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PCB/PCBA knowledge
How is PCB board price calculated What affects PCB board price

For each novice, deciding the PCB board price is quite possibly of the most irksome and tedious assignment. Aside from being a critical expansion to an electronic gadget, PCB gatherings have carried themselves to the level that they require master hands to deal with their associations.

So, the PCB board price is one more worth thinking about region that producers can’t neglect at any expense. Besides the fact that this cost empowers producers to compute their absolute costs yet in addition persuades them to continuously keep every one of the techniques close by that could assist with lessening the expense however much as could be expected. Indeed, the absolute expense or cost of the PCB gathering would assist makers with setting the best cost for the end result.

Note that there are different variables behind the assurance of cost, which will be examined later in this article.

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What drives the cost of a PCB?

There are various elements that drive PCB board price. As a general rule, creating more sheets, utilizing more vias per board, utilizing more modest follows/vias/mounting openings, and utilizing more parts per board will all increment PCB board price. Nonetheless, the expenses included are not direct. As such, twofold the quantity of sheets and parts won’t twofold the absolute expense of a request.
What drives the cost of a PCBThere are a few significant purposes behind this. There are various fixed costs associated with any assembling run, including tooling costs, plan survey, stencil creation, and others, contingent upon your necessities. Different expenses are variable and not set in stone for each board premise. The expense per board can diminish as request size diminishes, which has less to do with panelization and more with amortizing fixed NRE and tooling costs across a whole creation run.

PCB size

The important everyday substance used for building PCBs is the board. the overall size of the board applied for a specific PCB venture affects the closing fee. The greater noteworthy the dimensions of the board, the better might be the primary price.

With a certain number of layers, the smaller the PCB area, the lower the cost. When PCB manufacturers produce PCB boards, the utilization rate of raw materials is the highest. The raw materials of PCB manufacturers are generally 1020mm × 1020mm and 1020mm × There are many 1220mm specifications. If the size of the single board or the panel is not suitable, there will be a lot of raw material waste edges in the PCB production process.

The PCB factory will add the price of some waste edges to your board so that the unit price of your PCB board is more expensive; If the size of the board is well designed, and the size of the veneer or panel is equal to the bisector size of the raw materials, then the utilization rate of the raw materials is the highest. PCB manufacturers can also open materials, and make most boards of the same size as the raw materials. The price of the veneer is the cheapest.

PCB material

PCB material

PCBs are made using multiple materials that show terrific put on, tear and disintegration safe residences. part of the substances used for amassing consolidate, polyimide, copper foil, and fiberglass. A fabricator requires extra crude materials to make a complex PCB accumulate, than he could if he became generating a lone layered PCBs. greater humble greater skinny sheets require similar elements too.

The value of additional unobtrusive matters is an awful lot higher and appeared differently in terms of bulkier matters. The tooling machines used will in like way require greater exactness to manipulate such parts. In this manner, the type and length raw substances by using and huge influences the rate of the ultimate occasion. Commonly used PCB materials include FR4, resin, glass fiber cloth, copper and aluminum substrate.PCB board price shall also be calculated according to the real-time market situation of raw materials.

Solder mask & Ink color

It used to be that assuming you needed everything except green you would need to pay an exorbitant price. Things have changed. Most varieties can be had for no or minimal extra expense with outstanding upcharges typically just happening for unique solicitations like matte tones.

Limitations on PCB silkscreen inclusion rates are uncommon. So go incorporate your logo or a negative space silkscreen on the top and lower part of your sheets. Even better, do it in dark. Do take note of that albeit different variety silkscreen is conceivable, it isn’t the standard, and hence valuing won’t be the standard by the same token.

Line width

It ought to be seen that following the passing cutoff doesn’t be ensured on to connect with the cross-portion space. Honestly, how much current that a follow can hold, at most prominent, will not be entirely settled, regardless of what the follow width or temperature increase. The conveying furthest reaches of a current can in like manner be impacted by pads, vias and other board parts.

To avoid these conditions, board makers will enhance the following width, if possible. Then again, they can add extra fix cover to the followers that could some way or another be leaned to consume. These methods can add to the expense of PCB creation.

No impedance

The impedance of the PCB board effect increases the PCB board price. Impedance influences how signs engender through the board, how power is moved among parts, and how signals seep into undesirable region of your PCB. There are various examinations you can use to decide the impedance of a circuit, however, these don’t necessarily create practical outcomes except if you remember the right parasitic components for your models.

Assuming you are trying a model or planning a circuit for use with rapid or high-recurrence signals, you should have a comprehension of the parasitic components that influence the impedance of a circuit.

