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IBE annual meeting 2023

With the new year bell ringing, it’s time to say goodbye to 2022 and say hello to 2023. The rabbit year of 2023 gives birth to new goals and new hopes. On 12th, January 2023, the IBE family joints together to hold an annual meeting with the theme of “ Joint efforts for innovation, join forces for brighter IBE future – we are all dream-chasers”. 

IBE annual meeting 2023

Annual meeting opening speech

At the beginning of the annual meeting, the general manager He delivered a speech, reviewing the brilliant achievements IBE have made in 2022, and expressing the gratitude of all IBE employees for their dedication and hard work. At the same time, he also expressed his expectations for the IBE future development and wished that everyone holds their original intentions in the new year and works hard in the following years. We all believed that IBE go to a new era and higher level under all IBE family’s efforts in 2023.


Annual awards

Joy is accompanied by sweat, and success is accompanied by hardships. Everyone who contributes to the development of IBE deserves to be kept in our minds. Reviewing 2022, all of the IBE members have firm beliefs, overcome obstacles, and forged ahead, which emerge many outstanding employees. We present awards to them for gratitude their great efforts. A grand commendation was given to encourage not only the awarded employee but also other dedicated IBE members to continue to forge ahead bravely and climb the peak of their future work!

The outstanding employees who received the awards gave excellent award speeches. They said that what they have achieved today is inseparable from the company’s cultivation of them.

This awards ceremony is mainly for outstanding newcomers, outstanding employees, and outstanding contributions in 2022.

Lucky draw

At the annual meeting dinner, we arranged wonderful performance and interspersed with lottery draws, which makes the atmosphere more excited. Moreover, we prepared various prizes for all IBE employees, and hope everyone can embrace big prizes and enjoy the ceremony.

Strive for better IBE future

Cheer for IBE better future

After we had a fruitful year of 2022, a brand new year of 2023 is ushered in. Success always belongs to IBE members who are proactive and relentless in their pursuit.

A new year means a new start, and IBE will embark on a new journey and take on new missions. All IBE employees will keep research and development on new products and continue to provide the best manufacturing services for our customers.

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