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New year with a new journey. On January 31, 2023, IBE Electronics ushers in the resumption of work after the Spring Festival.

Firecrackers are ignited at the IBE factory in the morning and kicked off the work along with red packets. The festivity and excitement of the Spring Festival linger in the heart, while the new journey begins. In the new year, IBE Electronics enables to keep diligent on product manufacturing and quality surveillance with full enthusiasm.

IBE leaders came to respective departments to send New Year greetings to all IBE members and expressed their sincere gratitude to everyone for their long-term hard work.

We hope that in the new year, all IBE members continue to maintain a good status. Under a good mental state and pragmatic work style, work efficiency enables to be constantly improving. Here are 2 tips for all IBE employees to better devote themselves to work after the Spring Festival holiday.

01 Adjust the working status

All IBE employees are required to adjust their working status, concentrate on their respective position, and carefully perform their job responsibilities, in order to better improve product service quality.

02 Establish a good service awareness

All IBE employees are required to establish a good awareness of service. Effectively put themselves in customer’s shoes, promptly propose, communicate with customers, and solve problems in time.

Sincere greeting conveys an atmosphere of warmth, making IBE members deeply inspired and excited. If you have any demands on PCB or PCBA types and related customized products, please feel free to contact us.


IBE-your reliable PCB and PCBA manufacturer

We’re one of China’s professional PCB fabrication and assembly service suppliers serving worldwide experts, engineers and manufacturers since our establishment in 2005. With over a decade’s experience in development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of custom printed circuit boards, we’re now capable to provide a full range of services, from rapid PCB prototyping, circuit boards manufacturing, PCB assembly to components sourcing services, all with guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.

IBE is certificated with the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL listed, World Class Quality and the Standards – IATF 16949:2016 Certified (for Automotive), ISO 13485:2016(for medical). In addition, we have a strict internal quality control process and test methods, from raw material to PCB assembly, we perform visual inspection and automated inspections such as optical and X-ray inspections, making sure our customers can always get high-quality products.


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