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Congratulation! New Mass Manufacturing Base - IBE Laser Vietnam Open A Business

On April 26, 2023, China-based printed circuit board manufacturer IBE Electronics held an opening ceremony in Vietnam for our new subsidiary – IBE Laser Vietnam, which is located in Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

IBE Laser Vietnam opening celebration

IBE Laser Vietnam opens a business on April 26th. The total area is achieved 75,000㎡with modern production lines. IBE Laser Vietnam now is fully equipped and ready for mass production.

It becomes a new supply choice for customers around the world. We are committed to building a one-stop ODM/OEM PCB and PCBA base integrating R&D, testing, and production. Strive to manufacture products with high quality, quick turnaround time, and satisfying after-sale services.

Ms Lemon Liu, the General Manager of the Vietnam facility of IBE Laser Vietnam, said that the new manufacturing base in Vietnam is a novel milestone for IBE Electronics’ development. Under our IBE staff’s great efforts, IBE Group definitely makes great progress in further future.

Ms Lemon Liu, the General Manager of Vietnam facility of IBE Laser Vietnam
Ms Lemon Liu, the General Manager of Vietnam facility of IBE Laser Vietnam
IBE Electronics - General Manager Ms Xu
IBE Electronics – General Manager Ms Xu

Representatives from the IBE headquarters and all the staff of IBE Laser Vietnam participated in the ribbon-cutting event and witnessed the milestone moment together!

IBE Laser Vietnam – Ribbon-cutting ceremony
IBE Laser Vietnam – Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Visit Tour of IBE Laser Vietnam

After the exciting ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, all the participants and IBE Laser Vietnam leaders and staff visit the office and production district where the total area is achieved 75,000㎡with modern production lines.

The interior design layout in IBE Laser Vietnam implies IBE Electronics’s firm determination to develop an international brand in the future. Moreover, we can know the product capabilities and quality, advanced manufacturing equipment, corporate culture, brand research and development, and future strategic deployment. 

Here is the production workshop and product research and development laboratory. From here, one after another series of PCB and PCB assembly products are manufactured, tested, and delivered to customers through the latest technologies and new production lines.

Through this visit tour, IBE has gained compliments, recognition and confidence from all the participants. Besides, IBE Laser Vietnam also shows its manufacturing capabilities.

New start and new opportunities

Since 2005, IBE Electronics’ development scale is getting stronger and stronger. Currently, IBE totally has three 3 mass manufacturing bases where are located in China, the USA and Vietnam. IBE is dedicated to proving the best one-stop ODM/OEM manufacturing services to clients from all around the world.

The growth of IBE is inseparable from the dedication of every IBEer. Thus, wonderful performances and lottery draws are arranged to celebrate the great moment. And we hope that IBE Electronics can be better and better.

IBE Laser Vietnam – Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) – PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

IBE Laser Vietnam is a leading professional PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer. IBE provides PCB manufacturing services to various industries, including computer, communications, industrial automation, medical and military, and provides turnkey solutions for manufacturing, assembling, and testing PCBs.

IBE Laser Vietnam Team
IBE Laser Vietnam Team

Final words

IBE Electronics investment in the construction of a production base in Vietnam is an important measure to implement our overseas strategic layout.

It is conducive to exploring overseas markets, supplementing overseas supply capabilities, effectively responding to international environmental fluctuations, and better serving Vietnam customers and international clients as well.

At the same time, we take advantage of regional advantages such as preferential tax policies in Vietnam to reduce production costs and improve comprehensive competitiveness. To sum up, IBE Laser Vietnam is a great move for IBE Electronics to better prepare our listing plan.

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