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The Smart Car Revolution: Enhanced Mobility and Sustainability

Electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) must deliver superb performance, efficiency and safety. Developers can only achieve these objectives through innovative designs, quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for electronics and CBAs. With software-based smart manufacturing, IBE Automation’s turnkey automotive PCB services lead the way in PCBA manufacturing for smart vehicles.

Why automotive OEMS trust IBE for safety automotive PCBA design and manufacturing


Employs an Agile Digital Thread Manufacturing Process

In our smart factory, IBE deploy software maximally throughout the PCBA development process. This begins with a white box approach intended to bring the developer’s intent into the build process as early as possible. By creating a transparent, yet secure digital conduit, developers can interact with our experts and monitor the status of their board using our tracker.
Robotics and software-driven equipment allow us to make iterative changes, if necessary, at any stage during the process. And digital monitoring and control capabilities link all of our development process principles.

Custom Software Employing Digital Twin Technology

IBE produce the highest quality circuit board assemblies, even for complex designs, faster than anyone in the industry. To do so, we use a custom digital twin process to generate a high-resolution image—such as the one at the left—of how the board will look. The digital twin allows us to do the following before manufacturing.
Our early inspection and validation process not only saves you time and money by preventing the manufacture of boards you cannot use, but it is also an instrumental aspect of our high-quality QA. Whether you will use your boards in an AV, EV or even combustion engine systems, you need to know that your PCBA is reliable and will not detract from the vehicle’s safety.


Commitment to High QA Automotive PCB Assembly

The principle of delivering the highest quality boards that fully incorporate your design intent guides our in-house PCB assembly. IBE commits to remaining a valued partner as the automotive industry continues to transform and incorporate more advanced technology. We use our experience and capabilities to ensure that your automotive PCBAs meet or exceed your design goals and industry requirements. With our proprietary software-driven platform, secure web portal, and smart PCBA factory, Tempo provides speed, quality, transparency, and security. And we build and deliver high-complexity printed circuit board assemblies in days instead of weeks.

Case Study:
Automotive Electronics

Our automotive electronics include lighting, connections, parking, moving trailers, rear boards of trucks….Car chargers, DC / DC converters and inverters for control engines, millimeter-wave radar. IBE continues to invest to meet the need of the Automotive Market.


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