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Electronic manufacturing industry PCB/PCBA knowledge
PCB Assembly Near Me
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PCB Assembly Near Me

PCB is an indispensable key interconnection in electronic products, a carrier that supports components and electrical connections, and is a very important electronic component.

Different equipment requires different PCB board materials, which can be divided into rigid and flexible according to the material. Rigid circuit boards cannot be bent and are usually used in places where strength requirements are relatively hard; The flexible circuit board is thin and light, resistant to bending and flexible.

PCB circuit boards can be divided into three types: single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer. Single layer PCB is the most basic circuit board, components are concentrated on one side, and wires are distributed on the other side; The double layer PCB has wiring on both sides, and there are circuits connected between the two sides, and the area will be slightly larger than that of the single panel, which is more suitable for relatively complex circuits, and solves the problem of complex and difficult wiring interlacing of the single panel; The number of layers of the multilayer PCB is generally even, the circuit is pressed together by multiple layers, the higher the number of layers, the higher the technical requirements, the richer the functions, and the production process is relatively complex.

PCB circuit boards are now widely used in industrial equipment, medical equipment, smart homes, smart cities, agricultural equipment, automotive industry, aerospace and other fields.

PCB Assembly Near Me-PCBA Near Me
PCB Assembly Near Me-PCBA Near Me

PCBA=PCB+assembly, it is a printed circuit board that installs all electronic components through solder paste printing, SMT machine component placement, AOI inspection, reflow soldering and other processes. PCBA refers to the entire process of PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCBA processing and PCBA testing.

Choosing a good PCB assembly is an extremely important part of the entire electronic manufacturing service, and it is also the key to ensuring the quality of electronic products, which can bring you many benefits. Therefore, in this article, we will mainly talk about “PCB assembly near me“. Follow this article to take a look at the advantages and methods of choosing a PCB assembly near me, as well as top rated PCB assembly nearby recommended for you.

Benefits of PCB Assembly Near Me

Experienced PCB assembly near me can provide you with a one-stop service from board design to final product assembly, which means you do not need to outsource PCB manufacturing or component procurement to other manufacturers.

Benefits of PCB Assembly Near me
Benefits of PCB Assembly Near me

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of PCB assembly services near me, which are also why we chose PCBA near me. Overall, we can save a lot of time and cost in every link of PCB assembly.

1. PCB design stage. PCB design is an important factor in PCB manufacturing and assembly. Choosing pcb assembly near me can save PCB design time, and you can communicate with PCBA engineers more easily to modify your BOM and gerber files.

2. PCB manufacturing stage. PCB manufacturing is the basis of the entire electronics assembly process. The correct PCB material and substrate, the quality of the pads, the accuracy of the PCB layout, the technology of PCB surface treatment, etc., will affect the final result of the PCB assembly. Choosing pcb manufacturing companies near me can be easily followed up, so that every detail is accurate.

3. Component procurement. Electronic components are the foundation of electronic products. Only when electronic components are properly and effectively soldered to the PCB board, then it a qualified PCB assembly process. Each PCB assembly company has its own component procurement channels, and by choosing PCBA near me, we can personally select and verify to ensure the quality of electronic components.

4. Communication is more convenient. Since we share PCB BOM and gerber data with PCB assembly near me, any problems encountered in the production process can be directly communicated and modified on site.

5. Increased production speed. Production speed is one of the criteria to measure a PCB manufacturer, a good PCB assembly services near me can not only ensure product quality, but also produce with the fastest speed, which will save customer time significantly. Choosing PCB assembly near me, in addition to reducing the time of communication and modification in intermediate links, can also save the time of product transportation.

6. Data traceability make it easy to modify and repair. Another biggest advantage of choosing PCB assembly near me is that the service is more convenient and the after-sales service is guaranteed. Due to the complexity of PCB assembly, it is inevitable that there will be large and small problems in each link, and if repair is required, the advantages of our choice of PCB assembly services near me are revealed.

Find PCB Assembly Near Me

Above we know the benefits of PCB assembly near me, so the next thing is to solve the problem of how to look.

Looking for PCB assembly near me requires tools to accurately locate our location. We can use Google Maps to obtain location and manufacturer information.

Google Maps is a web service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites worldwide. Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many locations. In some cities, Google Maps offers street views comprising photographs taken from vehicles.

How does Google Maps Work to Find PCB Assembly Near Me

Do you know how to use Google Location to find the PCB manufacturers near me? Here we’re going to do it step by step.

1.Search Google for “map.google.com,” and the first result was “Google maps.”


2. Click on “Google maps” to bring up a search page, you can enter your address and search. Here I will demonstrate it using California as an example.

Google-map: search CA

3. Next to the California page, in “Direction, Save, Nearby, Send to phone and Share”, we need to click on “Nearby”

Note: There is a description, pictures of the scenery and a detailed map on the right (you can click + or – in the lower right corner to zoom in and out of the map).

Google-map:California page

4.Go to the “search nearby California” page, and we can type in “PCB assembly / PCBA / PCB assembly service…” to find PCB assembly sernice nearby .

Google map search PCB assembly or PCBA service
Google map: search PCB assembly or PCBA service

5.Next, all the PCB assembly near you will be shown. You can directly click on them into their website to view the relevant information and contact them.

Google map search results of PCB assembly near me
Google map: search results of PCB assembly near me

6.You can also directly click “directions” and “your location” to automatically locate or manually enter your address, or click the map on the right to select the departure address.

google map:locate or manually enter your address

7.Finally, you can choose your convenient mode of transportation and time to reach the PCB assembly near me directly.

