcb manufacturer for several years and have developed a global reputation in the market. IBE Electronics serves clients and has specialization in prototype PCB. We here in IBE electronics can help you with your prototype PCB needs and our services under it are detailed below:

1.Prototype PCB
If you’ve got a circuit design idea, the first step would be creating a prototype to test if the design is viable or not. While that might sound like a hectic, we’re here to help you with your PCB prototyping. We can create first samples of your designs and convert your digital ideas into a physical PCB.

IBE Electronics can help achieve a better vision of your futuristic ideas to check if you should proceed with your circuit idea or modify it as needed.

2.Prototype PCB Design
Once your prototype is finalized and is ready to move to the second phase, called “PCB Designing”, we’ll help you get a final product on your table. IBE Electronics uses latest and up-to-date software and well-oiled machines to get the finest Prototype PCBs for your electronics projects.

At IBE Electronics, you’ll get fast and robust service, which’ll help you complete your projects on time. You don’t have to worry about the design, because we can also help you optimize the design before printing it on a circuit board. That will help you save money on the manufacturing costs later.

3.Prototype PCB Manufacturing
IBE Electronics is a fantastic solution to your prototype PCB manufacturing needs. You don’t have to worry about where to get those PCBs printed after getting a prototype and design finalized. If you get your prototypes and designs done by us, the manufacturing process will be super fast because we will have all the prerequisites in hand.

Moreover, if you’re looking for quality raw materials such as high TG PCB prototyping and manufacturing, there’s no better choice than IBE Electronics. We have a team of highly skilled professionals and have acquired the most brilliant minds, that’ll keep your multilayer PCB manufacturing smooth and flawless.

4.Prototype PCB Assembly
One the manufacturing is complete, we’ll do all the assembly, so all the required components are on the circuit plate. It might sound a bit complex for companies, but IBE electronics has been helping brands get PCBs done from scratch for their electronic products.

We have all the electronic components available in stock so that the assembly phase doesn’t slow down or face any raw material shortage delays.

How to Get A Customized Prototype PCB- Easy Steps

Thank you for your support and trust. About the price, you need to send us an inquiry/drawing, then we can quote for you after evaluation. About placing orders, you can follow the steps below step by step. Or contact us to help you: ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page, input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, and order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment.

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

BOM and Gerber files are the essential documents needed for getting a quote. If you have other requirements like functional test, IC test, please provide some documents as well.


Prototype PCB Manufacturing Process

The complete Prototype PCB manufacturing process is based on the design package that makes the circuit board in physical form. Following is the process of multilayer of PCB which starts with design and ends with testing:
Step 1: Pre Production Engineering

According to the manufacturing data and requirements provided by the customer, our engineers will compare it with standards and capabilities to make sure compliance and conduct related checks.

Step 2: Photo Plotting

A laser photo-plotter can be used to plot a film for each individual layer. A laser photo-plotter is a tool used to create photo-tools for solder mask and silkscreen.

Step 3: Imaging and Develop or Etch

This process applies the primary images such as pads and traces onto the circuit board. Here is what to do in this step: Apply photo imageable to the copper panels. Furthermore, image the panels using LSI. Etch off the whole exposed copper from the panel. Strip the remaining Dry Film and just leave the remaining copper pattern for the inner layers.

Step 4: Automated Optical Inspection

AOI basically inspects different layers of multilayer PCB before laminating all layers together. The optics compare the PCB design data to the actual image on the panel.

Step 5: Oxide

Oxide is a chemical treatment to inner layers before lamination for multi-layer PCBs. It is an important step to increase the roughness of copper to enhance the laminate bond strength.

Step 6: Lamination

To produce a multilayer PCB, different layers of epoxy-infused fiberglass are laminated together. The presser and heat cause the fiberglass sheet to melt and tightly join the layers together.

Step 7:Drilling

All PCBs need some holes to link copper layers, attaching components and mounting the PCB. We can drill holes using some advanced drilling systems. Furthermore, these have a design for the fast removal of chips in abrasive materials.

