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Artificial Intelligence

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IBE welcome technology with open arms.,which is progressing at a rate like never before

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.It is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its effect can be seen in homes, businesses, schools and even public spaces, enabling advances in autonomous driving, energy efficienc.Technology is progressing at a rate like never before and with some of the largest corporations in the world backing continued research of AI, the future is bound to introduce some incredible technology.

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The drone industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. The technologies are making strides with each passing day. Unmanned aerial vehicle technology covers everything from the aerodynamics of the drone, and materials in the manufacture of the physical UAV, to the circuit boards, chipset, and software, which are the brains of the drone. Today, drones are used in construction, photography, agriculture, defense, and other industries to protect the skies, repopulate forests and accomplish much more on a huge scale. Drone technology is only as powerful as the teams who create it, and with the innovation put on display by these drone companies, it’s clear the future for drones is sky-high.


Industrial robots play a critical part in manufacturing industrial automation, with robots managing numerous essential processes in industries. The increasing use of automation in the automobile production process, as well as the incorporation of digitization and AI, are the key reasons driving demand for industrial robots. Moreover,Industry 4.0, the most recent industrial revolution, has fostered the development of new technologies such as collaborative robots, AI-enabled robots, and so on, allowing industries to use robots to streamline various processes, boost productivity, and minimize errors.


Visual recognition

Image processing and recognition have evolved with numerous powerful applications, such as security and surveillance, and medical imaging that have created a great value from a business perspective. Functions of figure identification, such as facial or object recognition, visual geolocation, barcode reading, and automated driver assistance, among other industrial automation-related functions, have demonstrated the versatility of this technology. When combined with AI, this technology has begun to create valuable growth opportunities in several verticals, such as gaming, social networking, and e-commerce.

Private cargo transport robot

It is an intelligent, flexible cargo transport device, in the engineering design has good enough safety performance, braking performance, balance performance and the dynamic performance of the car, the performance of the robot can completely exceed everyone’s xpectations. IBE is responsible for developing the electronics device and provide regulatory/quality support for this product.


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