Google map:choose your convenient way of transportation

How to Choose a PCB assembly Near Me

Many companies that need PCBA services will be confused, choosing and hesitating among countless PCB assembly services near me, and there is no standard or channel to find the right PCB assembly near me. So consider the price, size, equipment? Or what to consider. If you desperately need to find a good PCB assembly near me, then below I will summarize all the factors for you to help you accurately find a qualified PCBA near me.

How to Choose a PCB Assembly Near Me
How to Choose a PCB Assembly Near Me

1. Visibility. Good PCB assembly near me is often trusted by many customers and gets a lot of good reviews. You might as well take a look at the more famous PCBA companies nearby, and then move on.

2.Experience. Choose PCB assembly services near me that has been established for a long time. The longer the company is established, the richer the experience of PCB Assembly, the more guaranteed the quality, and the more reliable the company.

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 2005, is an OEM / ODM service provider focusing on the research and development of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics etc other products.

3.Scale. A good PCB assembly near me is certainly large-scale. The company’s floor space and quantity of subsidiary, the number of employees, and the classification of departments can be considered. The factory scale of IBE electronics is 75000㎡. With more than 18years success experience, the company is located in Shenzhen, China mass manufacturing center. Fremont, USA, the rapid response to small batch production, Hanoi, Vietnam, laser ranging and new energy related products mass production center.

4. Equipment. PCB assembly is a very dependent process of manufacturing and inspection equipment, which directly determines the capacity and quality, so be sure to choose a well-equipped and advanced PCB assembly near me.

IBE Eelctronics has a advanced and perfect PCB Assembly lines14 SMT lines: 6 Dip lines,wave soldering process,4 product assembly production workshop and Lab .

5. Qualifications and certificates. To find out whether a PCB assembly near me is good, you can also judge by the qualification certificate obtained by the company. Among them, ISO 9001 and UL certification are the most basic certificates.

IBE electronics has got certificates like ISO 9001,ISO 14001, UL No:E326838, IPC member, TS16949, ISO 13485, Disney FAMA certificate, MES system and Traceability System.

6.Business Contributions. The wider the scope of the company’s products, the more comprehensive the services that the company can provide.
In the past 18 years, IBE Electronics’ products have been involved in the main industries : new energy, medicial industry, optics, automotive, electronics and aerospace.

7. Service awareness
PCBA manufacturers provide customized processing services. PCBA near me with good service consciousness can take the initiative to take responsibility when customers encounter problems, respond quickly, and solve problems for customers.E

Best 5 PCB Assembly Near Me: Rank/Website

Best 5 PCB Assembly Services Near Me Location and Website
Best 5 PCB Assembly Services Near Me Location and Website

Rush PCB

Location: Milpitas, California, USA

Founded in 1997, RUSH PCB is a PCB manufacturing and assembly service provider, and its products include all types of PCBs – Printed Circuit Board Manufacture, PCB Design, PCB Fabrication Full Turnkey PCB Assemblies . Besides, company specializes in high layer count PCBs, Engineering Prototypes, and the full range of Electronics Manufacturing Services.

Products and service:
All kinds of PCB
PCB design
PCB Prototype
PCB assembly
PCB surface finish


Journey Circuits

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois,USA
Website: https://pcbjc.com/

Founded in 1994, Journey Circuits Inc is one of the industry leaders in the manufacturing and assembling of printed circuit boards (any volume; small, medium or large).Their products are widely used in many industries such as Communications, Medical Equipment, Industrial, Aerospace, Computers, Automotive, Power and Instrumental Industries. Company has passed ISO9001 certificate and IPC standards.

Products and service:
PCB Capabilities
PCB Assembly Capabilities
Expanded PCB Capabilities


Optima Technology

Location: Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, United States
Website: https://www.optimatech.net/

Since 1995, Optima is a one stop manufacturer for printed circuit boards, printed circuit assemblies , box or system builds, and engineering services ISO 9001:2008, ISO / TS 16949:2009 certified.

Products and service:
Box or System Assembly
Engineering Services


Titan Circuits

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Website: https://pcbassembly.com/

Titan Circuits is a full-service electronic manufacturing company. It specializes in printed circuit board assembly services with ISO9001 and AS9100d certified. It offers quick-turn PCB assembly services and electronic product development.

Products and service:
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Electronic engineering (schematic and BOM creation)
Printed circuit board design (PCB design / layout)
Bare Board (PCB) fabrication
Printed circuit board assembly (PCBAs)
Cable/wire harness assembly
Conformal coating
Box-build assembly (putting the PCBA and wiring into the customer’s housing)
Functional test



Location: Anaheim, California, United States
Website: https://www.technotronix.us/

Founded in1964, TechnoTronix is a leader in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards. Technotronix offers services including PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, PCB Prototyping, PCB Fabrication, PCB Material Management, Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly, and more.The company hold certificationslike ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, AS9001 Rev D, ANAB Accredited, RoHS Compliance and more.

Products and service:
PCB assembly
PCB fabrication
PCB layout
PCB prototype


Choosing PCB assembly near me can help reduce time and cost and improve the company efficiency. Hopefully this article along with the google maps guide will help you promptly and quickly find PCB assembly near me that meet your requirements. For other and more needs, please visit our IBE website.

PCB Assembly Near Me: Q & A

A one-stop PCB assembly services near me like IBE electronics provide the whole services including PCB manufacturing, PCB design, electronic components procurement, prototype PCB, SMT PCBA and so on.

You can contact them directly or go to their location, give them Gerber file and BOM, and inform them together if there are other special requirements.

1. Good visibility and reviews.
2. Rich experience of PCB assembly
3. large-scale in floor space and lots of employees
4. Well-equipped and advanced equipment
5. Get qualifications and certificates
6. Wide business contributions
7. Good service awareness

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