Step 8: Electroless Copper Deposition

After drilling, manufacturers deposit a thin coat of copper on the exposed surfaces of the panels chemically. Furthermore, they deposit a copper coat on the hole walls using electroless plating.

Step 9: Dry Film Outer Layer

After copper deposition, you must apply the outer layer images to prepare the panel for electroplate. So we can utilize a laminator machine to coat outer layers with the dry film. The dry film is a photo imageable material.

Step: 10 Plate

The electroplating process involves copper plating onto the conductive pattern. Plus on the hole walls of the PCB as well. The thickness of the plating is around 1 mil. After copper plating, you need to deposit a thin layer of tin plating.

Step 11: Striping and Etching

After completing the plating process on the panel, the dry film remains. Then, removing the uncovered area of copper by tin. So traces and the pads around the holes and copper patterns remain there. At last, remove the remaining tin that is covering holes and traces chemically.

Step 12: Surface Finish

It is the last and final chemical process to manufacture a multilayer printed circuit board. Solder mask covers almost all circuitry. So the surface finish prevents oxidation of the remaining exposed copper area.


Prototype PCB FAQ

A prototype PCB is a printed circuit board that is used to test the design and functionality of a PCB. It is made to be as close as possible to the final product. It is the first version of a circuit board that a designer creates before mass production.

We provide a variety of prototype PCB testing services, for example

  • ICT Test
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Function Test
  • X-ray Test
  • Laser Detection
  • AOI Inspection

● Prototype PCB can help analyze the design and functionality of PCBs before production.
● Prototype PCB can anticipate failures before mass production, saving a lot of money, time and resources in PCB production.
● Prototype PCB can clearly understand the strength of circuit board manufacturers and prepare for subsequent cooperative production.
● Prototype PCB can ensure product quality and reduce the defective rate of PCB circuit board mass production.

Depending on the type of board, number of layers, quantity and process requirements, the time of prototype PCB is different from manufacturer to manufacturer.But the time will not be long, the specific time can communicate with the manufacturer.

Gerber file
Gerber file is one of the important files in the PCB production process.Gerber file is a standard PCB production file format, which contains PCB board layer information, positioning hole, drilling location information, transistor, resistor, capacitor and other components location and value information, etc.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) is a complete list of all components, tools and equipment on the PCB. the BOM includes details such as component type, package, quantity and location layout.

PCB manufacturers have a PCB prototyping process before mass production. the number of prototype PCB is generally between 5-20 pieces, but the average unit price of prototype PCB is often high, mainly because of the need to charge engineering fees. The specific price is mainly related to the difficulty of the process, the price of lead-free process requirements will be higher. Testing costs will be determined based on whether the partner has testing needs.

Verify the information – Board cutting – PCB Drill – electroless plating copper – Pattern transfer – Plating – De-film – Etching – Green oil – Character – Gold finger plating – Forming – Testing

To ensure the quality and safety, IBE has passed the audit and obtained many relevant certificates: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL listed, World Class Quality and the Standards – IATF 16949:2016 Certified (for Automotive), ISO 13485:2016(for medical).

Any questions can contact us : ibe@pcbaaa.com

1.Visit the official website and request for a free quote from IBE Electronics. Enter PCB Assembly Quote page , input your circuit specification, assembly requirements, order quantities, upload Gerber file, drilling file and BOM, then click Submit quote button.

2.A customer service representative will get in touch with you to collect all your requirements and quote the best possible deals for you. Assembly quote will be sent to your email inbox within 1-2 working days. Please give feedback on the quote.

3.Once the offer is agreed, you will be guided to place the order and release the payment

4.BOM confirmation and DFM Check will be carried out once order is received. Production begins only after everything is confirmed.

Contact Us

Get a Quick Prototype PCB Manufacturing Quote

Looking for prototype PCB manufacturing service? You can use prototype PCB manufacturing quote request form and submit information. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files along with information of prototype PCB volume and type of testing requirements you might have on ibe@pcbaaa.com or call us on +86-75527629184 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our PCB manufacturing services.

