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Industrial Control

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Industrial control system is a requirement for large data volume and high-speed transmission such as images and voice signals, which has also spawned the combination of Ethernet and control networks that are currently popular in the commercial field. With the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology, the traditional control field is undergoing an unprecedented change, and it begins to develop in the direction of networking.

What products IBE can be designed and manufactured in Industrial Control industry


Digital display alarm meter

The measurement display alarm instrument is suitable for the measurement, display, alarm, transmission and communication of various physical parameters of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and liquid level. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, food processing, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

Voltage monitor

The voltage monitor is a statistical monitor that continuously monitors and counts the voltage deviation caused by the slow change of the normal operating state of the power system. The voltage monitor has the functions of monitoring, analysis, memory, query, parameter setting, etc. It supports GSM short message, GPRS network, substation Ethernet networking, radio station, and RS485 networking scheme.



The temperature and air conditioner covers adjustment and control instruments, measurement display and alarm instruments, power instruments, intelligent flow totalizers, split paperless recorders, human-machine interface touch screens, rail-mounted instruments, and PLC and AIDCS intelligent distributed control systems, etc.

Case Study: Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Senso Temperature & Humidity Sensor is widely used in the field of Hospitals&healthcare, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Food Safety. For example, as a result of the pandemic, new vaccine models have emerged to the clinical market to help combat the global spread of the novel coronavirus. This type of vaccine model requires stringent temperature storage requirements due to its sensitive biological components. Wi-Fi-enabled temperature sensors are necessary for protecting the sensitivity of certain pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food products, and more. Even a relatively short time at very cold or very warm temperatures can harm these types of products. Our Wi-Fi temperature and humidity probes can help you always be aware of what is going on in your environment with a built-in alarm system that will alert you immediately if anything is wrong. These security features allow you to reassure customers that they are receiving quality products every time.


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