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PCB top list

Top 10 automotive PCB manufacturers you can select

The new energy vehicle market has witnessed great growth in quantity in these years. Further intelligence and electronics also promote the soaring of the PCB industry. It is estimated that the CAGR of global automotive electronics output value will reach about 6% from 2019 to 2023, making it the fastest-growing field of PCB products. In this article, you can find the top 10 automobile PCB manufacturers and I hope it can help you make a better decision.

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What you need to know about 10-layer PCB

What is 10-layer PCB?A critical feature of 10-layer PCB is their modest size. A 10-layer PCB is robust and resistant to harm from external forces. Since it contains numerous layers, the boards can endure heat transfer and other stresses. The usage of flexible printed boards is conceivable, even though ten layers PCBs are also not adjustable. 10-layer PCB is bendable and may be used in quick applications that require bending.

PCB/PCBA knowledge

What is PCB – everything you need to know

Although “printed circuit board (PCB )” is the most common term, “printed wiring boards” and “printed wiring cards” are also acceptable alternatives. Before PCBs, electrical circuits had to be built using the time-consuming method of point-to-point wiring. The insulation on the wires deteriorated and caused frequent failures at the connections and short courses. Let us check out the details of what is PCB.

PCB/PCBA knowledge PCB&PCBA Design

A detailed guide to PCB layout design

Attempt to envision a future without modern conveniences like the cell phone, computers, TV, radio, car, and airline. Electronic components can’t be safely attached to devices or connected at their terminals without using a printed circuit board (PCB). Almost no electronic gadget would work without a well-designed PCB layout.

PCB top list

Top 10 military PCB manufacturers in China

Further boosting the modernization of national defense, and upgrading the military and information devices has driven the rapid growth of the military PCB market. China has clearly stated that to accelerate the development of military intelligence, military equipment should be designed toward more intelligent and sophisticated trends for improving core combat effectiveness.

PCB/PCBA knowledge
7 TIPS For How to Handle The PCB Heat Dissipation

7 tips for how to handle the PCB heat dissipation

As long as it is an electronic equipment, it must generate heat during running and bring the increasing of internal temperature. The electronic components unable to take effect if the heating fails to be dissipated, which leads to the lower reliability of electronic devices. How do we appropriate deal with the heating dissipation of PCB? Here are some techniques you should master.

PCB/PCBA knowledge

Everything you want to know about PCB trace

The term “trace” is often used to describe the interconnected system of copper, wire, insulation, and fuses that make up a printed circuit board(PCB). As a rule, if electrical equipment is malfunctioning somehow, it is quite likely that now the PCB trace is inconsistent. What’s PCB trace? Here you can know everything about it.

PCB application PCB/PCBA knowledge

7 common applications of PCB you must know

It’s no exaggeration to say that we are almost impossible to live a life without a printed circuit board (PCB). As a key component role of electronic assemblies, PCB is crucial for different walks of life. How many PCB application scenarios can you mention? Today, we share the 7 most common applications of PCB.


Paper PCB – a new inspiration for PCB design

Have you heard about PCB made by paper? A kind of design that integrated the electronic components into a piece of paper. A disposable paper circuit board (PCB) is seen as a more affordable, accessible, flexible, and environmentally friendly solution for PCB design.