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Top 10 PCB manufacturers in the US in 2022

Top 10 PCB manufacturers in the US in 2023

Are you planning on reaching U.S. manufacturers in the electronics industry? If not then you are lucky to come across this article. The United States is progressing day by day and leading different industries of the electronics world. It has also made a great position in the PCB industry.This article will list the top 10 PCB manufacturers in the United States in 2022

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What is SMT (Surface Mount Technology)? SMT Assembly Factory Tour

SMT technology is used to process PCB. The biggest difference between PCB and PCB is whether there are welded electronic components.

PCB=empty board, PCBA=assembled circuit board

The electronic components are welded on the circuit board through SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technology.
Only the circuit board with electronic components welded can have a channel to let electronic signals flow. The SMT production line is a streamlined production line, and each step must be completed before entering the next process.
Next, we will introduce the basic manufacturing process of SMT production line.

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How is PCB board price calculated What affects PCB board price

How is PCB board price calculated? What affects PCB board price?

the PCB board price is one more worth thinking about region that producers can’t neglect at any expense. Besides the fact that this cost empowers producers to compute their absolute costs yet in addition persuade them to continuously keep every one of the techniques close by that could assist with lessening the expense however much as could be expected.


PCB industry growth is expected to remain stable

According to some statistics, affected by various factors such as commodity price increases, dollar depreciation, and terminal demand increases, the global PCB industry output value denominated in US dollars has increased by 23.4% year-on-year in 2021 (the output value in RMB has increased by 15.6% year-on-year. In the long term, the industry is expected to maintain a steady growth trend.

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Design for manufacturing and assembly -DFMA

Design for manufacturing and assembly -DFMA

DFMA (Design For Manufacturing And Assembly) is a method used to streamline the design process so that it will result in a better quality product at a lower cost. The goal of this method is to reduce the number of steps needed to produce a product.

PCB top list

Top 10 global ceramic capacitor suppliers in 2023

Ceramic capacitors, also known as monolithic capacitors, are capacitors whose dielectric material is ceramic. According to different ceramic materials, ceramic capacitors can be divided into two categories: low-frequency ceramic capacitors and high-frequency capacitors. According to the structural form, it can be divided into disc capacitors, tubular capacitors, rectangular capacitors, chip capacitors, etc.