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Design PCB/PCBA knowledge

6 Steps to help you finish PCBA design process quickly

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design is a key aspect of electronics development and involves creating functional electronics from scratch. PCBA design involves integrating various electronic components and devices onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to create functional electronic components. The design process for PCBA can be divided into several phases, each of which requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome.

Top 15 China Electronic Design Automation(EDA) Companies in 2023

Top 15 China Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Companies in 2023

EDA is an essential part of chip IC design and is an advanced form of a widely used technology that is part of the upstream industry of chip manufacturing, covering all processes of IC design, wiring, verification and simulation, etc. EDA is known as the “mother of all chips” in the industry. Here we list top 15 China Electronic Design Automation(EDA) companies in 2023.

Design PCB/PCBA knowledge

Single-layer PCB and its types – the ultimate guide 2022

Understanding PCB is a prerequisite to learning about single-layer PCB. PCB is an abbreviation for “printed circuit board,” which describes a board used to link various electrical components through pads, tracks, and lines. A single-layer printed circuit board (PCB) consists of only one conducting layer (copper) on one side and another side to incorporate other electronic components. Do you really know about single-layer PCB?

Design PCB/PCBA knowledge

What you need to know about 10-layer PCB

What is 10-layer PCB?A critical feature of 10-layer PCB is their modest size. A 10-layer PCB is robust and resistant to harm from external forces. Since it contains numerous layers, the boards can endure heat transfer and other stresses. The usage of flexible printed boards is conceivable, even though ten layers PCBs are also not adjustable. 10-layer PCB is bendable and may be used in quick applications that require bending.

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