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IBE Electronics MES system

Since its establishment in 2005, Shenzhen IBE Electronics CO.,LTD (referred to as IBE) has always been committed to innovation and development in the fields of laser measurement, laser medical beauty, industrial vision, intelligent control and other fields. With its excellent technical strength and rich industry experience, IBE provides one-stop electronic product design and manufacturing services for global customers.

IBE has built R&D center and modern production bases in Shiyan, Baoan, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, California, and Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. This time, IBE cooperates with MAXNERVA in Shenzhen Baoan factory, whose main product series there are: OEM (PABC board); ODM (laser rangefinder and other series of products).

IBE Electronics
IBE Electronics

Founded in 2015, Maxnerva Technology Services, HK.0103 is affiliated and invested by Foxconn Technology Group, who is rated by Fortune Magazine as one of the 500th strongest corporations. With 20 years of IT experience in the 3C industry (Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Intelligent, Network + Robot), Maxnerva Technology Services successfully incorporates Foxconn’s industrialization and information development with innovative technology to create an experienced and professional team.

Maxnerva establishes the core services of “IaaS + PaaS + SaaS” to promote “Smart Manufacturing”, “Smart City”, “Operation and Maintenance Services”. With technology services at their core, they are committed to providing excellent IT services and solutions.

MAXNERVA Technology

IBE and Maxnerva start the research and development of the MES system, aiming to realize the automation and informatization of the production process in its Shenzhen factory area, and to closely link the production planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring and other aspects of the enterprise. Focusing on the digitalization of production management, giving full play to the advantages of science and technology, and activating the innovation and creativity of enterprises, in this era of digitalization and intelligence, IBE keeps up with the trend, takes innovation as the driving force, and realizes seamless connection of production.

Through the introduction of the MES system, IBE will realize the visualization and transparency of the production process, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing production costs and ensuring the stability of product quality. In order to meet the growing demand of IBE and improve manufacturing efficiency and production process quality, we have joined hands with Maxnerva to build an MES intelligent manufacturing platform to create a comprehensive, integrated, and stable manufacturing and logistics quality control digital system.

The launch of the MES system is an important step in the digitalization of IBE. The MES system is based on multi-scenario and diversified business application practices, uses data governance as a means, and uses system integration and hardware facilities as guarantees to accelerate the construction of a data center with unified platforms, information integration, intelligent analysis, and decision-making support.

In addition, the MES system also incorporates intelligent logic solutions to standardize management output, which can not only improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, but also improve product quality and enhance corporate competitiveness.Introducing advanced information technology and management concepts provides more efficient and better products and services for IBE’s production management.

After the MES system in the Shenzhen factory was launched, IBE moved the system to the Vietnam factory to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs for the Vietnam factory. Through the implementation of information systems, requirements such as production controllability and transparency, equipment automation integration, and monitoring can be realized, and ultimately the entire factory’s production can be visualized, digitalized, and intelligent, creating a benchmark lean factory.

In this era of intelligent manufacturing, IBE is leading enterprises into a new era of digitalization and intelligence with unprecedented courage and determination. We know that only through continuous innovation can we stand out in the fierce market competition and inject strong impetus into the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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