Prototype PCB : PCB prototyping, process, manufacturer and cost estimate

PCB prototypes are used to test a circuit board layout. A prototype PCB is often made of extremely high-quality materials and has the same thickness as a finished product. To make sure that pin components, solder pads, and other parts fit correctly on the board, you need to make the correct size connection markings. This can be done either by drawing these with a marker pen or using special marking pens.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing electronic devices, prototype PCBs are essential tools. Prototyping PCBs is the first version of a printed circuit board that designers create to test their designs and ensure their functionality.

Table of Contents

What are the prototypes of PCB

A prototype PCB is a printed circuit board that is used to test the design and functionality of a PCB. It is made to be as close as possible to the final product. It is the first version of a circuit board that a designer creates before mass production. The design of a prototype PCB can vary based on the product’s needs, and it can range from simple to complex.

The purpose of this prototype circuit board is to test your design before it goes into mass production by making sure that, everything works properly and that there are no errors in your schematics or wiring diagrams.

Why do we need a prototype PCB

Prototype PCBs are used to test the design and functionality of a circuit. It is created to verify the circuit design, performance, and reliability. In addition, it is also used to validate the circuit design by checking whether it meets the specifications set by your organization or company. This process helps to avoid costly errors and ensure that the final product meets all the design requirements.

Prototype boards are an excellent way for small businesses or start-ups looking at large-scale production of their products but do not have enough capital available on hand at this point.

Custom prototype PCB services IBE provides

IBE is a pcb manufacturer that offers custom services. Their services include PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly. They can create prototype PCBs for a wide range of products, from simple to complex designs. IBE has a team of experienced engineers who can guide clients through the entire process, from design to final production.

They can provide you with a custom prototype PCB solution. The team of engineering experts is available to help you design, manufacture and assemble your PCBs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

They offer:
● Design services including layout and routing;
● A manufacturing process that includes Gerber data generation.

Prototype PCB

The prototype PCB is a PCB that is used for testing the design of a circuit or system before mass production. It can also be called “preproduction” or “prototyping”. The main difference between prototype and production is that in contrast to a production board, which will go through many stages of refinement and testing, prototypes are not subjected to those processes.

The purpose of using prototype boards depends on your application’s needs; however, sometimes it can be used as an option if you need to test your design at a low cost but don’t want to invest too much money into it yet.

Prototype PCB design

Prototype PCB design is a process of creating a circuit board that replicates the design of the final product. The design should be carefully planned, considering factors such as the product’s intended use, size, and power requirements. The designer should also consider the layout of the circuit board to ensure that all the components fit properly and the board’s size is appropriate for the product.

Prototypes are used to test the performance of a circuit board and its components before it goes into mass production.

Prototypes are usually made from FR4 or other non-conductive materials, which allow for easy testing and integration with other electronic devices.

Prototype PCB manufacturing process

The manufacturing process for a prototype PCB involves several stages.

● The first stage is the production of the copper-clad board, which involves etching the copper layer to create the required circuitry.

● Next, the board is drilled to create holes for the components, and the vias are created to connect the different layers. The board is then coated with a solder mask and silk-screened to label the components.

● The final step is to test the board for functionality and ensure that it meets all design requirements.

Prototype PCB assembly

A prototype PCB assembly service is a specialized service offered by an experienced manufacturer to fabricate a small number of boards for testing. These services are used in developing new products, as well as for prototyping and proof-of-concept (POC) applications before going into mass production.

Design stage: In this stage, a schematic diagram and PCB layout are created using specialized software tools. The schematic diagram shows the components and their connections, while the PCB layout specifies the position and routing of the copper traces that connect the components.

Fabrication stage: Once the design is finalized, the PCB substrate is prepared for fabrication. This involves cleaning the substrate and applying a layer of photosensitive material.

Etching stage: The substrate is then submerged in an etching solution, which dissolves the copper in the areas not protected by the hardened photo-sensitive layer. This leaves behind the copper traces that will connect the components on the board.

