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Communications Networks

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Partner with telecommunication manufacturers to bring stable products to market

PCBA are a necessity for the telecommunications industry. From a PCB for broadcasting networks to PCBA for office communications, printed circuit boards are what makes electronic communications equipment possible. It’s hard to imagine how we communicated at all before the advent today’s sophisticated communication technology. Thanks to that equipment and the communication PCBs that reside within, we can connect to each other faster, more clearly and more efficiently than ever before. Of course, to enjoy that clear, fast, effective communication, we need the right telecom printed circuit boards for the job.

Why telecommunication OEMS trust IBE for design and manufacturing


UL and RoHS certified

We are ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS certified, meaning our PCBs are reliable, sturdy and can perform in harsh conditions such as the ones that telecommunication PCBs commonly face. We can provide aluminum, copper or other required materials to make sure you get the circuit boards with capabilities you need.

Experience in various products

When choosing a PCB for the telecom industry, it’s important to consider the application. One popular use of telecom PCBs is for office communication. You’ll find PCBs in phone switching systems, video collaboration, PBX systems and Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP devices. Communications PCBs are also used in general telecommunications systems like cell towers, satellites, high-speed routers and servers and commercial phone technology. Telecommunications PCBs are also often used to control LED displays and indicators.


Withstand tough jobsite

Although the types of PCBs and materials used will vary according to the specific telecommunications application, those who use PCBs for the telecommunication industry often prefer aluminum PCBs. These types of circuit boards tend to be light, durable and great at heat transfer. They can prevent oxidation, board disfigurement or other heat-related failures at high-temperatures by dissipating heat effectively as the applications process generates it. Because many telecommunications applications require devices with printed circuit boards to be established outdoors, sometimes in harsh climates, environments and weather conditions, a durable, temperature-resistant printed circuit board is often critical.

Case Study:Communication headset for Aerospace products

It can communicate with the loud noise of the aerospace. Application areas: aerospace, fire department, etc We understand the importance of signal integrity and impedance control requirements. We offer industry-leading material and processing expertise for RF and microwave applications, mixed material constructions, blind and buried via structures designs


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