PCB layers


According to the classification of layers, PCB can be divided into single-layer PCB, double-layer PCB and multi-layer PCB.Among multilayer PCBs, 4-layer PCBs, 6-layer PCBs and 8-layer PCBs are most widely used. According to different products and application fields, it is possible to achieve 100 layers at most.

The pcb board pirce engaged with single sided and two sided PCBs are pretty much similar.However, creating complex PCBs sets you back more as it includes a few unpredictable assembling cycles and acquisition of extra unrefined components.

PCB surface treatment

Considering the powerful thought of the PCB application locales, the sheets are protected with disintegration safe surface culminations. Incredibly specific surface finishing the most common way of, covering, and painting decisions are open to work on the strength of the PCB gathering. Upon request, makers can use a couple of gold and silver consummations to achieve further developed security for use in mentioning current applications. The cost changes depending upon the sort of surface finish you pick.

Common surface treatment methods include Hot air leveling, IMMERSION GOLD, OSP, IMMERSION SILVER, lead-HASL and lead free-HASL. You can inquire about the surface treatment method and price separately to calculate the PCB board price.

PCB copper foil thickness

The heaviness of your copper foils relates near utilizing materials successfully. Thicker copper is more costly and accompanies extra difficulties and expenses. You will probably have to utilize more prepreg in your handling moves toward fill holes between copper. Since thicker copper is heavier, you could likewise encounter higher transportation costs.

PCB Drilling


Another gigantic cost confirmation factor in the PCB board cost is the size and number of drill openings. For projects that require drilling of minimal estimated opening, under 0.012, achieve additional cost. This is because makers could require advanced laser drill methodology to infiltrate little openings.

Customer Requirements/Acceptance Criteria

PCB board cost can moreover be impacted by the stand-out plan parts in a given creation. In case you come to a PCB maker with custom subtleties, this could raise the cost of its creation, whether or not the real board is nearly nothing and contains two or three layers. The certifiable concluding part in such way will be whether the components being alluded to require excellent devices or capacities to achieve.

Order Quantity/Delivery

Cost per board drops decisively as volumes increment. Make certain to check valuing for different amounts prior to requesting as the value contrast may be insignificant. Some PCB manufacturing companies will set the minimum order quantity, and the smaller the quantity, the more expensive the PCB board price. Be sure to confirm this before you ask about the price.

PCB Manufacturer

Before you pick your PCB maker, you should look at more than the expense. There are a couple of critical factors to consider, including what sort of PCBs they work in and the idea of the things they make. You would prefer not to enroll a PCB maker to make your wireless sheets if they have reasonable involvement with making sheets for state-of-the-art garments washers.

At the point when you track down a PCB creator who resolves your issues, then you should check whether they produce superb products at a sensible expense. Share whatever amount of information as could sensibly be anticipated about your thing so the PCB producer can give you a pragmatic assertion.

How can I reduce my PCB price

How can I reduce my PCB price?

Building a quality item at the most minimal cost is troublesome. The nature of a PCB relies upon the skill of its plan for getting together, testing, fixing, dependability, assembling, and yield. A few elements influence the expense of a PCB get together.

Notwithstanding, the fashioners can consider specific factors that might diminish the PCB cost, such as decreasing the board intricacy, utilizing fewer parts, picking a practical substrate for PCB, and so on. When the PCB Manufacture is finished, there is a restricted degree to lessen the gathering cost. In this way, the concentration to reduce the expense ought to be right from the underlying phases of the PCB plan.

PCB and PCBA suppliers that can save your cost – IBE

PCB and PCBA supplier that can save you cost - IBE

IBE provides one-stop service from PCB design, PCB prototyping, PCBA processing (including SMT and DIP ), PCBA testing, and PCBA product assembly and packaging out of the warehouse. During 17 years, the industries IBE has served include new energy, Medical industry, optical, automotive electronics, aerospace, and others. They have 14 SMT lines, 6 Dip lines, Lab, 75000 m²factory, and 4 product assembly production workshops, which will save your time and cost.


The significant expense of assembling PCBs is something that irritates producers all around the globe. With high PCB production costs, clients bear the main weight. Generally, significant expenses of creation normally get given to clients. However, that shouldn’t generally be the situation.

Could it be said that you are searching for a solid producer who can convey your PCB inexpensively without settling for less on quality? Provided that this is true, look no farther than IBE Electronics Inc. Prior to assembling your PCB boards, we take a gander at approaches to assisting you with keeping away from pointless creation costs.

We at IBE work with clients to guarantee that we furnish them with the best PCB board, the manner in which they need them. Provided that this is true, go ahead and reach us today and allow us to talk about more PCB information together. We are glad to help you in tracking down the best PCB boards.

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