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High Volume PCB Assembly – A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever heard of PCB assembly? It’s okay if you haven’t heard because we will explain everything.

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are a type of schematic that makes electrical devices function. A high volume PCB assembly involves simultaneously producing lots of these circuit boards!

Can you imagine how many electronic devices you use every day, Well, someone has to make all those circuit boards. And that’s what we’re talking about today. 

We’ll get into the specifics including the applications and advantages of high-volume PCB assembly.

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What is High Volume PCB Assembly?

Many printed circuit boards (PCBs) are produced fast and effectively via high-volume PCB assembly.

High Volume PCB Assembly
High Volume PCB Assembly

Electronic devices like computers and cellphones are powered by PCBs. When a company has to produce numerous units of these devices, they use high-volume PCB assembly to create numerous PCBs simultaneously. This is done using special machines and tools that make the process fast and accurate. 

So, if you have ever used an electronic device, it was made using High Volume PCB Assembly!

Benefits of High Volume PCB Assembly

Here are some benefits you need to know:

●Consistency in Quality:
It’s easier to keep everything the same when you make many PCBs simultaneously. That means you don’t have to worry about one PCB being different from the rest and causing problems.

• Less time Consuming:
If you only make a few PCBs at a time, assembling them all can take a long time. Yet. high-volume assembly allows you to create numerous PCBs at once, which saves time

• Uniformity
Making lots of PCBs at once means that they all look the same. That’s important because it makes testing and troubleshooting them easier if there’s a problem.

Applications of High Volume PCB Assembly

Applications of High Volume PCB Assembly
Applications of High Volume PCB Assembly

Many uses for high-volume PCB assembly are advantageous to numerous sectors, including:

●Electronic Devices:
Many electronic devices, such as smartphones and laptops, use High-Volume PCB Assembly to improve their functionality and efficiency.

●Automotive Industry:
Printed circuit boards are essential to many automotive systems, therefore high-volume PCB assembly aids in the production of automobiles.

●Aerospace Industry:
High-Volume PCB Assembly is crucial for aircraft production, as planes rely on electronic systems that must be produced quickly and accurately.

●Medical Industry:
High-Volume PCB Assembly is useful for medical equipment used in surgeries, treatments, and diagnostics.

Technical Specifications for High Volume PCB Assembly

Certain technological requirements are needed to ensure a high-quality, effective production process for high-volume PCB assembly.

Some important specifications include:

●PCB Board Size:
The PCB board’s size needs to be appropriate for the manufacturing machinery being used.

●Component Placement Accuracy:
Accurate placement of components is essential to ensure the proper function of the PCB board.

The soldering process must be carefully controlled to ensure consistent and reliable connections.

●Inspection and Testing:
Comprehensive inspection and testing procedures must be implemented to detect defects or issues before final assembly.

High Volume PCB Production Process

High Volume PCB Production Process
High Volume PCB Production Process

When producing several printed circuit boards, we refer to it as high-volume PCB manufacture (PCBs). Machines quickly put together a large number of PCBs throughout this operation.

  • The first step is to make a large panel with many smaller PCBs.
  • Then, the machines add components, like tiny chips and resistors, to the PCBs.
  • This is done with special equipment that uses heat and solder to attach the components.
  • Finally, the machines cut apart the panel into the individual PCBs.

SMT and THT in High Volume PCB Assembly

There are two ways to attach components to a printed circuit board when creating one: SMT and THT. 

Surface mount technology, or SMT, refers to the placement of parts directly on circuit boards. Through hole technology refers to inserting parts into holes on a board and then soldering them in.

SMT is frequently used in high-volume PCB assembly because it is quicker and more effective. However, THT is still important for some components. like connectors or power, jacks. because they need to be sturdy and secure. To ensure that the finished product is sturdy and dependable, a competent PCB assembly business will combine SMT and THT.

Consideration When Choosing a High Volume PCB Assembly Service

Choosing a high volume PCB assembly service can be daunting. but selecting a reliable and professional partner is crucial. 

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Ensure the service provider has a track record of producing high-quality PCBs that meet your standards.

Check if the provider can handle the volume of PCBs you require and if they have a good turnaround time.

Look for a service provider with a team of experienced professionals with extensive PCB assembly knowledge and skills.

Ensure your service provider responds quickly to your inquiries and concerns.

Ensure that the service provider uses modern technology and equipment to ensure precision and efficiency in the assembly process.

Make sure the PCB assembly service is affordable while maintaining a high standard of quality.

How to Find a High Volume PCB Assembly Supplier?

If you need a lot of PCBs created. you must find a high volume PCB assembly supplier. 

High Volume PCB Assembly Supplier
High Volume PCB Assembly Supplier

Here are some tips to help you find one:

●Ask Around:
Do you know anyone else who needs a lot of PCBs made? Ask them where they get them made.

●Look Online:
Many PCB assembly suppliers are available online. Look for ones that have good reviews from customers.

●Contact the Supplier:
Once you find a supplier contact them to see if they can make the number of PCBs you need and bow much it will cost.

● Compare Prices:
Don’t just go with the first supplier you find Instead. compare prices from different suppliers to find the best deal.


Hence, we gained a lot of knowledge regarding high volume PCB assembly!

Be sure the PCB assembly company you choose has the tools and expertise necessary to meet your requirements. You can find suppliers online or through industry connections. 

Choose a supplier who will collaborate with you to produce the best PCBs. Now you’re ready to tackle your high-volume PCB assembly project confidently!


High volume PCB assembly simply means bulk PCB manufacturing. In this type of PCB assembly, more than 1000 PCBs are manufactured in one cycle of production. Generally, this process is applied to high demand standard or custom PCB assemblies.

  • Consistency in Quality
  • Less time Consuming
  • Uniformity

●Electronic Devices

●Automotive Industry

●Aerospace Industry

●Medical Industry

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