Drilling stage: Once the copper traces are etched, the substrate is drilled to create holes for the components to be mounted onto the board. The holes are typically plated with copper to provide a connection between the top and bottom layers of the board.
Solder mask application stage: The substrate is then coated with a layer of solder mask, which protects the copper traces from oxidation and helps indicate the placement of the components on the board.

Component placement and soldering stage: The components are then placed onto the board and soldered in place. This may be done manually or with the use of automated equipment.

Final testing stage: The completed board is then subjected to a series of tests to ensure that it meets the desired specifications. This may involve functional testing to ensure that the components are functioning properly.

How to select a prototype PCB manufacturer

When selecting a prototype PCB manufacturer, several factors should be considered, including the manufacturer’s experience, reputation, and customer service. It is also essential to ensure that the manufacturer offers the required services, such as design, manufacturing, and assembly. Clients should also consider the manufacturer’s location, as this can affect the delivery time and shipping costs.

What is a good prototype PCB manufacturer

A good prototype PCB manufacturer is one that:
● Has experience in the industry and can provide feedback on your design.
● Has a good quality control system, so you know you’re getting what you paid for.
● Has a good reputation, so customers are comfortable buying from them.
● Can produce PCBs quickly and accurately, with no errors or delays in delivery time being an issue for your project timeline (or budget). This means fewer rework costs later on down the line!

List of prototype PCB manufacturers


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Fastprint was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company provides a full range of services from CAD design, PCB development and manufacturing, and SMT placement.

Fastprint’s future goal is to build the biggest quick-turn manufacturing platform of prototype, various types and low volume PCBs in the world; to offer advanced manufacturing of IC Substrate and the assorted technical service; to build the open technical service platform and organize experienced specialists groups, forming the comprehensive capability of universal core technique in E-hardware design; to offer personalized one-stop solution matching the local various types and quick SMT service.


Founded in Shenzhen in 1995, Suntak Technology is a listed company specializing in the production of circuit boards. And it has seven high-tech intelligent plants manufacturing circuit board in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Dalian and Suzhou. Products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, automotives, communication equipment, servers, industrial control and other electronic information fields.

3. SGC Circuits

Sunshine Global Circuits Co.,Ltd (by shares)was founded in July 2001. In February 2018 was publically listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchangein February 2018(300739.SZ),The current registered capital is 277.2 million RMB. Company has passed management system qualification as ISO9001:2008、ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO14001:2004、ISO13485:2003 and Product Safety Certification as UL, CQC.

4. Fuji Electronics

Founded on 28 August 2009, Sihui Fuji Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, has been developing for 12 years. Company focus on the design, R & D and production of long-term high reliability circuit boards in FA, Automotive, Telecom, Medical, Communication (5G), Finance and other fields.

5. IQE
IQE is a leading manufacturer of multi-layer PCB, located in Suining, Sichuan. It was put into operation in 2011 and specializes in the production of small,medium batches and large batches of 2-40 layers.

IQE has gradually developed into cover samples to administer the batch PCB R&D, production, sales, PCB talent education, altogether has 60000 sqm modern workshop and whole process production, testing equipments.

How to calculate a prototype PCB cost

The cost of a prototype PCB depends on the number of layers, size, and complexity of your design. Several factors can affect the cost including the size and complexity of the board, the number of layers, and the quantity ordered. The cost of the components and the assembly process can also affect the total cost.

Clients should request a quote from the prototype pcb rmanufacturer detailing the cost breakdown, which should include the cost of the PCB, the components, assembly, and shipping. The client can then compare the prices of different manufacturers and select the one that offers the best value for money.


Prototype PCBs are crucial in the development process of electronic devices. They allow designers to test their designs and ensure their functionality before mass production. When selecting a prototype pcb manufacturer, clients should consider several factors, including the manufacturer’s experience, reputation, and customer service. With proper planning and consideration of requirements and budget, designing a PCB prototype can be achieved successfully, leading to the development of high-quality electronic devices.

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