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What data are needed for PCB production?

It is best to provide data in Gerber 274-X format. In addition, Cam350, CAD, Protel 99se, PADS, DXP and Eagle can also be processed.

What kind of PCB orders is of most competitive?

Orders of fast sample boards, bulk and multi-layer samples with price advantage, as well as and special panel veneers

How about the delivery time of IBE products?

Production of rigid boards, soft boards, rigid-flex boards and stencils as well as SMT processing and assembly

What is your main business?

Currently, for the normal products, such as the sample boards less than a square meter, the delivery cycle is such that, 4~5 days for 2-layer boards, 5~6 days for 4-layer boards, 6~7 days for 6-layer boards, 7~8 days for 8-layer boards, 9~10 days for 10-layer boards, 9~10 days for 12-layer boards. If the delivery cycle still fails to meet your current demand, we can arrange for expedited services for your products to finish 2 to 4 days in advance on the basis of the present delivery cycle. I think such a delivery time will definitely be able to meet the delivery requirements for your current products.

How do you charge for expedited services?

The expedited fee is to be determined depending on the processing difficulty of the boards and the actual situation of the production line, and it is necessary to provide data for specific offer.

What kind of boards can you process?

Common FR4, high-TG and halogen-free boards, Rogers, Arlon, Telfon, aluminum/copper-based boards, PI, etc.

What is "4 days turnaround, 6 days price"?

To show our appreciation, we are giving you a special price-off offer on bare PCB orders. From now on, a 4-day-turnaround PCB order (with 1 or 2 layers) will only cost the price of 6 days turnaround time, and that’s approximately 20% off ! This will give you a lot of savings! If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone/email/online chat!

How do you keep your price competitive?

Over the last decade, prices of many raw materials (e.g. copper, chemicals) had doubled, tripled or quadrupled; Chinese currency RMB had appreciated 31% over US dollar; And our labor cost also increased significantly. However, we have kept our pricing steady. This owns entirely to our innovations in reducing cost, avoiding wastes and improving efficiency. Our prices are very competitive in the industry at the same quality level.

We have been following a Continuous Improvement philosophy since the beginning. We have innovated in the following areas to keep our production cost low without compromising on quality.

1.Automation with digital management. Most of our routine work-flows (e.g. order processing, parts tracking, labeling, shipping, etc.) are now fully automated.

2.Innovative manufacturing techniques .

3.Improved production process.

4.More efficient and higher quality machinery.

We believe in a win-win partnership with our customers. Our partnership will be mutually beneficial if we can provide you an edge on cost and quality.

How do you ensure quality?

Our high quality standard is achieved with the following.

1.The process is strictly controlled under ISO 9001:2008 standards.

2.Extensive use of software in managing the production process.

3.State-of-art testing equipments and tools. E.g. Flying Probe, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) and ICT (in-circuit testing).

4.Dedicated quality assurance team with failure case analysis process.

5.Continuous staff training and education.

How long have your factories been in operation?

Our PCB factory has been in operation since 2009 and our PCB assembly factory has been in operation since 2016 in ShenZhen China. Our on-line ordering and production management system have been in operation since 2017.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), Paypal, and money order or wire transfer. All prices are quoted in US dollars. Payment can be in local currencies. Please contact our sales team for currency conversion.

Can you supply prototype sample boards free of charge?

Yes, we can provide prototype sample boards (1-2 PCs) free of charge if you order more than 300 pieces. You only pay for the shipping fee for the sample. We will make production boards after your approval.

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